Testimonials From The Pharma Brand Planning Course

Great exploration of theory! Edouard is very knowledgeable and a great trainer.


Federica Martinelli, Sr Specialist, Global Marketing Operations - Switzerland - November 2019
Thank you very much for two engaging days! The group works are very valuable and the expert is very knowledgeable.

Helsinn Healthcare

Sabrina Perucchi, Marketing Manager - Switzerland - November 2019
The course gives a very good overview of marketing relevant topics and tools for the brand strategy, branding, positioning and implementing of tactics. Mr. Demeire is a very good presenter and teacher.


Eveline Binder, Senior Customer & Brand Manager Oncology - Switzerland - November 2018
I would highly recommend both this course and the marketing for non-marketing functions one. Edouard is a very enthusiastic speaker and the courses gave me very good new learnings for practicing in the real world.

Alexion Pharma Nordics

Jessica Lindberg, Marketing Specialist - Sweden - November 2018
Interesting topics, top speaker! Group works are essential and highly valued.


Jasmin Gruber, Brand Manager OTC - Austria - June 2018
Very relevant to my current responsibilities, and good source for implementation towards making a ‘simple’ brand plan. I highly valued the interactive aspect of the course. Very high quality training course that covers my needs!


Liesbet Broodcoorens, Product Manager Primary Care - Belgium - June 2018
I think the course is the right level of detail for varying levels of employees. By attending, you get the process from start to finish as well as relevant examples.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Lucy Mitchell, Senior Manager, Business Analysis and Insights - United Kingdom - June 2018
Very educated lecturer! Good detailing, clear explanations, relevance in practice. Thanks!


Vladislav Ivanov, Key Account Manager - Bulgaria - June 2018
The course provided me with all the important steps and thoughts and news on Brand Planning applied to a competitive market like Pharma Industry with significant impact on my daily workload by leveraging my interaction within cross-functional teams.


Emmanouil Mavrakos, Country Medical Lead - Greece - December 2017
For a person new to the brand planning process or for a new marketer, the content is very relevant. Standard approaches are very useful, regardless of the target audience. The case study, the group work sessions and sharing best practices with other participants make this course very valuable. Thanks!


Mohammad Etebari, Senior Brand Manager - Germany - December 2017
Curious or expert, if you want to be sure that a plan is built on the right hypothesis, this course is the right one! Thanks Edouard!


Kevin Rodriguez, Business Manager - France - June 2017
Really enjoyed the training! Very engaged and lively, knowledgeable speaker. Nice mix between PowerPoint/flipover notes and group work. Very structured buildup of the process. There was ample time for questions and discussion. Nice meeting room, lots of space.


Mirjam Barendse, Nordic Senior Brand Manager - Sweden - June 2017
A really interesting and highly relevant course, with excellent delivery from Edouard. I would highly recommend this course.

Alexion Pharma

Naomi McCardle, Manager, EMEA Events Excellence - Switzerland - June 2017
It is a very useful and well-structured course. Edouard is a very good teacher. Perfect course! Thank you very much.

Alfa Wassermann

Alessandra Idelmi, Global Product Manager Assistant - Italy - June 2017
Edouard provided us with a course that one would only experience in a top tier business school. Edouard’s course will equip you with the right balance of theory (frameworks, strategies,...) followed by an immersion in real life business cases to highlight the latter. By using non-pharma cases, he stimulates out-of-the-box thinking. I am very satisfied with the course and can only highly recommend it for any level of experience in marketing.

Jasdip Gill, Marketing Consultant - Belgium - June 2017
Especially as a young professional, this course has given me the best foundation possible!


Janine Kopp, Project Manager Oncology - Switzerland - November 2016
Thanks to the very experienced team of organizers and to Edouard Demeire!


Jessica Hansen, Brand Manager - Germany - November 2016
I really enjoyed being surrounded by so many marketing counterparts! Edouard Demeire’s course will reinforce the medical contribution during the patient value brand planning process.


Lode Melis, Medical Manager Immunology - Belgium - November 2016
It really fits daily practice and is a good benchmark for junior and senior brand managers at both local and global level. Highly recommendable!


Maarten van Eijk, Senior International Product Manager - The Netherlands - November 2016
Another expertly presented and highly relevant course, tailored in order to be applicable to everyday practice.

Helsinn Healthcare

Victor Badu, International Brand Manager - Switzerland - November 2016
Very high quality course, aligned with the evolutions of the pharma market.


Davide Roccato, Product Manager - Italy - November 2015
Very dynamic course with an excellent structure and a great trainer. It provides a lot of messages applicable to daily work.


Dragan Stevanovic, Product Manager - Serbia - November 2015
I definitely received enough knowledge to start participating in daily brand planning. I am pleased that I had the opportunity to take part of this course.


Iva Kacheshmarova, Product Specialist - Bulgaria - November 2015
An extremely informative and engaging course, brought to life with real life examples from the industry - very enjoyable!


Lena Matthai, Associate Director - Global Commercial Insights - Switzerland - November 2015
Very high level of knowledge and experience of one of the great experts in Pharma Marketing, presented in an attractive way! Thank you!

