About CELforPharma

The International Business School for (Bio)Pharma & Medtech

CELforPharma, short for Center for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry, was established in 2005 with a deep passion for enhancing decision-making capabilities that have a significant impact on the success of medicines and pharma companies.

We understand the complexity of healthcare markets, and we work with true industry experts to provide comprehensive executive education programs that equip pharmaceutical professionals with the tools they need to take better decisions. 

Our programs go beyond theoretical knowledge. We offer practical insights and real-world perspectives, enabling our participants to make informed decisions and drive meaningful impact.  

Our aim is to provide a platform where industry professionals can learn from top-notch experts about new market developments, winning strategies, emerging organisational models, cutting-edge business processes, and innovative decision-making concepts and techniques.

At CELforPharma, we focus on four critical functional domains that heavily interact with external stakeholders and significantly impact business performance: 

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CELforPharma's Leadership 

CELforPharma Leadership Team

CELforPharma is guided by a dynamic leadership team comprised of three Managing Partners.

Luc De Langhe, the Founder, CEO, and business architect, has dedicated his career predominantly to the pharmaceutical industry.

Annelies Swaan, as the Director of Business Operations, assumes responsibility for overseeing all aspects of marketing communications and course delivery. 

Spearheading new developments is Inge Cornelis, the Director of Product & Client Projects.

Their collective expertise and unwavering commitment forge a formidable alliance that propels CELforPharma to a trusted partner for both pharma companies and industry experts.

Our Team

Why choose CELforPharma?

Expert Faculty

Distinguished faculty

CELforPharma courses are meticulously designed and taught by true industry experts who have earned international recognition as opinion leaders in their respective fields. 

These experts, sought-after for their unrivaled expertise, are actively engaged in consulting projects with pharma and biotech companies, making their time limited for public training.  

A CELforPharma course presents a unique opportunity to deeply interact with a world-class international industry expert.

Our Faculty

Peer-to-peer learning

Peer-to-peer learning

This is one of the most gratifying aspects of our public enrolment courses, as you can read in the numerous testimonials throughout our website. 

Our courses attract a diverse blend of companies, nationalities, and professional roles among the participants. 

By joining a CELforPharma course, you gain an exclusive chance to engage in discussions, address pertinent issues, and foster the exchange of experiences in an informal setting.

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Case studies, group work & peer discussions

CELforPharma is committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience. 

Our courses blend theoretical knowledge with real-world case studies, practical exercises, and interactive discussions. 

This approach ensures that you not only gain the theoretical framework but also the practical skills to tackle complex challenges heads-on. 

This way, we empower participants to immediately apply their newfound expertise, driving tangible results for your organisation.

Recommendation Score

World-class quality

Our dedication to delivering high quality has resulted in top-notch courses, reflected in high Recommendation Scores and numerous testimonials that you can find throughout our website.

We achieve this by actively pursuing client feedback after each course and compiling reports for our experts with our recommendations.

When you register, expect a high quality learning experience!