Testimonials From The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course

All marketers and relevant stakeholders should have a training on the fundamentals (to remove hurdles and increase adaption/implementation)! This 2-day format was very hands-on and practical.

Novo Nordisk

Hélène Marchasson, Global Product Manager - Denmark - June 2019
Top quality course! Hands-on and real! Thank you.


Kristoffer Miving, Digital Lead, Nordics & Baltics - Sweden - June 2019
Good practical overview of digital! By attending, you get the big picture of marketing strategy including various channels! Highly recommended.


Adriana Stara, Country Manager Central Europe & Baltics - Czech Republic - June 2019
Highly skilled and engaging trainers who really are experts in the field! Lots of practical guidance, examples, and tips on the fundamentals of multichannel. Interactive too!

Multichannel Customer Engagement Manager - Denmark - June 2019
Great course, very informative and organised.


Yara El Sayed, Digital Marketing & Customer Experience Manager - Egypt - June 2019
This 2-day course is filled with practical examples and is very well structured. We got exhaustive materials and training manuals. I highly recommend it!


Lisa Segesta, Senior Project Specialist Marketing, Multiple Myeloma - Switzerland - March 2019
After this course, I feel confident to switch from a field based position in oncology sales to a full-time digital marketing role. All questions have been answered in a professional and data-driven manner. Would recommend to any pharma professional!


Luca Matarazzo, Digital Manager Oncology - Belgium - March 2019
Highly insightful, interesting & relevant content. Two presenters at the top of their game, who brought real-world examples to strategic frameworks. Well done!


Matthew Nolan, Associate Director of Marketing - Switzerland - March 2019
Great overview with practical insights and tangible industry examples.


Sophie Blättchen, Programme and Operations Manager - Switzerland - March 2019
By attending this Strategic Digital Marketing course, I was faced with several eye openers, practical insights and best practices. The exercises were very useful and applicable in daily practice. Thanks!

Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Tom Van Nylen, Digital and Public Awareness Manager - Belgium - March 2019
Very good course. I would recommend it to my colleagues in business & IT.


Avijeet Maji, Global CRM Capability Owner - Germany - December 2018
The 'building a MC campaign' exercise is excellent for learning how to get things right according to a digital strategy which we defined ourselves. Interactive course with high engagement and real life cases - highly recommended!

Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Jonathan Schmid, Digital Solutions - Switzerland - December 2018
A very interesting course that helps you think strategically - Thanks!

Boehringer Ingelheim

Jovi Mateo Gómez, Omnichanneling and Data Lead - Spain - December 2018
Excellent trainers in a dynamic and interesting course.


Ivan García Jiménez, Commercial Business Relationship Manager - Spain - December 2018
Completing this training is a great opportunity. It gave me a wider scope of new marketing and digital approaches, and it completed the picture of strategy and tactics I need to implement in order to win. This is a great tool, dedicated to success and winning.


Boban Golubovic, DCV Business Excellence and Multi-Channel Manager SECE MCO - Serbia - June 2018
Enthusiastic presenters and all relevant pharma examples.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Marit de Beijer, Marketer - Netherlands - June 2018
Fun, learning & sharing.


Petra Dens, DCV Multichannel and Digital Manager - Belgium - June 2018
It was great, practical and very useful! It changed my mind.

Bayer Vital

Birgit Heinicke, Product Manager Communication - Germany - December 2017
Good overview on digital approach in pharma.


Wouter Van Thienen, Brand Manager - Belgium - December 2017
Thank you so much for the course. I have done various project management courses and management courses before … but this one was the most interesting, useful and applicable course I have ever done for my role. It really made some things click for me in regards to strategy and planning a multichannel strategy. Thanks again!


Claire Brien, Marketing Product Manager - United Kingdom - November 2017
It was a good combination of theory, real life examples and action learning. I have also enjoyed the conversations between the participants. Good quality delivery. Thank you!


Hicham Naim, Head of Business Model Innovation - Switzerland - November 2017
A consistent, inspiring and motivating journey into digital pharma on a very solid methodology and excellent trainers.

