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Designing a Strategic KOL Plan for Success
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Setting up a strategic KOL plan in line with the Medical Plan is a crucial task of the MSL. But how to identify and map KOLs in such a way that it facilitates strategic decision making? How to design a KOL plan that is aligned with and contributes to the success of the overall Medical Plan?

Learn in this webinar from Maaike Addicks how to write a strategic KOL plan that is designed for success:


How to identify and map your KOLs strategically
How to set your KOL goals in line with your Medical Plan
How to ensure your KOL plan is supporting short- AND
    long-term success


With Maaike Addicks, MD


  • Faculty member of CELforPharma since 2017, teaching the popular 2-day course Business Acumen for MSLs and 1-day course Strategic KOL Planning & Engagement..
  • Independent Medical Affairs Consultant with expertise in Strategic Medical Affairs Development, Change Management and Medical Affairs Competency Development.
  • Board Member and currently Chair of the Medical Affairs Committee of the Dutch Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (NVFG)
  • Physician with over 15 years of on-the-job experience in Medical Affairs in mid-size and big pharma, in both headquarters and national affiliates, across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.
  • 10 years of experience in managing Medical Managers, Medical Advisors and MSLs, with both hands-on and strategic experience in Medical Affairs.


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