Testimonials From How to Price Better than Your Competitors: Essential Insights, Principles & Techniques for Successful Market Access

Good overview of pricing for a two-day course, I have already recommended it as a good introduction to pricing. It really demonstrated how price is a consequence of many factors. Everything was concisely presented & engaging with a good level of participation within the group. This course is useful for someone new to pricing but also comes with practical tips for the more experienced.


Helen Postill, European Pricing Director - United Kingdom - March 2023 (live online course)
In just 2 days, I had the chance to gain valuable insights on pharma pricing and a glimpse into payers' minds. Gary and Sam make sure that everyone can follow even the more complex topics and can leave the course understanding the principles behind pricing decisions - both from a company and payers’ perspective. I will recommend the course to others!


Anna Jedrusik, Senior Manager, Public Affairs, Region Europe - Switzerland - December 2022 (live online course)
The course provides a truly great foundation as well as great perspectives to consider, relevant to anyone who is new to pricing, or for those with many years of experience. Gary and Sam were both really great. I sincerely enjoyed the 2 days and honestly wish it had been longer.


Ian Hincken, Director, Global Market Access - Switzerland - June 2022 (live online course)
Really enjoyed the course! Finally found a course that is applicable to my day-to-day routine.

EMD Serono

Kartik Warikoo, Senior Portfolio Manager - Global Market Access & Pricing - United States - June 2022 (live online course)
Thank you for this course! Gary was able to provide great insights clearly and effectively using his interesting and valuable content. There were really good interactions and open discussions not only with Gary but also with the other attendees, which was a very nice aspect of the course. CELforPharma did a wonderful job and made sure that all instructions were given on time and were clear.


Matteo Mussi, Director, Global Value & Access, ACE Mid-Size Markets - Italy - December 2021 (live online course)
The course was so insightful, engaging & interesting. Gary is so knowledgeable and I could listen to him speak all day. I loved the break-out exercises as they gave good opportunities to interact with the other people on the course. CELforPharma were great to work with before and during the course. Genuinely the best training I've ever been on!

Aspen Pharmacare

Samuel Owens, EU Pricing Lead - United Kingdom - December 2021 (live online course)
Excellent course! Gary Johnson is a well-known and talented expert. His knowledge is impressive, and he has demonstrated the ability in the course to explain market access strategies, concepts, methods very well in a digestible format. I really enjoyed the course, and of course I learned a great deal.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Celine Ladure, International Marketing Director - United Kingdom - October 2021 (live online course)
Very good course with great interaction during the breakout rooms and full sessions. A fantastic way to get a helicopter view of pricing for pharma managers!

Bio Products Laboratory

Sophie Guerinet, International Business & MA Manager - United Kingdom - October 2021 (live online course)
Gary gave clear and simple explanations of all topics and really brought the theory to life with his own experiences and anecdotes. I appreciated and enjoyed the interactive nature of the course within our small group. Perfect presenting from Gary and perfect service from the CELforPharma coordinator. Many thanks to you both!

Boehringer Ingelheim

Pearl Gumbs, HEOR & Value Lead for CKD Pipeline - Germany - June 2021 (live online course)
This course was fantastic. From the well-organised communications and meeting platform, to the pre-course reading materials, to the actual course content and delivery, this was the best course I have ever attended. The information was extremely valuable and most importantly, actionable for me to bring back to my organisation immediately for implementation.

Cook MyoSite

Jenna Dale, Senior Global Commercial Development Manager - United States - June 2021 (live online course)
Great introduction to pharmaceutical pricing concepts. A required learning for HEOR professionals.

EMD Serono

Vivek Pawar, Executive Director, Global Evidence & Value Development - United States - June 2021 (live online course)
This was an insightful and enjoyable learning course with a great speaker and top level service support from CELforPharma. Each topic covered was excellently presented and I really appreciated the positive interaction and team challenges throughout.


Martin Alvarez Fleitas, Global Strategic Pricing Lead - Switzerland - March 2021 (live online course)
Gary is able to share his tremendous experience in simple words and concepts, allowing participants to leave with key learning points they can put into action.


Hugues Haubursin, Head of Alliance - Luxembourg - March 2021 (live online course)
Gary Johnson is a very experienced expert with the highest level of educational and presenting skills. The course content was great and truly met my expectations. I would absolutely recommend this course to others to attend, thanks!


Stephan Brehin, PharmD, Associate Director, CDMO Manager - Switzerland - March 2021 (live online course)
This course is well designed as a perfect introduction to this subject, and then there is a lot to be gained from the trainer's vast experience. We benefited a lot from the discussions on evolution of current payer's behaviour, reasons for this direction and some safe predictions for the future. Also the online format was well organised and meticulously coordinated. Kudos to the team.

