Testimonials From Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists

A very pragmatic and well paced de-mystification of the 'Dark Arts' of Health Economics, providing a good balance of why and how, + some clear tools and techniques to apply.


Faye Dack, Head of Value and Access and New Product Planning - United Kingdom - September 2018
One of the best courses I attended during the decade.


Frank Sima, Business Development & Market Access Manager - Austria - September 2018
If you work in a Pharma company, you need to learn about this topic, otherwise you are not ready to cross-function.


Mohamed Aseed, Sr. Clinical Research Manager - United Arab Emirates - September 2018
Very useful training to get a good sense of HE modelling and strategy. I feel more confident to read HE papers and challenge my HEOR colleagues!


Alice Rouleau, Senior Epidemiology Research Manager - France - March 2018
Prof. Annemans is highly professional with a high level of expertise. I really appreciated the examples from the trainer's experience, making the information much easier to understand. I highly recommend this course!


Alina Nistor, Affiliate Research Manager - Romania - March 2018
Excellent course - Very well structured with an excellent presenter who makes the complex subject of Health Economics engaging and interesting. I am now much better equipped to support health economic submissions within my own organisation.


Ally Hughes, EMEA Brand and Strategic Alliance Director - United Kingdom - March 2018
Concise, clear, lively and includes all needed elements for understanding the health economics basics and more.


Cesar Libanati, Head of Medical External Affairs - Belgium - March 2018
Highly recommended course for anyone who wants to understand HE basics with a very skilled instructor. I feel much more comfortable to start applying the theory into practice.

Philips Volcano

David Galliaerdt, Sr Clinical Development Manager - Belgium - March 2018
Two cost-effective days!

GSK Vaccines

Géraldine Verplancke, Project Manager, Medical & Health Outcomes - Vaccines EUROPE - Belgium - March 2018
This course has been a fantastic overview to Health Economics and already has helped to understand previous comments made by colleagues at work. Prof. Annemans is very engaging and knowledgeable, giving very useful examples to help understand.


Mary Coombs, Senior Manager, Pricing and Contracting - United Kingdom - March 2018
Excellent course, well-delivered, great content, interesting discussions, lovely attendees, fantastic and entertaining speaker/course leader.


Shirley Radforth, Director Pricing and Contracting - United Kingdom - March 2018
Excellent course that highlights the importance of health economics in an engaging and very focused educational way.


Philip Li, Medical Scientist - Switzerland - December 2017
I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is not a health economist but who deals with the Market Access function in his or her role. Perfect way to understand a very complex discipline in two days. Style of teaching is light and fun, while quality is thorough.

LEO Pharma

Veronica Harsono, Pricing and Market Access Manager - Denmark - December 2017
Demystifying the HE 'buzzwords' such as 'Quality of life' or 'QALY' or 'unmet medical need': this is how I would call this course. Jokes aside, I was impressed by the breadth of content that can be covered (in a non-technical language) in 2 days.


Carmen Cucul, EUCAN Business Partner Customer Strategy and Solutions - Switzerland - October 2017
This course provided me with an important view on Health Economics applied to pharma business. It will significantly leverage my discussions with internal CFTs (Market Access, Medical Affairs, and Pricing).

Fresenius Medical Care

Ivo dos Reis Moreira, International Senior Therapy Manager - Germany - October 2017
I enjoyed the pragmatic approach to assessing Health Economics studies and the steps provided to developing Health Economics approaches. Thanks!


Marek Rombel, Global Brand Leader - Switzerland - October 2017
This is a very interesting course from which you will understand all the fundamentals of HE, modelling, and how to create models that are more appealing for the Payer to look at.


Ehab Hanna, Regional Market Access Manager - United Arab Emirates - June 2017
For a complete beginner to Health Economics I found the course to be excellent and very informative. I'm very excited by my new knowledge and the added value I can bring to my role with it.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Humphrey Grimmett, Business Head, Pets (Vet) - United Kingdom - June 2017
Really good insights into HE, very clear and easy to understand.

Novo Nordisk

Zhanna Dyussenbina, Project Manager - Kazakhstan - June 2017
This course is an eye-opener and after 2 days I realize how much I have progressed on the subject. I feel much more confident and look forward to tackling future challenges with this new knowledge-base.

JV Novarka

Dominique Eggermont, Medical Director - Ukraine - June 2017
Lieven Annemans is a thought leader/excellent tutor who taught a non-Health Economist a foundation and a few tricks in 2 days. This is a course with a massive incremental impact.


