Testimonials From Strategic Medical Affairs for Modern Pharma

The experienced instructor made the course very valuable, the course materials were very good and doing group exercises was good. It helped a lot to create a clearer picture of the role of medical affairs. The organisation was very good. I will recommend the course.


Antonia Pfadenhauer, Medical Trainee Oncology - Germany - October 2022 (face-to-face course)
This course had it all. It was a great summary and training on the most important aspects of the medical affairs role. It was interesting and well presented with useful information and practices that I will be able to implement in my work. It was great to have many group exercises and the number of attendees was also optimal in my opinion. CELforPharma was very helpful from the beginning to the end of the course (including the time between registration and start of course). I would definitely recommend it.

Gedeon Richter

Éva Szöllősi, Senior Global Medical Advisor - Hungary - October 2022 (face-to-face course)
The Medical Affairs for Modern Pharma course was excellent. I learnt so much. The speaker is experienced and delivered new and exciting content that will impact my work in my organisation. There was a good mix of presentations and workshops to apply the information which had just been presented. I would recommend going to the F2F version as this was very interactive, and it was great to network with people in other companies from different countries. It was very well organised, Bianca, the course coordinator, was so helpful and everything was clear and communicated seamlessly. 10/10 would recommend it.

Chugai Pharma

Olufolake Ajose-Adeogun, Medical Manager - United Kingdom - October 2022 (face-to-face course)
Chris is a very competent and experienced expert and trainer. He gave lots of useful tools to address MA specific issues. The course covered a lot of important topics and included some valuable interaction within the group to add to our learning. Many thanks to CELforPharma for organising!


Rudolf Schneebeli, MSL / Medical Advisor - Switzerland - October 2022 (face-to-face course)
The Medical Affairs for Modern Pharma course was a great accelerated learning opportunity for someone coming from a non-MA/but technology consulting background. It covered the fundamental functions that MA executes, best practices around it and a good framework to think about the value MA can bring to the organisation. This was helpful to think about.


Jai Balagopal, Director - United States - June 2022 (live online course)
Great overview of medical affairs.


Juana Perdomo-Guiraudet, Global Medical Brand Director - Switzerland - June 2022 (live online course)
I am very glad I attended this course because it deals with the uncertainty we are still facing when we talk about MedAff and gives a good overview of the topic. It can be difficult to create valuable interactions online but thanks to Chris and CELforPharma’s organisation, it was excellent! I will be recommending the course to others.


Roland Starlinger, Global Medical Affairs Lead Oncology - Austria - March 2022 (live online course)
This course helped to fill my knowledge gaps within MA, gave clear and highly valuable templates and new inspiration and motivation to help me in my daily work. Additionally, it confirmed that I seem to have done many things right in the past. Chris was a very charismatic speaker, which is crucial to an online learning format, and CELforPharma were absolutely brilliant and professional throughout. You have set a real benchmark for the service given for course trainings! Thank you very much to you all.

Dr. Willmar Schwabe

Sibylle Sauer, Senior Global Medical Affairs Manager - Germany - March 2022 (live online course)
Great learning in 2 days! The valuable content covers both basic and complex Medical Affairs issues, the sessions are interactive, the presenter is knowledgeable and the organisation is excellent. I highly recommend it!


Ilze Ledskalniņa, International Brand Manager - Latvia - March 2022 (live online course)
Thanks CELforPharma for a well-presented and highly relevant course. I never stopped learning on it.

Thea Pharmaceuticals

Robert Scott, Head of Medical Affairs - United Kingdom - December 2021 (live online course)
The course covered all aspects of MA that I needed as a MSL to grow within this function. Chris gave many in-depth insights into medical affairs, its many different functions and how it is more of a strategic role and how vital this function is for modern Pharma. Expertise of the moderator was flawless as well as the content and the service of CELforPharma. Top marks all round, well done!


Akshay Menon, Medical Science Liaison - Germany - December 2021 (live online course)
An excellent overview of the Medical Affairs role with concise coverage of major issues relating to modern Medical Affairs. Chris was able to explain the technical issues in a comprehensive manner and gave nice opportunities to speak with the other participants during the group exercises. Thank you Chris. Also, sincerely, CELforPharma offered an excellent communications experience. It felt as if the participants have been a long-term part of the CELforPharma team. Thanks for helping make this a top course that I would recommend to others to attend.


Emmanouil Petrou, Head of Medical Affairs - Greece - December 2021 (live online course)
I really do feel energised and have greater focus in my role in Medical Affairs following the course. Chris truly is an expert in Medical Affairs and fills you with confidence and positivity in the role.


Garreth Dooley, Medical Advisor – Oncology / Haematology - Ireland - December 2021 (live online course)
A nice way to fill gaps on the view of medical affairs.

