Designing a Strategic KOL Plan for Success

Setting up a strategic KOL plan in line with the Medical Plan is a crucial task of the MSL. But how to identify and map KOLs in such a way that it facilitates strategic decision making? How to design a KOL plan that is aligned with and contributes to the success of the overall Medical Plan?

In this webinar, dated 25 January 2022, learn from Maaike Addicks, expert-trainer of the popular 1-day courses The Medical Plan and Tactical Implementation: Best Practices and Strategic KOL Planning & Engagement, how to write a strategic KOL plan that is designed for success:

  • How to identify and map your KOLs strategically

  • How to set your KOL goals in line with your Medical Plan

  • How to ensure your KOL plan is supporting short- AND long-term success


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