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What clinicians need (and want!) to know about the health economic profile of new pharmaceuticals
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Health economic evaluations and Health Technology Assessment are increasingly used in decisions on market access for medicines and medtech solutions. But market access does not automatically mean patient access. In order to enable patients to benefit from truly innovative medicines and medtech solutions, also clinicians need to understand their value and value for money.

Prof. Lieven Annemans, well known for his broad HTA expertise and excellent presentation skills, will provide his insights as to what the principles and methods of health economic evaluations mean for clinicians and patients:


How to talk about value for money
How to align clinical & economic perspectives
How to deal with evidence gaps


With Prof. Lieven Annemans
MSc Health, PhD Econ


  • Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans has participated in more than 400 health economic evaluations in over 20 countries across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas. He has also been involved as an expert in a large number of Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) and is actively involved in HTA on a European level.
  • A unique profile: academic professor, past-president of ISPOR, advisor to policy makers, trainer and consultant.
  • Highly respected for his vast international and cross-therapeutic experience, Lieven is a much sought-after advisor and educator to health policy makers and the innovative healthcare industry.
  • Author of Health economics for non-economists (Pelckmans Pro, 2018).


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