Thea Pharmaceuticals

Tamara Montenegro, Medical Development Manager - France - December 2021 (live online course)
Great experience, interesting people. Thank you for this very interesting course and the fruitful discussions!!!

Thea Pharmaceuticals

Alice Bodeveix, Chef de projets Médico-Marketing Global - France - September 2021 (live online course)
The whole course experience was first-class. From the organisation of the event to the delivery, which was engaging, interactive and expertly delivered. There is plenty of course content for me to review and reflect on, which will ultimately benefit me personally and the contribution I make within medical affairs.

Napp Pharmaceuticals

Steve Patmore, Medical Advisor - United Kingdom - September 2021 (live online course)
Very good and comprehensive course, covering multiple aspects of Medical Affairs. It offers lots of valuable insights and strategies for the evolving role of MA. I especially liked the interactive atmosphere of the course. Chris is an excellent and highly knowledgeable speaker!


Matthias Hauf, Medical Scientific Affairs Manager Transplantation - Germany - September 2021 (live online course)
This is a great course, particularly for those at the beginning of their MA careers. It is insightful and teaches the unteachable.

Napp Pharmaceuticals

Dev Patel, Medical Advisor - United Kingdom - September 2021 (live online course)
An intense but hugely valuable two days of learning covering a diverse range of topics, all of which are key to the success of Medical Affairs in the future.

Novo Nordisk

Katherine Byrne, Sr Director Real World Evidence - Switzerland - June 2021 (live online course)
The course offers a very interesting overview of the medical affairs activity for both junior profiles and for those who work in other departments, and at the same time very interesting insights and recommendations are provided for those who already have experience working in Medical Affairs.


Livia Tomasso, Medical Advisor - Italy - June 2021 (live online course)
A great course which highlights the most relevant aspects of Medical Affairs. Chris is an excellent speaker who gives you practical recommendations to implement in your daily activities.


Sophie Vandervennet, Medical Advisor – Cell and Gene Therapy - Belgium - June 2021 (live online course)
I got a good insight into many different topics during this course including how the role of Medical Affairs works today and how it should change for Medical Affairs in the future. I enjoyed learning about medical communication strategies and how MA contributes to brand development. There was lots of nice interaction in the group during the live discussions and breakout exercises. Thank you for an interesting 2 days.


Cecilia Persson, Medical Franchise Lead, Toxins - Sweden - March 2021 (live online course)
This course definitely helps you to better understand your role and value in MA. I really liked the expert’s presenting style and his vision of what MA is and should be. There was good interaction within the group and it was nice to talk with people with the same mindset. Thanks for a lovely course!


Saartje Burgmans, Medical Advisor Immunology - The Netherlands - March 2021 (live online course)
This was a very comprehensive, focused and well-structured course with great interaction between the group. Great effort made by Chris and CELforPharma. Keep it up!


Tayyab Jahangir, Medical Affairs Manager - Pakistan - March 2021 (live online course)
I think this was a very comprehensive course that captured all the relevant topics of MA. Chris was a very good presenter and gave a lot of hands-on tools to take home and implement into your own job role. The exercises were very good and educational. Overall, a very useful course that was nicely organised by CELforPharma. Thanks!


Torun Bromée, Medical Franchise Lead, HA Fillers - Sweden - March 2021 (live online course)
I give a score of 10/10 for this course! The expert speaker was very professional and the knowledge we learned is very useful and practical for my rob role. Everything was well organised and scheduled by CELforPharma. The other participants in the group were so nice and experienced in medical affairs which created some very interesting discussions. The entire course is excellent and deserves recommendation!

FOSUN Pharma

Yan Gen, Medical Advisor - China - March 2021 (live online course)
Great experience reflecting on the role of MA for modern pharma, with examples and educational exercises.


Vincent Vanheule, Medical Affairs Manager - Belgium - December 2020 (live online course)
I enjoyed this live online course. I am happy that my team and I participated because it helps to reinforce the understanding of the strategic role of our function. It also allowed us to share with other colleagues from other companies the challenges and vision and to add a more structured approach to our daily activities. I was struggling trying to find a Medical Affairs workshop/training for people who are already in Pharma, and I'm convinced that this training provides good elements for newcomers to Medical but also to people with more experience. Thank you!


Viviam Canon, Medical Affairs Director- Rare Diseases Region Europe - Switzerland - December 2020 (live online course)
I found this course useful and what I really appreciated on top of the content was that it gave room for ideas for further development in my role.


Aigul Shambulova, EMEA Region Medical Advisor - France - December 2020 (live online course)
It is a very interesting and useful course with an excellent trainer, extremely useful for beginning medical advisors.

