Testimonials From The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course

This course is a very efficient one, both for experienced Business Development professionals and also for those who are just starting to work in licensing. Real world content, great structure and rich expertise of the trainer make it a great value.


Araksya Topchyan, Global Marketing Manager Pharma - Switzerland - May 2019
Excellent! Must be done!

CS Diagnostics

Adel Merzekani, International Business Development Director - Germany - November 2018
It was a well-organised course covering all aspects of License Negotiation. Negotiation exercises were highly valuable. Absolute "must-do" for business development professionals.


Karlygash Abildayeva, New Business Development Manager - Belgium - November 2018
This was my second C.E.L.forpharma course, after the excellent company valuation course. It was quite excellent - most informative and helpful. I wish I had taken the course 5 years ago!


Kieran Clarke , CEO - United Kingdom - November 2018
It was a great experience. I've learned a lot. Thank you for all, for your kind hosting and help.

DEVA Holding A.Ş

Burcu Denk, Business Development Specialist - Turkey - April 2018
Relevant content that was directly applicable to a business negotiation I am currently working on in the "real world". Appreciated the dynamic and experienced colleagues and instructor and especially the small-class, interactive format. Ready for the next course!

Gilead Sciences

Jennifer Watt, Sr Director, Alliance Management - USA - April 2018
Dr. Roger Cox is clearly a visionary! He leads the course in such a way that we literally found ourselves in workshops that were like “real life” licensing negotiations! We could not get enough of the simulations and we also had a chance to work on a very detailed NPV spreadsheet before the commercial negotiations, which got us deep down to the core of it like a finance professional. I feel so lucky that I had the chance to follow Dr Cox’s course and to meet with such professional attendees.

DEVA Holding A.Ş

Zeynep Gümüşyazıcı Bayramoğlu, Business Development Manager - Turkey - April 2018
C.E.L.forpharma provides access to great knowledge through industry experts. My experience is positive both for the content received and the overall organization but most valuable for the exchange with the speaker and the participants who dig in great experience and contribution.


Frédéric Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer - Switzerland - November 2017
Learned a lot from Roger and other participants. The organization was excellent. Thanks to you both!

Nanogenic Solutions

Jonathan Lane, Director - United Kingdom - November 2017
Instructor provides holistic view of the Pharma Licensing negotiation process. I have no doubt that the hard and soft skills learnt on the course will lead to deal success in future.

Lam Tang, Independent Business Development Consultant - Switzerland - November 2017
This course provides a complete insight of negotiation and helps to understand the process. I highly valued the professionality of the expert, the limited number of people attending, and the practical exercise and feedback.


Andrea Gatti, Business Development - Italy - September 2017
Good set of tools to go to the negotiation! Roger is a good speaker, with lots of expertise. I enjoyed it from the start til the last minute!

Purna Pharmaceuticals

Kristof Verbruggen, Business Developer - Belgium - September 2017
Very practical course which gives many tools to use in Business Development.

Synbias Pharma

Marina Lugova, New Business Development - Switzerland - September 2017
This course provides the essentials for Licensing. Big thanks to Roger for all his shared knowledge and to C.E.L.forpharma for the hospitality!


Pavlo Maykut, Licensing Manager - Czech Republic - September 2017
Very ‘hands-on’ course with very practical take-aways for structuring and negotiating complex licensing deals!


André Göhler, Business Development & Integrated Business Planning - Spain - May 2017
This course is an excellent way of learning principals of negotiation without judgement in a supportive environment.


Christine Jost-Price, Director, Research Transactions - USA - May 2017
Very happy with the course and Roger Cox. Good overview - would be very useful to follow up with a more focused course on TS assumptions/building TS.


Jalal Vakili, Director of External Opportunities - France - May 2017
Experience the role plays guided and organized by Dr. Cox! It's the best way to grow up fast in the BD field.

TheVax Genetics

Shuehan Chang, Manager - Taiwan - May 2017
This 2-day course has been very beneficial - a concentrate of what /how to negotiate. I recommend it to any BD executive that is looking for tools, tips and techniques to drive a negotiation.


Emilie Braun, Research Transactions Manager - United Kingdom - May 2017
Roger Cox is a very talented expert who is largely responsible for the success of the course, tremendously energizing, fun & friendly. He shared his insight & experience based on real-life examples and interesting anecdotes. Roger provides a vision & perspective of the Pharma BD role & negotiation skills that I highly share & respect. Extremely stimulating, energizing, fun & interactive course.


Elvira Perreaudin, Sr Counsel Operations, Europe - France - December 2016
The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course by Dr. Roger Cox was a very well planned, executed, and delivered course, and Dr. Cox is a very talented, experienced, and skilled presenter. Not only did he teach negotiation skills, but he covered many relevant topics that are needed for successful negotiations. I greatly enjoyed the role plays, and the real life examples. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn or sharpen their negotiation skills. Very well done, Dr. Cox!


Rima Nassar, Associate Vice President, Head of Regulatory Business Development - USA - December 2016
The course content covers all major aspects in a real life negotiation and gives the participant the opportunity to practice it in a controlled simulated environment, which I found very useful!


Aarati Ajay, BD & Corporate Development Lead - Middle East, Africa & Pakistan - United Arab Emirates - October 2016
It was a pleasure to attend Roger’s Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course end of October 2016. I enjoyed both the presentation and the exercise sections, both working with Roger and with the other participants. Thanks for the great opportunity and the shared information during and after the course!


