Testimonials From Basics of Health Economics

The course was informative, very well organised and will absolutely be useful in my work as a business coach for innovative start-ups. I strongly recommend this course for professionals who need to improve their knowledge in health economy in a structured and time-efficient way.

Umeå Life Science Consulting

Pia Keyser, Consultant - Sweden - April 2021
This was one of the best online courses I had so far. Very structured approach to teaching, excellent speaker and useful exercises. I really enjoyed all the modules and fully recommend to any of my Medtech colleagues.


Danko Tomasic, Sr. Manager Marketing Services EMEA - Switzerland - March 2021
It was actually a lot of fun learning the basics of Health Economics with this program. Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans is able to explain complex models in a simple and interesting way.


Dr. Nicole Dälken, Product Manager | Global Marketing - Germany - March 2021
The programme starts from “level zero” so there is no need for any knowledge on Health Economics to start and the exercises throughout add an extra dimension in the learning process. Prof. Annemans is a master in explaining complex concepts in an easily understandable way and knows exactly what and where to repeat information as he goes through each module. Overall an excellent programme that completely met my expectations and that I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about Health Economics from the beginning. Thank you very much!


Chris Lauwereins, Associate Director of Finance - Belgium - February 2021
I joined this course with very little previous exposure to Health Economics concepts. This course was extremely beneficial and gave me in just a couple of months a good understanding of the basic concepts, tools and methods and how & when they should be applied. The tests that follow each of the 5 modules gave me the opportunity to understand what my knowledge gaps were and to solidify my notions. I highly recommend this course to every newcomer into access.


Olivia Duta, Global Pricing Lead GI - Switzerland - February 2021
It's a very well-structured course with the right balance between theory, practical examples, and exercises. Prof. Lieven Annemans' knowledge and communication skills make the course very interesting!

Daiichi Sankyo

Élia Almeida, Market Access Manager - Portugal - January 2021
The course provides the basics for HEOR in very clear, structured way. Lieven Annemans has a high level of expertise and explains things in a way that's simple and easy to understand, with real life examples.

Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals

Galyna Bryn, Global Medical Manager - Germany - November 2020
Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans opened the door to Health Economics by addressing complex issues in a very practical and enthusiastic way. On my side, the seed is planted and growing, there is no turning back. Thank you!

Daiichi Sankyo

Vitória Gemas, PhD, Medical Advisor Cardiovascular - Portugal - January 2021
The course provides participants with a good foundational knowledge of health economic concepts, presented in a clear and engaging format by Prof. Annemans, who is evidently an expert in the field. The course leader's enthusiasm and teaching of the topic is contagious. I would recommend the course to those seeking to understand how to value and compare novel innovations from different stakeholder perspectives.


Lam Tang, CEO & Founder - Switzerland - November 2020
Excellent example of a well-structured online course.

Daiichi Sankyo

Dr. Lucas Schalch, Country Manager - Switzerland - January 2021
Lieven Annemans is doing an exceptional job in explaining even the more technical parts in a lively and encouraging manner that makes this course also valuable even in an online format.


Lars Rohwer, Senior Director Government Affairs & Policy - Belgium - November 2020
A great online course to discover the basic concepts of Health Economics in a structured way, taught by a very skilled Professor. The exercises and final test force you to digest the material, which increases the learning experience. Definitely recommended!

Roche Diagnostics

Marieke Parmentier, Consultant Navify Solutions - Belgium - November 2020
Basics of Health Economics strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and depth, making apparently complex topics incredibly easy to understand.


Valentino Confalone, VP, General Manager - Italy - November 2020
The presentation of the course by Professor Annemans was wonderful. I found it extremely interesting and very effective. Prof. Annemans’ explanation of QALYs, decision models, budget impact analysis, and other concepts was exceptional and was key for my understanding. The slides, workbook, and exercises enabled me to apply the methods and understand the relevance of these analyses. As they always do, CELforPharma supported me with quality material and good service.

Siemens Healthineers

Tim Durham, Sr. Manager, Strategic Business Development - Germany - October 2020
I was very satisfied at the end of the Basics of Health Economics self-study programme. In addition to the training impact of Prof Lieven Annemans’ presentation style and slides, this self-study programme is really well designed in terms of user-friendliness, its structure, the alternation of theory and exercises, the audiovisual quality and the training support materials. It keeps you motivated and concentrated till the end. This learning experience is not only enjoyable, it is also very rewarding. At the end you will be happily surprised when you do the final test and discover that you have reached a level of understanding that you would not believe is possible in about 8 hours.