Andrew Thomlinson, Senior Marketing Manager - Belgium - March 2017
Time well spent, perfect combination of education complemented with real life examples presented in a refreshing way.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Arne Froemder, International Project Leader - Germany - March 2017
This course meets expectations – a summarized introduction variated with exercises to implement the learnings. Thanks to this course I will read HE articles completely different!

Vifor Pharma

Veronique De Valck, Business Development Manager - Belgium - March 2017
Fantastic course, much appreciated. Excellent balance between duration and value.


Didier Weerts, Business Partner International Leadership - Switzerland - December 2016
I followed this course as I was seeking a HE basis to support me in my regulatory expertise. HE becomes more and more important at very early phase development. This HE course will help me to think cross-disciplinary about early problems and understand the position of other departments better.

Isabelle van der Dussen de Kestergat, Regulatory Affairs Professional - Belgium - December 2016
I learned a lot of practical information to better understand HEOR and how it can be applied in new clinical development programs as well as for marketed products. Lieven Annemans is a great instructor and extremely informative. I now feel much more confident to have advanced discussions with the market access team.

Novo Nordisk

Mark Bryant, Senior Global Marketing Director - Switzerland - December 2016
Useful course with many real-life examples and practical recommendations. Gives really good insight into health economics in a clear and easy to understand way.

Accord Healthcare

Olga Diachenko, Market Access Manager Europe - Czech Republic - December 2016
An excellent introduction into the topic of Health Economics, helping to bring HE considerations onto the table during cross-functional discussions.

Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition

Tomasz Rudka, Medical Affairs Manager - Belgium - December 2016
While Lieven is a true health economics expert, he is also capable of explaining this specialized topic in simple wordings - I don’t feel like a dummy anymore!


Joy Müller, Medical Affairs Manager - Belgium - September 2016
Well spent time and money to get the necessary information at hand.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Jürgen Reess, Head of Corp. Division International Project Management - Germany - September 2016
Lieven is an excellent teacher, both engaging and energetic. The course content is easy to understand and the balance between lectures and workshops works very well. I highly recommend it.


Rishi Rattan, Director, International Market Access - Ophthalmology - United Kingdom - September 2016
This course was very interesting and very effective for me to learn the basics of health economic principles and models. It was very well organized and Prof. Lieven Annemans is a key element for the success of this course.


Tiziana Magni, Global Pricing & Market Access Jr Specialist - Italy - September 2016
Health economics can be a scary topic. Prof. Annemans carefully and thoughtfully takes you through the subject with good humor and excellent examples. A very worthwhile investment!


Jeremy Carr, Reimbursement & Market Access Manager - United Kingdom - June 2016
This training is a must-have eye-opener for anyone in the industry who does not directly deal with reimbursement of medicines. Lieven Annemans gives a solid and balanced view on this important shift in healthcare economics, impeccably supported by the C.E.L.forpharma team. Thanks!


Laurence Leclercq, Government Affairs Manager - Belgium - June 2016
This course provided me a kind of missing link in the (re-)thinking of the market access procedure of a new product from a very didactic and dynamic point of view.


Patrick Debbaut, Brand Manager - Belgium - June 2016
Excellent summary of a complex area, delivered by a true expert. I would highly recommend this course!


Ruby Saharan, Senior Medical Advisor - United Kingdom - June 2016
Excellent and highly recommendable course. A gentle but nevertheless deep dive into Health Economics for a scientist like me, working in a Medical department. Lieven has great expertise on the matter and as importantly, has the capacity to pass on information clearly and respond to questions and doubts. Good atmosphere, interactive session. I highly recommend this course!


Dr. Quinten Remijsen, Senior Medical Science Liaison - Belgium - April 2016
Lieven Annemans is a very good speaker. He was able to explain health economics in an easy way.


Laurene Viviani, Manager Early Products - Belgium - April 2016
Interesting introduction into health economics with a great balance of “real” examples and theory. Thanks.


Kristel Santens, Patient Value Mission - Belgium - January 2016
Excellent course to expand your knowledge of health economics - with a top speaker!


Sophie Vandervennet, Medical Science Liaison - Affiliate Drug Safety Officer - Belgium - January 2016
Very well organised training with a highly recommendable professor. Useful examples, easy to understand, and will give a new perspective to my everyday work in the future. Highly recommend the course!