Fresenius Kabi

Parimal Das, Director, Alliance Management Europe & APAC - Germany - December 2020 (live online course)
This course is very informative and helpful for understanding the underlying structures and strategies of pharmaceutical pricing.


Sam Williams, Tender & Pricing Manager - United Kingdom - December 2020 (live online course)
High but broad level of info shared. Gives a full picture. Interactive course, with a very interesting teacher. Good interaction with the other participants.Thanks!

Laboratoire Aguettant

Delphine Fornas, Head of Regulatory Affairs & Economic Affairs - France - December 2020 (live online course)
Great course, nicely organised and very professional, experienced coach!


Sharon Cheng, Pricing Manager (Pricing Innovation and Implementation) - Germany - December 2020 (live online course)
I really enjoyed this course. Gary is an excellent speaker, very energising, who gives many concrete examples. I also highly valued the break-out sessions. I really appreciated the interaction with the other participants.


Jerome Retzepter, Global Pricing & Special Projects AD - Vaccines - Switzerland - December 2020 (live online course)
I would highly recommend this course for market access and pricing professionals around the world. Gary's perspective, expertise and communication style is very good and you will benefit from this course no matter what your experience level is.


Gülşen Çetin Çakır, Market Access Executive - Turkey - December 2019 (face-to-face course)
Very good introduction to a wide variety of topics. Good presenter with a lot of stories. The size of the audience (a small group) provided more in-depth discussion.

LEO Pharma

Magnus Gotfredsen, Senior Global Pricing Analyst - Denmark - September 2019 (face-to-face course)
This course covered lots of new information which I can use in my day-to-day while giving a wider context to how prices are arrived at.


Stephen Oddy, Sales & Marketing Manager, Pulmonary Hypertension - United Kingdom - September 2019 (face-to-face course)
"Value Pricing for Market Access" brings you better understanding of the meaning of the value of a price/price strategy in (complex) markets.


Jur van der Wild, Market Access Manager EU - The Netherlands - September 2019 (face-to-face course)
A great overview of major systems and the rationale behind pricing strategies, all condensed in only 2 days. Strongly recommended for non-specialists and specialists alike. Important to bring your questions to make the best out of Gary’s knowledge.


Cinthya Ramirez, Director Multilateral Engagement - Switzerland - June 2019 (face-to-face course)
Great 2-day course to get a sound understanding of pricing principles and pitfalls.


Gert-Jan van Uem, Pricing Solutions Expert - The Netherlands - June 2019 (face-to-face course)
The Value Pricing for Market Access course is a comprehensive training in which participants have the possibility to enhance their pricing knowledge leveraged by theory and practical cases. From the organisation point of view it was very complete, fostering team dynamics and knowledge exchange with a very knowledgeable trainer who has been in the industry for 20+ years.


Juan Pablo Duque, Regional Marketing Leader - Switzerland - June 2019 (face-to-face course)
Great course. I highly valued the breadth and depth of the course contents. Gary Johnson is a very knowledgeable speaker.

LEO Pharma

Tariq Rehman, Senior Global Bio-Dermatology Pricing & Contracting Manager - Denmark - June 2019 (face-to-face course)
Excellent basic course, ideal to have an overview and the first insights. Gary is very clear.


Tomasz Mazur, Senior Finance Business Partner Europe - Switzerland - December 2018 (face-to-face course)
Great course.


Frank Sima, Business Development & Market Access Manager - Austria - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
Very clear and structured course developing the different models and methodologies of price set-up throughout the world. Interactive communication based on observation and evidence from Gary's experience allows us to go beyond our own beliefs. To be recommended especially if you need an onboarding on Market Access.


Marc Lacampagne, Reporting and Consolidation Manager - Belgium - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues. The information is truly valuable, the speaker is excellent and gives many practical examples, the atmosphere is friendly!


Nikoleta Grigorova, Public Affairs & Market Access Head - Bulgaria - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
Gary Johnson is perhaps one of the authorities when it comes to teaching or explaining the whole process of value-based pricing and HTA. Enriched myself with the examples he gave to explain and illustrate the key trends/inflexion points experienced by lead brands, and in addition also got to learn how these brands actually replaced the standard of care.

Fresenius Kabi

Venky Rao, Senior Director, Oncology Portfolio - Germany - June 2018 (face-to-face course)
Many thanks to Gary for the extremely interesting course.


Sergey Yagubov, Market Access Manager - Russia - June 2018 (face-to-face course)
Eye-opening insights on the options to cut through the complexity of pricing.

Purman Consulting

Gabor Purman, Behavioral Economist - The Netherlands - June 2018 (face-to-face course)
Excellent course! I would recommend it for those new to market access. Thanks!


