A 2-Day Training Course Delivered By
Edouard Demeire

Edouard Demeire

  • Visiting Professor at CEDEP (INSEAD) and author of KICCASS PHARMA – Keep it Customer Centric, Agile & Strategically Simple In Pharma & Diagnostic Management (2020).
  • Contributed to the design of Roche’s and Novartis’ brand planning processes and runs courses for marketing and non-marketing audiences worldwide.
  • Developed business simulations and decision support tools for the health care industry and trained tens of thousands of executives worldwide on pharma marketing strategy since 1990.


  1. A cross-functional process for planning tactics that will strategically boost the success of your brands.
  2. Analytical tools to discover key leverage points from patient-centric and stakeholder insights.
  3. “Where to play?” - What segmentation criteria are useful, and how to prioritise opportunities for your brand.
  4. “How to win?” - How to develop a brand positioning statement and a value proposition.
  5. What is a good SWOT and how to correctly extract Critical Success Factors such that a brand’s strategy successfully translates into customer-centric tactics.
  6. How to design effective, efficient and agile tactics for Red Ocean (highly competitive) markets.
  7. How to create a Blue Ocean (highly innovative) market environment where competition is irrelevant.
  8. Best practices drawn from pharma and other industry sectors.

Additional Benefits

  • You will be equipped with a set of practical tools and checklists for developing and/or improving cross-functional pharma brand plans.
  • You will develop fit-for-purpose planning skills and learn from your peers during group work on the Betaprolol case, developed by Edouard Demeire.
  • You will receive Edouard’s book KICCASS PHARMA – Keep it Customer Centric, Agile & Strategically Simple In Pharma & Diagnostic Management (2020).


Why You Should Attend

The Content: In today’s volatile, uncertain and complex environment, brand teams need to go through a ‘fit for purpose’ brand planning process in order to ensure all market-facing functions synergistically contribute to a brand’s success. You will learn key concepts and learn to use several handy tools in a well-structured cross-functional process that culminates in high-impact brand plans with a logic between the final action plan and market dynamics. Participants will understand how a pharma brand planning process can contribute to developing agile customer centricity. The three critical steps, i.e. customer journey based insight development -> strategy building -> agile tactical planning, are exercised in the context of a pharma case in order to give participants hands-on experience.

The Expert: Edouard forces you to think “out-of-the-box”. He challenges his audience and, while he is an authority in pharma marketing strategy, he also transposes learnings from other industries to stimulate creative thinking. His approach sparks plenty of new ideas!

The Pharma Brand Planning Course is the only available public training course delivered by Edouard Demeire on the topic of brand planning.

Agenda of The Pharma Brand Planning Course

For start and end times, please check Dates & Locations below.

Day 1

Welcome & General Introduction (~1 h 30 min)

  • Is Brand Planning dead in a VUCA (Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous) world? On the contrary: If developed properly, Brand Plans are catalysts that ensure agile, tactical execution across functions with a common focus on brand success
  • Is your organisation product- or customer-centric?
  • A critical condition for success is that brand plans are not lengthy, re-written template-based documents from the previous fixed annual cycle. Instead, strategic sections should only be revised when an important event requires a change in strategy whereas tactics are developed each quarter

Understand Your Brand’s Market - Components of Insight Building (~1 h)

  • How to use patient flow models so that they effectively help identify key leverage points
  • Developing Customer Experience Journeys for key stakeholders
  • How to use Competitive Intelligence Frameworks to develop competitive foresight
  • How to produce a good SWOT
  • Understand what is an insight and how to develop insights that lead to Critical Success Factors (CSF)

Group Work - From Data to Insights to SWOT to CSFs (~1 h)

Using the Betaprolol case, which participants receive prior to the course for pre-reading, delegates work in groups to gain insights from analysing the market, to produce an effective SWOT, to then determine the CSFs that are THE link between a long term brand strategy and an agile short term tactical plan.
Lunch Break

Group Presentations (~1 h)

Each group presents their findings and is challenged by both expert and peers. At the end, Edouard presents his solution, not as THE single solution, but to illustrate best practice.