Egis Pharmaceuticals

Mariella Mihaylova, Product Manager - Bulgaria - November 2015
Edouard Demeire, expert in Pharma Brand Planning, is experienced and insightful, and delivers a great 2-day training in concepts and essential tools. I am confident I will be able to apply this knowledge to make a concrete brand plan.


Natapol Supsomwong, Sales Manager- Ophthalmology Portfolio - Thailand - November 2015
This course provided me with the knowledge I had been looking for to apply to my work. This is indeed what I wanted to learn! Thank you.


Pradthana Suwan, Senior Sales Manager - Thailand - November 2015
I've enjoyed this course a lot! Edouard Demeire is a very experienced speaker and trainer, giving the information in a structured and interesting way, completing the theory with bright examples, not only in pharma but also in other markets.

UCB Pharma

Anna Lebedeva, Senior Product Manager - Russia - May 2015
This Brand Planning course with Edouard Demeire met my expectations entirely: a very interactive course which gave me the chance to exercise the knowledge. I will go back to my work prepared to meet the challenges of the Customer Marketing Manager position.

Bristol Myers-Squibb

Ioana Bodea, Customer Marketing Manager - Romania - May 2015
Now I truly understand the relevance of the Brand Plan!

Bristol Myers-Squibb

Magda Kiraly, Customer Marketing Manager - Romania - May 2015
Edouard Demeire teaches you to think out of the box, even in a pharma business led by compliance. He used many market examples to break some conventional thoughts/thinking built by this industry.


Marie Neto, Export Coordinator - France - May 2015
Really satisfied with this course! It confirmed our daily marketing works, and it allows us to focus more on customers.


Agathe Legros, Brand Manager - France - November 2014
This course gave me useful insights into brand planning.


Marija Segedin Zuvela, Product Specialist - Croatia - November 2014
Edouard Demeire has a great knowledge and knows how to transfer it into interesting topics. The organization was perfect for me. It was adapted to my needs!

Pierre Fabre

Stefanie Haefele, Marketing Director Dermatology - Germany - November 2014
Very good organization, high expertise, good level of interactivity.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Alina Trandafir, Customer Marketing Manager - Romania - May 2014
Edouard Demeire is very knowledgeable, flexible, and has great theoretical and practical experience. He gives many practical examples and helpful answers. The course is hands-on with a lot of interactive debates.


Dennis Engelke, Senior Manager - Global Commercial Insights - Switzerland - May 2014
Edouard Demeire applied marketing and branding to the 'pharma world' with elegance. Models and frameworks, actively used alongside group work, were good ways of learning; it made us think and participate. I would recommend this course to 'new-to-pharma-people' (like myself; commercially experienced and educated, however with a need to better understand the 'pharma world') or to people with a more scientific/clinical/technical pharma background that would like to better understand marketing/branding theory, practice and tools.

LEO Pharma

Mads Kempel Laursen, Global Patient Solutions Manager AK - Denmark - May 2014
Very well organised, very intensive and focused. High level of experience from the speaker, always showing practical examples of pharma & non-pharma products.

LEO Pharma

Marina Vernet, Product Manager Psoriasis - Switzerland - May 2014
The expert-trainer Edouard Demeire was very good in translating 'old' habits into practical and innovative approaches.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Mihail Antonescu, Customer Marketing Manager - Romania - May 2014
Edouard is a highly engaging speaker who brings in examples also from other industries to apply to pharma.

Merck Serono

Harvinder Kaur, Marketing and Strategy - Germany - October 2013
An excellent and highly effective learning experience. The Pharma Brand Planning Course combines theory with practical exercises, and on top Edouard Demeire's invaluable experience and vast market knowledge.

JNB McCann

Jutta Schubert, Senior Strategic Planner - Germany - October 2013
Edouard is a very skilled trainer with an in-depth knowledge of the pharma industry! He gave us a structured approach to brand planning that we can take home to support us in our marketing roles and further challenge our way of thinking.


Miriam Castro, Product Manager - Portugal - October 2013
Edouard Demeire's course has provided me with insights into marketing and also helped me in understanding the concepts and tools that should be applied.


Mladen Tosic, Marketing & Sales Manager - Serbia - October 2013
C.E.L.forpharma's Brand Planning course focuses on the important points of brand planning and gives a helpful structure.

Reckitt Benckiser

Stephanie Trolliet, Country Manager Pharma - Switzerland - October 2013
Edouard Demeire is a highly knowledgeable trainer who is both engaging and entertaining.


Steve Robertson, Global Brand Manager - Switzerland - October 2013
The pharma marketing course provided the strategic insights of the brand planning process that are sometimes missing in daily routine.

Alfa Wassermann

Giampiero Piccinini, Corporate Product Manager - Italy - June 2013
I would highly recommend the brand planning course with Edouard. Highly relevant to my everyday work and provided lots of inspiration and tools to do things in an improved way.


Tarik Djeddour, VP of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Market Research, Europe - UK - June 2013