Merz Pharmaceuticals

Jochen Carstens, Area Director - Germany - November 2017
An understandable, easy approach to the complex world of digital marketing. The framework that was introduced is priceless to plan my first multi-channel campaign.


Janine Kopp, Project Manager Oncology - Switzerland - May 2017
Coming from a FMCG/retail background, this course gave me the right foundation to quickly give me a broad understanding of digital trends in the pharma sector. The case study and practical exercises were very involving and helped to quickly apply the skills learnt.

Nestlé Nespresso

Milind Madan, Global Marketing & CRM, Business Excellence - Switzerland - May 2017
Great course to get a grip on the MCM landscape!

Merck Sharp & Dohme

Sander Hemelsoet, Brand & Customer Manager, Oncology - Belgium - May 2017
Very professional speakers! Very practical course with a lot of business cases. Useful to link brand planning to multichannel campaigns.


Davide Roccato, Product Manager - Italy - December 2016
Very good training program! I have learned a lot. This will be helpful for me to develop the digital communication platform and integrate it within the overall strategy. I also learned from sharing experiences with my peers – it was a very nice group. And finally: it was very well organized - Thank you very much!

Orion Pharma

Helen Allvin, Global Brand Manager - Sweden - December 2016
Very professional and complete training. Great people and teamwork experience. A lot of take-home messages!


Annick Maréchal, Brand and Customer Manager - Belgium - December 2016
Fantastic training – very helpful!


Ilse Zehetner Joore, Specialist, Events and Marketing Services EMEA - Switzerland - December 2016
Really perfect course! We covered almost all digital channels and how to connect them with each other. The experts are also perfect. They present all the presentations in a very effective way. Thank you for everything!


Eda Turkdogan, Multichannel Customer Excellence Management - Turkey - November 2016
Very skilled teachers – up to date program – nice group size. Very valuable with the exercises throughout the program. Would definitely recommend to others!


Karina Thomsen, Nordic Brand Manager - Denmark - November 2016
Great course, pitched at just the right level for my expertise. Thanks!


Matt Duggan, Brand Manager - United Kingdom - November 2016
Two very experienced facilitators nailing down all opportunities in digital/multichannel campaigning. Lots of new insights!


Moritz Müller, Digital Solutions Specialist - Switzerland - November 2016
This C.E.L.forpharma course came at the right time for me. It is very complete and offers a good overview of the digital landscape in pharma’s world, with a good balance between theory and practice. I also learnt a lot from examples of other companies. Highly recommendable!


Dara Salmeron, Information Management Associate - France - May 2016
Being new to pharma, this course gives valuable insights into the digital pharma space, I can definitely use this going forward.


Morten Schjerning Amsinck, Global Online Manager - Denmark - May 2016
Very helpful! I wanted to have an overview (which I got), but I also got many practical suggestions, ideas and advice.


Dr. Tapani Vuola, Senior Medical Advisor - Finland - November 2015
As a new multichannel marketing ambassador within our company this course was really useful to gain insights in success stories, practical examples and a nice overview. I hope to see you all at another course – thanks!


Ilse Kennes, Product Manager - Belgium - November 2015
I learned a lot about digital marketing and now I am prepared to implement a multichannel approach.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Ioana Bodea, Customer Marketing Manager - Romania - November 2015
It was valuable to gain a better understanding of digital marketing and its application in pharma. The programme gave me some good insights and ideas that I can bring into my job.

Ariad Pharmaceuticals

Roberta Fiore, Marketing Lead Europe - Switzerland - November 2015
Finally, a course that answers many digital pharma questions. Now I have something solid to work on!


Shauna Morris, Product Manager (Oncology) - Ireland - November 2015
If you aim to have a relevant overview of what digital strategy is and how it can be integrated in your current business imperatives, come and exchange ideas with these 2 brilliant experts!

Merck Group

Virginie Viale-Avandetto, Digital Marketing Manager - France - November 2015
Digital strategy was put into perspective and it should be the next step in all brand plans. From now on multi-channel strategy will optimize the marketing mix and bring it to the future!


