Recorded Webinar: Pricing and Forecasting Cell and Gene Therapies

Cell and gene therapies present some unique challenges for forecasting and pricing. In this recorded webinar from 13 February 2024, Gary Johnson shares his insights about the most important challenges and how they can be handled:

  • The key ways that cell and gene therapy do and do not differ from more “conventional” therapies.

  • The commercial significance of the fact that cell and gene therapies invariably enter the market with “one foot still in the lab” (i.e. with immature clinical data).

  • The vital importance of “hope-based therapy” (high levels of uncertainty) rather than “evidence-based therapy” and how customers (payers/prescribers) actually act when faced with these uncertainties.

  • ... and more!

Webinar Pricing and Forecasting Cell and Gene Therapies

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