The importance of personas & segmentation for an omnichannel pharma launch

By Ben Harbour & Mark Watson, expert-trainers of Omnichannel Launch Excellence for Medical & Marketing  

An indispensable component of an effective omnichannel pharma launch is making sure you have a deep understanding of your customers.  The use of personas and segmentation helps you categorise individual customers, facilitating a more personalised approach.

The Importance of Personas & Segmentation for an Omnichannel Pharma Launch

There are different dimensions that can be used for segmentation:

  1. Segmentation based on HCP potential

    Recognising that not all HCPs hold equal importance for your new brand launch is crucial. Product adoption will range from potential switchers to steadfast loyalists. The potential of HCPs varies, influenced by practice size, patient load, and related factors.

  2. Segmentation based on HCP attitudes and behaviours

    Attitudes and behaviours are critical in shaping impactful messages and determining interaction preferences. These attitudes are a result of the HCPs’ beliefs about the disease, the product, your company, the preferences of the patient and more.

  3. Segmentation based on digital affinity 

    In an omnichannel pharma launch approach, digital affinity takes centre stage. Understanding HCPs' preferred communication channels forms the cornerstone of effective outreach. Tracking channel usage and predicting preferences at various stages of the adoption journey enables targeted and impactful interactions.

Integrating these insights is pivotal for a successful omnichannel pharma launch. It's about more than just segmenting audiences—it's about understanding their unmet needs, preferences, and aspirations.  By leveraging this holistic understanding, an omnichannel pharma launch becomes more than a mere product introduction. It transforms engagements into cohesive dialogues, fostering enduring connections within the healthcare landscape. Such an approach not only unlocks potential but also cultivates a culture of meaningful interaction and value delivery.



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