Testimonials From Omnichannel Launch Excellence in Pharma

Omnichannel Launch Excellence in Pharma was a great full-day experience of insightful learning in a very comprehensive and practical way.


Yelena Urasheva, Product Manager - Kazakhstan - March 2023 (live online course)
An excellent intro into Omnichannel Launch Excellence. The course was very detailed, data supported and had lots of real life examples. Great job Ben, Mark and CELforPharma!

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Torsten Seyfarth, Senior Manager Medical Education - United Kingdom - December 2022 (live online course)
This course facilitates well the step from a strategic to an operational tactical level with many practical examples shared by the expert trainers. They both had great presentation skills and gave a nice mix of plenary, break out exercises and light-hearted relaxation activities to keep everyone engaged and excited to learn throughout the day. I also enjoyed learning from the other people attending the course as they shared their own experiences, challenges and solutions. Thanks CELforPharma!

Eduardo de Moura Correia, Marketing Manager EU & RoW - Switzerland - December 2022 (live online course)
The experts taught us a complex view on a complicated topic in a very understandable way. I give the course top marks and will definitely be recommending it to others to attend. Thank you CELforPharma, Ben and Mark for such inspirational workshop.

Herbacos Recordati

Jindřich Srba, Marketing Manager - Czech Republic - December 2022 (live online course)
Great session, well animated, very inspiring and giving valuable insight to build omnichannel strategies from scratch. Thanks!


Yann Peoc'h, Global Digital Excellence Manager - France - November 2022 (live online course)
Great experience today! I was impressed by the speakers and their knowledge on the topics. Super nice organisation! Great to meet peers sharing the same challenges and being able to learn from them as well.

Daiichi Sankyo

Geraldine Denorre, Customer Engagement Solutions Manager - Mid-Sized Countries (AT, BE, CH, IE, NL, PT, TR) - November 2022 (live online course)