How to Avoid Common Mistakes with Conjoint Analysis in Pharma Market & Pricing Research

22 October 2024, 13:00 - 13:45 PM CET (*)

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With pharma forecasting and pricing expert Gary Johnson

These are the classic mistakes with conjoint analysis when used in market and pricing research for pharmaceuticals:

  • Pharma product profiles are far more complex than, say, mobile phone profiles. Using the same type of conjoint (which is often done) can produce disastrous results.

  • Pharma respondents are much more expensive to recruit than, say, cola drinkers. As a result, pharma conjoint sample sizes are often way too small to deliver meaningful results.

  • Pharma market shares are driven by more than just product profiles. Market access, usage across lines of therapy, and many other factors, can be just as important. If these are ignored, conjoint predictions can be useless.

Gary Johnson

Learn from pharma forecasting & pricing expert Gary Johnson about highly effective solutions:

  • Simple alternatives to traditional conjoint methods that handle complex product profiles much more effectively.

  • Alternative approaches that require smaller sample sizes.

  • Leveraging the vast repository of over $50 million worth of published pharma conjoint studies. 

  • Why (unfortunately) you cannot survey ChatGPT instead of doing conjoints (Harvard academics have tried!).

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About Gary Johnson:


  • Expert faculty member of the popular 2-day courses The Pharma Forecasting Course and How to Price Better Than Your Competitors for Successful Market Access.

  • Founder & Chairman of Inpharmation, Europe’s most respected pharma forecasting & pricing specialist consultancy.

  • Has been involved in the pricing and/or forecasting of around half of the new molecular entity launches over the past 5 years.

  • Author of Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals: An Evidence Based Approach and Value Pricing for Market Access: Evidence-Based Pricing for Pharmaceuticals.

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