“Where to Play?” - Defining and Prioritising Segments (~1 h)

  • An overview and discussion of the most commonly used segmentation approaches
  • The 5 steps to get the segmentation process right
  • Which customer criteria should you use to segment your brand’s market: Socio-Demographic, Behavioural or based on Psychographic Personae?
  • Prioritising market segments using the Segment DPM (Directional Policy Matrix) Approach
  • Targeting: how to ensure a successful implementation of your segmentation

Group Work - Designing The Multi-stakeholder Segments & Prioritising Brand Opportunities (~30 min)

The groups continue to work on the Betaprolol case. At this stage, the assignment is to determine and prioritise market segments and brand opportunities.

“How to Win?” - Positioning Your Brand (~30 min)

  • The 5 steps to getting the brand positioning process right
  • Perception Analysis: techniques for identifying customer perceptions of your brand
  • Different ways to position your brand and how to select the best positioning
  • What should a good positioning statement include so that it helps define the key claims to be communicated by functions, including Market Access, Medical Affairs & Commercial
  • Does your positioning help translate a Functional Differentiator into an Emotional Brand Positioning?
  • Value propositions & messaging: do’s & don’ts

Group Work - Brand Positioning Case Discussion and Value Propositions (~30 min)

The groups define a brand positioning statement, value propositions, as well as messages for the Betaprolol case.

Close of Day 1


Day 2

Recap Day 1 (~15 min)

Strategies and Tactics in Red Ocean, VUCA Markets (~1 h 30 min)

  • Developing an optimal tactical plan for your brand, based on insights derived from Customer Experience Journeys in Rx decision making
  • From CSFs to the quarterly tactical plan – avoiding that agility becomes quarterly, goalless ‘shaking of the tree’
  • Embracing the CC-OKR (Customer Centric Objective & Key Result) tool to guide successful execution by individual team members in commercial, medical affairs or market access customer-facing functions

Group Work – Tactical Plan Design (~1 h 30 min)

Delegates work in groups to design a customer-centric, agile and effective tactical mix for the Betaprolol case in a Red Ocean market context. Groups had previously defined a few CSFs, and the specific stakeholders who can make each of the CSFs happen. In this group work, they discuss and identify tactics which induce beliefs & behaviours of the stakeholders which are required to address each of the CSFs. Such customer centric approach enables brand teams to develop tactics which impact the brand’s success effectively and efficiently. Group work outcomes are presented and discussed in plenary.

Debrief: Building an Effective and Efficient Tactical Plan, Using Impact/Cost Analysis and CC-OKRs (~45 min)

In the previous group work, teams developed tactical plans which aim to be effective, without first imposing constraints. In this plenary session, participants are presented with two take-home tools which can be used to not only drive effectiveness, but also efficiency under resource budget constraints. These resource constraints are often driven by the corporation’s portfolio, beyond control of an individual brand team. The application of the two tools are first explained, then demonstrated in the context of the Betaprolol case and, finally, discussed in plenary.
Lunch Break

Strategies and Tactics in Blue Ocean Markets (~1 h 30 min)

Whereas the key to success in Red Ocean markets is focus, agility, and efficiency of tactical execution, the approach in Blue Ocean markets consists in making competition irrelevant by creating a new market through value innovation.
  • When does adding value help build success for your brand, when is it just increasing cost? The link between the Net Promoter Score (NPS), loyalty and brand profitability.
  • A powerful model for identifying customer value creation opportunities
  • Empowering a cross-functional team to be productive in delivering customer value
  • Learning from other industries
  • Making the concept of customer value operational by prioritising product benefits, non-product benefits and incurred customer costs per pharma stakeholder type
  • Using customer value action maps as a design thinking ideation tool to turn customer pain points into moments of truth
  • Benchmark the competition on their performance in delivering customer value and make competition irrelevant by creating the Blue Ocean market for your brand
  • Learning from two Blue Ocean examples in the respiratory market (device) and in personalised health care (biomarker)

Group Work (~1 h)

To effectively use the customer value concept, it is critical to think beyond very general definitions of customer value. To that purpose, delegates work in groups to identify stakeholders in the Betaprolol case, define both product and non-product benefits, as well as customer costs, to finally define opportunities for value innovation, thereby creating a true Blue Ocean market environment. Group work outcomes are discussed in plenary.

Wrap-up (~30 min)

  • The Brand Plan Quality Assessment Checklist: a tool to auto-evaluate the 7 key steps in your brand planning process and to prioritise areas for improvement towards greater brand success.