Mónika Palotai, Project Manager - Hungary - October 2016
Roger’s licensing negotiation course was a great learning experience. I particularly valued the modules on how to prepare for negotiating, the planning of it, as well as how to understand the motivation of the other party. I highly recommend his course!


Tansun Uzunoglu, Export and Business Development Manager - Turkey - October 2016
Roger Cox’s course is the perfect course for a newcomer to license deal negotiations!

S-TARget Therapeutics

Christof Langer, CEO - Austria - June 2016
This is a great course for someone embarking on a licensing career. Roger is a great presenter and the case studies are not only very helpful, they’re fun!


Dr. Emilie Frugier, Patent Manager - Switzerland - June 2016
C.E.L.forpharma’s licensing negotiation course with Roger Cox was a wonderful experience. It touched upon all the topics I was interested in. The negotiation exercises (role plays) were extremely helpful in terms of knowing what to expect and discovering areas for improvement!


Drita Bitici, Manager, Financial Analyst - United Arab Emirates - June 2016
This is an excellent course that I highly recommend. It offers instructive exercises, useful tools, and a solid grounding in key concepts. One goes away prepared to negotiate good licensing deals.


Tim Durham, Program Manager, Medical Affairs - Switzerland - June 2016
Very useful overview of the whole topic of licensing and the negotiations related to it. Excellent mix of presentations and practical exercises in role-plays. Very open and friendly atmosphere and excellent organisation.

Chugai Pharma Europe

Dr. Markus Harwart, General Manager - Germany - April 2016
Very open discourse with Roger and participants. Good pace in the training.


Olivier Roye, Head of R&D Licensing - France - April 2016
I learned a lot from this course, from both Roger Cox and the other participants. I particularly liked the role plays, the tools and techniques. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues in business development.


Blandine Cojan-Berkelmans, Business Development Manager - Russia - November 2015
Roger Cox’ licensing negotiation course was extremely helpful for someone new in this field. It is insightful, discusses case studies and is very practical. Roger is very knowledgeable and very helpful, always forthcoming to answer questions. Many thanks for the great organisation!


Mohamed Oubihi, Managing Director - UK - November 2015
Roger Cox’ licensing negotiation course was extremely helpful, especially to focus on one's skills, tools and attitude adopted during negotiations. Very thorough and valuable roleplaying sessions. I would recommend it.


Paolo Mussini, Business Development & Licensing Manager - Italy - November 2015
I'm very pleased to have taken part in this course. I found it very close to reality and it fully answers the requirements of my business challenges this time. Thank you!


Alexander Nozdrachev, Business Development Director - Russia - November 2014
Thank you for the tips and for making all this so understandable and interesting - Thanks, Roger!


Nela Novakovic, Financial Controller - Germany - November 2014
Roger's course is rich in lessons from his own experience. He is very good in providing feedback following role plays and in answering questions, always with arguments grounded on many different perspectives in the pharma industry. I highly recommend this licensing negotiation course!

CSC Pharmaceuticals

Gerda Achzet, Licensing-In Manager CEE - Austria - October 2014
Roger Cox is extremely experienced and versed in the field. This was a great course!


Aleksandar Sasa Nikolic, Portfolio Director - Serbia - June 2014
Roger Cox is a superb presenter! He is a seasoned and experienced negotiator.


Cristiano Musso, VP, Head of Corporate Licensing - Germany - June 2014
Very valuable course delivered by an extraordinary expert in the negotiation field! This course is full of tips and helpful techniques in negotiation.

AJA Pharma

Faisal Dail, Deputy General Manager - Saudi Arabia - June 2014
Excellent! Roger Cox is a very dedicated and experienced trainer! Right number of participants to enable productive and creative workshops.


Sanja Tamas, Licensing and Contract Marketing Manager - Serbia - June 2014
It was worth travelling to attend such professional licensing deal negotiation course and network with such great people.

SAJA Pharmaceuticals

Bahaa Yousef, Licensing Manager - Saudi Arabia - November 2013
Roger Cox's licensing negotiation course is very interesting and focused to the audience needs. I recommend it to junior and senior managers as well.


Giorgio Amadori, Business Development Manager - Italy - November 2013
Roger Cox is a highly experienced business developer and skilled in conveying his knowledge to the audience. Interesting mix of role-plays, case studies and theory in this pharma deal negotiation workshop. Good modeling exercise and negotiation practice too.

Tillotts Pharma

Martin Valks, Senior Alliance Manager - Switzerland - November 2013
Very useful and broad overview to put negotiation skills, do's and don'ts into practice. Excellent trainer and valuable experiences from course fellows. This pharma-biotech negotiation seminar is very recommendable!


Miriam Girones, Director Business Development - The Netherlands - November 2013
Roger is very experienced in all aspects of BD and helped much in understanding what negotiation in pharma licensing comes down to.


Natalie Karres, Senior Manager Business Development - Germany - November 2013
I was very happy with the personalized attention and the quality of this pharmaceutical negotiation course. For people with experience in this field it is a great course to cover all the things necessary for negotiation. For newcomers, it covers all the basics to begin the journey!

Dr Reddy's Laboratories

Sumit Kumar, Associate Director, Business Development - India - November 2013