IBSA Pharma

Eva Szalma, Medical Manager - Hungary - December 2020 (live online course)
As a new Medical Affairs Manager, I find this course very inspiring, covering all aspects of the job, from missions to vision, in order to translate medical affairs into medical value for our partners, caregivers and patients.


Florentin Heudre, Medical Affairs Manager - Switzerland - December 2020 (live online course)
Thank you for a very well prepared and insightful course. You shared valuable eye openers which are clearly going to impact my daily business.


Julia Weber- Arden, Cluster Medical Lead Rare Diseases - Germany - December 2020 (live online course)
It was a memorable experience to interact with Chris and the CELforPharma team over two days. Besides very relevant topics that demand much sought after attention in establishing and enhancing the role of current and future Medical Affairs teams across the organisation, I liked the relevance of group exercises with real life examples. This course is recommended for medical affairs colleagues to gain further insights and harness their core skills.


Sujay Suresh Kulkarni, Medical Expert - India - December 2020 (live online course)
Chris was always to the point and brought the messages across very clearly.

Merz Pharmaceuticals

Astrid Scheschonka, Head of Global Medical Affairs - Germany - October 2020 (live online course)
Suitable course for all medical officers who are specialising in marketing medical affairs. Outlines aspects of medical communication and provides insight to virtual data exchange within medical affairs.

EVER Neuro Pharma

Branislav Adamik, Medical Advisor - Austria - October 2020 (live online course)
In two days, Chris Toller provides a clear and structured overview of what Medical Affairs is today, and the direction towards which it is moving. Altogether, it is a very well-thought-out and high-impact course.


Francesco Tecilazich, MD, PhD, Medical Advisor - Italy - October 2020 (live online course)
Chris is a very knowledgeable and engaged trainer! The covered content was all very relevant and I learned a lot about medical affairs in those two days.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Marc Bachofner, Scientific Advisor Immuno-Oncology - Switzerland - December 2019 (face-to-face course)
This was a very valuable course to get insight into the med affairs contributions and impact in drug development and branding.

Mithra Pharmaceuticals

Adriana Bastidas, Medical Director - Belgium - December 2019 (face-to-face course)
This learning experience gives the opportunity to learn face to-face from an expert. The class consists in few people and this allows to stimulate discussion and exchange opinions.


Alessandro Alonzi, Scientific Communication Manager - Switzerland - December 2019 (face-to-face course)
The training days were just great! All of us got inspiration, hints and good guidance of what could be done even better at our workplaces. It certainly contributed to our professional development. Very thankful for that 2 days!


Eva Luczai, Medical Affairs Leader - Hungary - September 2019 (face-to-face course)
Very motivating course to refresh my knowledge and coming back with new ideas how to dynamize my medical team.


Nicole Dumont, Head Medical - Switzerland - September 2019 (face-to-face course)
The course helped me to better understand the roles of medical functions within the organisation. Chris Toller balanced perfectly between classical and up-to-date medical approaches fitting them all into modern trends. And he did it in a very inspiring way.


Iva Kacheshmarova, Product Specialist - Bulgaria - September 2019 (face-to-face course)
Excellent course!


Tzvetelina Marquardt, Medical Advisor - Germany - September 2019 (face-to-face course)
Great course with a great expert.

Tillotts Pharma

Isabel Alarcón, Medical Affairs Manager - Spain - May 2019 (face-to-face course)
Absolutely recommended! Highly experienced expert, great working environment and very valuable lessons for experienced Medical Affairs professionals!


Mussa Arvani, Senior Medical Science Liaison - International Medical Affairs - Germany - May 2019 (face-to-face course)
Thank you for a valuable learning experience!

Kora Healthcare

Sinéad Healy, Scientific & Medical Affairs Manager - Ireland - May 2019 (face-to-face course)
Extremely valuable insights into a broad spectrum of Medical Affairs activities. Both educational and inspirational.

Tillotts Pharma

Tomas Holmqvist, Medical Affairs Manager - Switzerland - May 2019 (face-to-face course)
I recommend this course! Very interactive sessions, knowledgeable expert, very well structured and organized. Theory supported by real life examples.


Céline Luscan, Project Leader Medical Affairs - France - November 2018 (face-to-face course)
Great content! I got a better understanding of the MA department’s responsibilities for me as an MSL and highly valued the templates to collaborate with cross-functional departments.

Merz Pharma Benelux

Fleur Vincken, Medical Science Liaison - The Netherlands - November 2018 (face-to-face course)
These were a wonderful two days! I got a good understanding of the changing role of MA, as well as some really practical tools. Special thanks to Chris Toller - wish to attend more trainings lead by him.