Niki Ahl, Market Access - Nordics - December 2017 (face-to-face course)
Really good fundamental course! It’s broad and high level. Thanks!


Deirdre Murphy, Manager, Pricing & Reimbursement - United Kingdom - October 2017 (face-to-face course)
I would like to thank you for the training quality and level of the trainer. The presentation was very interactive. The hotel and facilities also were above expectations.


Mohammed Sedrati, Senior Market Access Manager - Morocco - October 2017 (face-to-face course)
This course gives a very comprehensive overview about the most important topics within value pricing.

LEO Pharma

Ingrid Möll, Head of RA & Compliance - Switzerland - May 2017 (face-to-face course)
This course is truly great. I can highly recommend it. It is a must for everyone starting his/her career in the field of pricing & market access.

Incyte Biosciences

Yan Agalarov, Senior Analyst, Pricing, Market Access and Commercial Partnerships - Switzerland - May 2017 (face-to-face course)
Very valuable course with a great expert! I now have a wide perspective on pharma pricing and learnt a lot. I will definitely recommend it to others!


Ewelina Bernaszuk, Junior HEOR and Pricing Specialist - Poland - December 2016 (face-to-face course)
Gary’s course is high standard. He smoothly links value pricing with market access.

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals

Khalil Wehbe, Marketing Manager Middle East - United Arab Emirates - December 2016 (face-to-face course)
Gary Johnson's vast knowledge and experience is very well structured into an instructive, yet easy to follow course. Excellent course material provided as well.

Fresenius Kabi

Sampreet Ramachandra, Director, Anaesthesia & Analgesia - Germany - December 2016 (face-to-face course)
This is a very good introductory course on pharmaceutical pricing and Gary is an excellent instructor. As usual, C.E.L.forpharma has picked a winner. I am really impressed by your speakers. All have been extremely knowledgeable AND excellent speakers!

Novo Nordisk

Anirvan Dutt-Chaudhuri, Global Product Manager - Switzerland - September 2016 (face-to-face course)
Very interactive, high level though accessible course. Gary is an excellent speaker and the discussions with participants were very insightful!


Christophe Gerbeau, Early Phase Market Access SPE - France - September 2016 (face-to-face course)
Very insightful and well-structured two days of walking through the main topics of value pricing in Market Access, using a simple language that all are able to follow, even if you are not an expert in the area.


Paula Albuquerque, Global Market Access & Health Outcomes Manager - Spain - September 2016 (face-to-face course)
Very satisfied and happy to have spent these 2 days. I learnt a lot about pharmaceutical pricing and enjoyed the good spirit of the group!


Asmara Karzazi, Market Access Project Leader - France - June 2016 (face-to-face course)
I learnt a lot on this whistle-stop tour of the pharma pricing fundamentals. Gary is a highly knowledgeable trainer who can simplify the most complex subjects.


Lorraine Tweddle, Associate Brand Director - United Kingdom - June 2016 (face-to-face course)
C.E.L.forpharma’s Value Pricing for Market Access course is very informative, insightful and conceptually interesting, offering valuable tips & insights for everyday work.


Maja Grdić Jarak, Strategic Pricing Manager EMEA - Croatia - June 2016 (face-to-face course)
Extremely practical pharma pricing course, addressing the real issues that pharma companies face!


Neeraj Sinha, Senior Pricing Analyst - Switzerland - June 2016 (face-to-face course)
This was a great and useful course. I would recommend it to everyone involved in pricing pharmaceuticals. It covers most of the important aspects and concepts along the price decision process, with valuable exercises and practical techniques.

Accord Healthcare

Olga Diachenko, Commercial Analyst - Czech Republic - June 2016 (face-to-face course)
As a beginner in the field of pharma pricing and market access, Gary Johnson’s course enabled me to have in only 2 days a 30,000 feet view of the different problematics and leave with concrete usable tools. I highly recommend it!

Legacy Healthcare

Saad Harti, CEO - Switzerland - June 2016 (face-to-face course)
A very informative and interesting course given by a lecturer with great depth of knowledge... Thank you!

Xellia Pharmaceuticals

Beate Rygg Johnsen, Portfolio Manager - Norway - December 2015 (face-to-face course)
This course is an essential ingredient for Pricing & Market Access functions.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Jean-Gabriel Gautier, Head of Global Pricing & Contracting Strategy, TA Biosimilars/ Global Market Access - Germany - December 2015 (face-to-face course)
My peers and I have used C.E.L.forpharma for many years now. I recently attended a Value Pricing for Market Access course in Europe, led by a real pro in this area and I learned a great deal. Not only was the course excellently delivered but I also got the opportunity to network with a number of key Market Access Leaders in the Industry to share thoughts, ideas and challenges. I would definitely recommended C.E.L. to anyone involved in Market Access.