Kelly Tsitoura, Senior Brand Manager - Greece - September 2015
Excellent course! Very practical hands-on approach from speakers who clearly have vast experience in the subject. It was very well organized.


Tuomas Huuhtanen, Marketing Director - Finland - September 2015
I attended the Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course in London in October 2014. The course was well attended, well presented, interactive and engaging. I refer to the materials (and benchmarking) from the course on a regular basis, in fact I will be sending members of my team on this course later this year, so they can see what I am talking about first-hand!


Dan Atkins, European Marketing Director & VP Innovation - UK - August 2015
The format is very interesting and there is a lot of content. I like the experts' presentations - well balanced and at the same time powerful!


Assen Belchev, Sales Manager - Bulgaria - June 2015
A very good training if you're lacking digital expertise and willing to drive a digital transformation in your company.


Bastien Van Wylick, Digital Manager Belgium and Luxemburg - Belgium - June 2015
A lively, up-to-date experience with a deep analysis of pharma digital environment, bringing practical conclusions for real strategies for closed-loop marketing.


Dimitar Georgiev, Marketing Manager - Bulgaria - June 2015
Thank you very much, I learned a lot and much of the information will be useful to be implemented in my daily work.

Vifor Pharma

Gÿde Haeseler, Global Medical Affairs, Medical Education Nephrology, Senior Manager - Switzerland - June 2015
Very insightful course with plenty of practical examples from the pharma industry. Ruud & Beverly are knowledgeable in the field and have provided rich content throughout the two days.

Merck Serono

Ahmed Elazhary, Marketing Manager - United Arab Emirates - March 2015
It's a great course with comprehensive information, best cases and exercises of pharma digital marketing. On top of that: any question you can think of was answered by the end of the course. I recommend it to all pharma professionals who want to broaden their digital marketing vision.

Abdi Ibrahim

Can Batur, Multi-Channel Marketing Specialist - Turkey - March 2015
The experts are really good and answered all types of questions in a professional way. I have benefited a lot from this training.

Sanofi Pasteur

Mutlu Aydinoglu, Marketing and Sales Director - Turkey - March 2015
Engaging and high quality course!


Trine Hytten, Brand Manager - Norway - March 2015
Nice fresh ideas and good examples!

Abbott Vascular

Carsten Muehl, Marketing Manager Structural Hearth Germany - Germany - December 2014
This course gives a good overview of Digital Marketing. It is important for me to have this helicopter view to prevent developing apps and websites out of the blue but instead develop a good strategy in a multichannel campaign.


Cindy Mandervelt, Brand Manager Diabetes - Belgium - December 2014
Great job guys!

Daiichi Sankyo

Eric Matthews, Director Brand Strategy & Global Interaction - Germany - December 2014
This Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing course helped me to put the puzzle together.

Abbott Vascular

Marie-Laure Schenck, Product Manager Structural Heart EMEA - Belgium - December 2014
As I've heard from Gary, pricing is the moment of truth. This course provides ground for creating amazing moments of truth for pharma companies.

Novo Nordisk Pars

Taraneh Nouri, Field Market Access Specialist - Iran - December 2014
One of the best courses I have attended!

LEO Pharma

Charlotte De Cunha-Dinsdale, Patient Solutions Manager - UK - October 2014
It is not a course for dedicated digital people. I experienced it as a course for any product or brand manager to understand how to move in this environment.

LEO Pharma

Marina Vernet, Product Manager Psoriasis - Switzerland - October 2014
Excellent strategic digital pharma marketing learning program that will help me to be successful in creating and implementing my digital strategies and tactics. Thank you so much Beverly and Ruud!


Sonia Hennou-Amoura, Associate Director Marketing EMEA - Switzerland - October 2014
Great feeling, we learned lots from everyone's experiences as well. Nice audience size. To carry on!

Vifor Pharma

Stephanie Burg-Bergmann, Global Senior Brand Manager - Switzerland - October 2014
Well designed course content, very relevant considering the changing industry environment.


Syedah Maria Bokhari, Regional Commercial Vaccines Head - Turkey - October 2014