Borys Bondar, Medical Adviser - Ukraine - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
Very comprehensive course, covers a broad set of topics. Chris can explain things very clearly and has a lot of examples to clarify the theory.

Nordic Group

Sophie Van Tomme, Director R&D - The Netherlands - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues, especially if ready/preparing to take on a leadership or global role.


Director Global Medical Communications - Switzerland - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
This course immensely helped me to gain self-confidence and enabled me with new tools needed for a career change.


Alice Monsutti, Medical Science Liaison CV/Diabetes - Switzerland - April 2018 (face-to-face course)
One of the best organised training courses I have attended so far. Great effort to cater to the needs of pharma/medical affairs.


Gregor Schäfer, Medical Lead - France - April 2018 (face-to-face course)
Very warm and open atmosphere. Chris is clearly very knowledgeable about Medical Affairs.

LEO Pharma

Maj Dinesen, Senior Principal Medical Affairs Specialist - Denmark - April 2018 (face-to-face course)
Attended this course as I'm new in my role as a medical affairs leader. Could not have asked for a better primer to the function of Medical Affairs and the role of a leader within a medical affairs organization.


Anand Patel, International Medical Director, Medical Affairs - United Kingdom - November 2017 (face-to-face course)
Interesting and useful course - Chris Toller is a great expert speaker!


Anh Thu Pham, Medical Advisor, PV & Med Info Manager - Norway - November 2017 (face-to-face course)
A very relevant overview on the medical affairs world as it is and how it will evolve or how it should evolve - and about our active role to achieve that. Chris Toller really knows the MA environment in depth.


Maria Chiara Uboldi, Italy CHC Medical Head - Italy - November 2017 (face-to-face course)
This training made me realize how diversified and plenty our tasks as Medical Managers are, how broad our scope of action is, how important our role is.


Kathy Alexandre , Medical Manager Diabetes - Belgium - October 2017 (face-to-face course)
A very engaged session that gives you a deep insight on the area of Medical Affairs and how it can evolve as a major player in every step of drug development until commercialization.


Nair Aswathy, Research Associate - Switzerland - October 2017 (face-to-face course)
Chris Toller’s course is about Medical Excellence at its best!


Stefanie Ritterhoff, Medical Excellence Manager - Germany - March 2017 (face-to-face course)
Comprehensive overview of various Medical Affairs aspects, showing the industry standard and benchmark of activities. This course is very helpful to adapt and rearrange my everyday work in MA!


Kurt Marhardt, Global Medical Affairs Director - Austria - November 2016 (face-to-face course)
This was a very valuable training, overlooking in a balanced way the different dimensions of Medical Affairs. The trainer was senior and experienced and very engaging. Workshop and group discussions allowed a full engagement and training.


Mireille Bonnemaire, Diabetes Europe Medical Lead - France - November 2016 (face-to-face course)
It was a great course, covering the important knowledge areas of Medical Affairs and learning skills you can apply right away. I highly recommend it!


Tim Durham, Senior Program Manager - Switzerland - November 2016 (face-to-face course)
Excellent course to analyse and understand the important role that Medical Affairs has and will have in pharma!


Ana Esquivias, Medical Affairs Manager - Spain - May 2016 (face-to-face course)
C.E.L.forpharma’s Medical Affairs course is unique and meets the needs of a wide variety of professionals. It is well-structured, covering both basics and more complex Medical Affairs issues. Chris Toller shares his wealth of experience and is inspiring in his delivery of this excellent course!

St Georges Hospital NHS Trust

Anil, Neurology Registrar - United Kingdom - May 2016 (face-to-face course)
Friendly staff and hands-on expert!

Veeva Systems

Dr. Aysel Müezzinler, Senior Consultant - Germany - May 2016 (face-to-face course)
The agenda of this Medical Affairs course is great, analysing issues that do not get discussed due to the day-to-day workload.

Sanofi-Pasteur MSD

Dr. Rosybel Drury, Senior Medical Affairs Manager - France - May 2016 (face-to-face course)
This course provides excellent insights into the MA area and implications on other functional areas. This course fuelled my motivation and my ambitions for a career in Medical Affairs!

Sandra Landa, Medical Science Liaison - Germany - May 2016 (face-to-face course)
This Medical Affairs course is well-constructed, full of tips, examples also from other Pharma, as such very efficient – Great learnings in 2 days!


Stephane Rouault, Innovation Leader, Medical Affairs - Switzerland - May 2016 (face-to-face course)
C.E.L.forpharma’s Medical Affairs course covers a broad area and I learnt a lot from both the very knowledgeable presenter and the other participants – thanks!


Virginie Tytgadt, Medical Officer - Belgium - May 2016 (face-to-face course)