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Learning Methodology

This course uses a variety of learning approaches, including interactive lectures, a case study (Betaprolol case), as well as group work and plenary discussion sessions. Working in groups of 3-5 delegates on the Betaprolol case, developed by Prof. Demeire, will enable you to practice the concepts and tools taught during the interactive lectures that alternate with group work.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending any CELforPharma course is not only being able to have your specific questions answered by a leading expert, but also having the opportunity to share experiences and have in-depth discussions with your international peers.

infoThe typical audience size of our courses ranges from 6 to 20 (max) participants.

Who Should Attend?

The Pharma Brand Planning Course is a must for brand/product managers and related pharma marketers early in their career because they need to quickly acquire the concepts and tools for generating successful brand marketing plans, as well as think and learn to act cross-functionally in today’s volatile, uncertain and complex environment.

This course will also benefit more experienced brand managers and franchise leads who want to refresh their skills, as well as managers in medical affairs, market access and commercial functions who must contribute to agile and customer-centric brand planning processes.


Past Participants

Below is a non-exhaustive list of past participants who have benefited from attending this course.


Job Title



Medical ManagerAbbvieHungary
International Product ManagerAcino PharmaSwitzerland
Associate Director, Global Commercial InsightsActelionSwitzerland
Product ManagerALKNetherlands
Product ManagerAstraZenecaPortugal
Junior Product ManagerBayer Healthcare PharmaceuticalsBelgium
Customer Marketing ManagerBristol-Myers SquibbRomania
Field Product ManagerCelgeneNetherlands
New Product AdviserChiesiItaly
Marketing ManagerDevaTurkey
Product ManagerEgisBulgaria
Global Marketing Lead, Assignment USAFerringUSA
Portfolio & Marketing Manager - OncologyFreseniusGermany
Distributor Area Manager / Pharma Export Manager Gulf and Middle EastGaldermaFrance
Chef de ProduitIpsenFrance
Global Patient Solution Manger AKLEO PharmaDenmark
Marketing and StrategyMerck GroupGermany
Product Manager RespiratoryMundipharmaBelgium
Pricing ManagerNovartisRussian Federation
Senior Manager, CPMDOrionBangladesh
Regional Brand Manager WH/MH Portfolio & Xalabrands, EuropePfizerTurkey
Product ManagerPharmamarItaly
Marketing Director DermatologyPierre FabreGermany
Team Manager IT - Global Product StrategyRocheSwitzerland
Brand & Customer ManagerSanofiCroatia
Sales manager- Ophthalmology portfolioSantenThailand
VP Strategic Planning & Commercial ExcellenceShionogiUnited Kingdom
Sales ManagerTakedaNetherlands
Business Development DirectorUCBBelgium
Product ManagerWill-PharmaBelgium



Dates & Locations

Currently this CELforPharma course is planned to only be held live online (hosted in Zoom).

The start and end times for all below sessions will be:
Day 1: 09:00 - 17:00 CET (Brussels/Amsterdam/Paris)
Day 2: 09:00 - 17:00 CET (Brussels/Amsterdam/Paris)

  • 27-28 June 2023, live online

  • 23-24 November 2023, live online

Included in the Registration Fee​

  • Access to a small-class (max 20 participants), expert led course in real-time, using an interactive platform for break-out rooms, whiteboard exercises, polling, plenary discussions and chats.
  • Course material, which will be provided to you in both digital format (by email) and in hard copy (by post, so you can make notes during the course).
  • Certificate of attendance signed by the expert and CELforPharma.
  • A copy of Edouard’s book KICCASS PHARMA – Keep it Customer Centric, Agile & Strategically Simple In Pharma & Diagnostic Management (2020).


Group Discounts

Team discounts can be offered to 3 or more delegates from the same company.
Contact Annelies Swaan, Director Business Operations, (aswaan@celforpharma.com) for more details.


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Transfer & Cancellation Policy

Flexible Transfer

  • If a registrant cannot attend the scheduled course, he/she can avoid any cancellation charge by sending a suitable replacement participant.
  • Alternatively, the registrant can transfer once on a “space available” basis at no extra cost, until 3 weeks prior to the event, to another course of the same value held within one year of the original course date.

Registration Cancellation

  • Less than 14 days prior to the course date: registrant liable to pay the full invoiced registration fee.
  • Between 15 and 30 days prior to the course date: registrant liable to pay 50% of the invoiced registration fee.
  • More than 30 days prior to the course date: registrant liable to pay a cancellation fee of € 450 per registrant.
  • If a registrant postpones his/her participation to a future course, and cancels again, no refund can be claimed for registration fees.

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