Daiichi Sankyo

Curd Lejaegere, VP EU Mid-Sized Countries - Belgium - September 2020
The programme provides a solid baseline for a deeper dive into the topic. Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans is an excellent lector. He introduces the main concepts, methods and pitfalls of HEOR in a way that allows you to easily understand the subject. I highly recommend the course.

Elena Turchanova, Market Research Manager - France - November 2020
Wow! What incredibly clear presentations – I have really enjoyed all the modules – these are great! Lieven’s explanations are very clear and easy-to-understand. For instance, Markov models intimidated me in the past, but Lieven made it very approachable. Another example was that I had never fully grasped what the concept of discounting meant in health economic analyses, and here the presenter made it sound so simple by clearly defining it and showing an example. I also very much enjoyed Lieven’s humour. The videos are very high quality, i.e. extremely well organised on the content flow, and I liked the visual aspect of being able to see the presenter while at the same time seeing his slides. The exercises were very fair and accurately reflected the information that was covered in the modules. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did!

Sanofi Pasteur

Stacey Gorski, Ph.D., Director, North America - Medical Excellence & Strategic Projects - United States - October 2020
I enjoyed the course.

Leo Pharma

Tariq Rehman, Senior Global Market Access & Pricing Manager - Denmark - October 2020
This is the perfect introduction course for non-health economists. Prof Lieven Annemans presents all the key concepts very well, in a format - presenter plus slides - which makes it lively, almost as if it was live. The self-study format is well adapted to busy agendas as you can start with and go back to the course when you want. Thank you very much for this programme!


Florie Doublet, Global Brand Manager - United Kingdom - September 2020
I extremely enjoyed this course which gave me in a very structured and well explained way some insights in health economics. I’ve always wondered what my HTA colleagues are doing and never could clearly explain what they were doing and why, but this course has provided me with the basics to better understand what they’re talking about, what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. One can tell that Lieven has a lot of experience as he has relevant examples and can tap into a large range of samples across different therapeutic areas. Lieven speaks calmly and clearly and has a good speed for teaching.


Michel de Baar, Executive Director, BD&L Europe - United Kingdom - September 2020
I can highly recommend this self-study programme to anyone who wants to get a good understanding of basic concepts in health economics. I learned a lot, even though my knowledge on the topic was already at a high level. Now I understand better the methodology of health economic evaluations, e.g. how the budget impact is calculated. With this course, I am better equipped to go into discussions with my internal stakeholders about cost-effectiveness, budget impact, etcetera. Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans is an outstanding teacher, providing a lot of concrete examples and exercises, which makes the programme really interesting and beneficial. The way it is done, with several modules that you can do at the time and pace that you wish, is very practical and easy to manage.


Muriel Guillier, Global Pricing, Senior Director - France - September 2020
I found this self-study programme very engaging, interesting and well structured. I would particularly recommend it to all executives in marketing, medical affairs and other non-market access/pricing roles. Great online resource.


Ana Plata, Head of Global Pricing - United Kingdom - September 2020
In the modern MSL role, it is important to acquire knowledge on value and health economics. With this in mind, I registered for the on-line course by Prof Lieven Annemans. It fully met my expectations. The course is presented in 5 chapters (each +/- one hour) which you can follow at your own pace. In between, test questions challenge you to apply the knowledge acquired. Prof Annemans’ presentation style is very dynamic, humoristic and clear – he manages to explain difficult concepts in a very understandable way. The workbooks allow you to make notes during the presentation and you can easily pause or scroll back if needed. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a good understanding of basic concepts in health economics. I am now much more confident going into value discussions with both internal and external stakeholders.


Koen Raeymaekers, Medical Science Liaison Oncology Haematology - Belgium - September 2020
I am very impressed by this course. Prof Lieven Annemans’ teaching style is both smooth and very stimulating. The added value over his live course, which I also attended, is that you can review parts of it whenever you want. I highly recommend it!


Jur van der Wild, Market Access Manager EU - The Netherlands - September 2020
This course provides a great overview and comprehensive understanding of the most relevant access topics, from barriers and opportunities in the environment to interpretation of clinical studies, as well as definition of evidence packages, pricing models etc. Good mix of lectures, real life case studies and practical assignments delivered by a knowledgeable and engaging professor!

Tekla Kiszely, Marketing, Commercial Training - Switzerland - September 2020