Oliver Leatham, Principal Consultant Commercialization - UK - August 2015 (face-to-face course)
It was a great pleasure to attend this course. This was the best pharma pricing course I have done anyway. Gary was outstanding in describing the link between value and expected price of pharmaceuticals. Good job and I wish you good luck!

Saudi FDA

Fahad Sahood AlNutafy, Director Pricing & Pharmacoeconomic Directorate - Saudi Arabia - May 2015 (face-to-face course)
It was a pleasure learning from probably the #1 pricing expert in the pharmaceutical industry. Gary brings a wealth of experience and insights, and besides that he is a warm and personal person. Really appreciated the course!


Jelmer Nicolai, Market Access Manager Respiratory - The Netherlands - May 2015 (face-to-face course)
Very valuable course. Excellent overview of Value Access Tools, Techniques and Models for a straight forward use back at work.


Sandrine Ruiz, Global Market Access Manager - Spain - May 2015 (face-to-face course)
Very good pharma pricing course, great structure and outcome. Excellent!


Steffen Mager, Senior Manager International Market Access - Germany - May 2015 (face-to-face course)
Very valuable course, interesting subjects and a well experienced lector. The Value Pricing for Market Access course was so practical and applicable to my role. Bravo Gary, bravo C.E.L.forpharma. Highly recommended!

Novo Nordisk Pars

Alireza Firooz, Market Access Specialist - Iran - December 2014 (face-to-face course)
Great training with much information that is relevant and important to managers in pharma pricing and market access. Huge knowledge and experience presented in a very simple and understandable way!

Eli Lilly

Milena Randjelovic, PRA and Sales Manager - Serbia - December 2014 (face-to-face course)
As I've heard from Gary, pricing is the moment of truth. This course provides ground for creating amazing moments of truth for pharma companies.

Novo Nordisk Pars

Taraneh Nouri, Field Market Access Specialist - Iran - December 2014 (face-to-face course)
Great course, well presented with practical advice. Highly recommended!

Boehringer Ingelheim

James Gordon, Global Manager HE&OR - Germany - October 2014 (face-to-face course)
Gary Johnson is a very good teacher! Even if you have been practicing Pricing and Market Access for a long time, his course helps you to synthesize all your knowledge and open your horizon.


Pol-Antoine Hamon, Market Access Manager Non Melanoma Skin Cancer - France - October 2014 (face-to-face course)
Good introductory course, at the right level, with a very knowledgeable trainer and a good opportunity for discussion.


Rebecca Townsend, Global Market Access Director - Belgium - October 2014 (face-to-face course)
Great overview, putting things in perspective. I would recommend to attend this course!


Daan Muris, Associate Director Market Access - The Netherlands - June 2014 (face-to-face course)
Thank you very much for a very good course and for interesting, useful information!


Anna Blednykh, Pricing Manager - Russia - March 2014 (face-to-face course)
A great introductory course for anyone who is new in the field of pricing. Good breadth and overview of the discipline. Gary is an expert with vast experience demonstrated in his lectures and anecdotes.


Tuan Pham, Director Strategic Planning - Switzerland - March 2014 (face-to-face course)
Very interesting and transversal subject. Gary's presentation is clear with self explanatory slides.


Anne Boudon, Price Department Manager - France - December 2013 (face-to-face course)
The course did an excellent job in providing an overview of the role of pricing, complexity in payer decision making and research tools available.


Christian Mosegaard Hansen, Associate Global Pricing Manager - Denmark - December 2013 (face-to-face course)
Well experienced lector, the subject was explained deeply in a variety of directions and from different perspectives.


Michal Szymanowski, Business Development Manager - Poland - December 2013 (face-to-face course)
Very valuable course - excellent introduction to the area and very professionally run.


Neil Branscombe, Director of Health Economics - France - December 2013 (face-to-face course)
Good organization, especially the time keeping! Gary Johnson covered this subject surprisingly well in this short time frame!

Novo Nordisk

Adam Garczarczyk, Senior Pricing Manager - Switzerland - October 2013 (face-to-face course)
Thank you for this course! It was a great opportunity to pull everything together that I have been working on the last year. I will highly recommend to colleagues who enter the international pricing field.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Mary Beth Webb, Pricing Manager for CoE CV/Respiratory - Germany - October 2013 (face-to-face course)
Gary is a very experienced lecturer. He has the ability to explain issues explicitly and makes everything understandable by using lots of examples.


Tina Orben, Market Access Manager - Germany - October 2013 (face-to-face course)