Una Ljubicic, Sr. Commercial & Field Force Manager GEP - Serbia - January 2016
In our consideration to balance supply chain (value chain) environmental impacts with health care and societal benefits/impacts, this course provided a good understanding of health economics principles and methods.


Bert Heirman, Senior Principal Product Stewardship Compliance - Belgium - December 2015
The ideal course to get clarity on the complexity of Health Economics models!


Lies Vanneste, Sr. Business Analyst - Belgium - December 2015
Lieven Annemans made the content very interesting and accessible to the delegates who come from varied backgrounds. I would highly recommend!


Bridget Cunningham, Drug Regulatory Affairs Advisor - Ireland - September 2015
This course provided a great overview of the relevance and reasons for HE assessments. Lieven Annemans presented different approaches to justify the product value and provided explanations of key terminologies, in addition to receiving guidance to improve your understanding of the external HE publications.


Florian Noeske, Market Access Manager - Singapore - September 2015
Great lessons and a very interactive format. Lieven has sound expertise!

Boehringer Ingelheim

Hans-Jürgen Woerle, Vice President Therapeutic Area Medicine Metabolism - Germany - September 2015
This course provides you with the knowledge and opportunity to look at reimbursement dossiers from a payer’s perspective.


Jan Rijkschroeff, Market Access Manager - The Netherlands - September 2015
Health economics was never simple and easy to understand until I attended this course with Lieven Annemans! Fantastic job!

Gilead Sciences

Janine Gaiha, Medical Manager/Scientist - Switzerland - September 2015
This course is for everyone who used to be mystified by health economics. Lieven Annemans is great at de-mystifying a complex subject. His course is complete and detailed, yet never too complicated or boring. He is a great teacher, able to captivate the attention and deliver home the key messages.


Anja Laporte, Medical Manager - Belgium - June 2015
If anyone wants to get a good background on Health Economics, or just better understanding of this topic, Prof. Lieven Annemans is the right teacher. He presents a unique mixture of great professional knowledge, passion, industry experience and a sense of humor. During this 2-day course I received a lot information on Health Economics to digest and to return to in the future. Well-structured and perfectly delivered. Thank you. And a big thank you to C.E.L.forpharma for making this course happen and for the excellent organization.


Slawomir Lazarewicz, Senior Director Global Medical Information - Switzerland - June 2015
This course was exactly what I missed from my professional experience as a marketeer. Now the picture is much clearer, thank you!


Ágnes Várkonyi, Group Therapeutic Area Director - Hungary - February 2015
I got very helpful insights and a good understanding of how health economic principles work. I would highly recommend attending this course with this excellent presenter if you want to brush up your understanding of 'Health Economics'.


Claudia Lentner-Böhm, Head of Health Economics Hospital Care DACH - Germany - February 2015
Prof. Lieven Annemans is highly capable of explaining health economics in a very clear way, comprehensive for people with no experience in health economics. In two days the participant is introduced into this science.

CSL Behring

Erika Maris, Medical Advisor - Belgium - February 2015
This course answered all my questions I had on this topic!


Hugo Vanhecke, Product Manager - Belgium - February 2015
Very good course, well organised, and executed by an excellent expert with a high level of knowledge and great presentation skills. Summarised: this course is good value for money, even though not cheap, this is clearly a cost-effective course!


Kai Strohtmann, Senior Director Commercial Assessment - Germany - February 2015
Very good training with a talented professor. I recommend this course to all people who want to learn more about HEOR.


Baptiste Dupuy, EU Brand Manager - France - December 2014
Very helpful for non-health-economists. Steep learning curve in 2 days!


Falko Heinze, Global Brand Manager - Germany - December 2014
One of the best trainings I've ever attended! Lieven Annemans delivers and trains heavy and complex theories in an easy to follow and entertaining way. Great course!


Folma Maren Kiser, Brand Manager - Germany - December 2014
Great training, very well organised, balanced and adapted to the audience. Clearly presented and very helpful to current pharma employees!

Eli Lilly

Milena Randjelovic, PRA and Sales Manager - Serbia - December 2014
A great course which gives a great overview of HE in a clean & understandable way. Highly recommended for all people involved in healthcare. I hope to be able to convince my colleagues to join in! Thank you very much for a great learning experience.

GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

Rik Quaghebeur, Senior Manager Tender, Pricing & Allocations - Belgium - December 2014
This course is well-designed and structured for academic participants who wish to get a concise intro to Health Economics.

University of Bergen

Sumathi Subramaniam, Senior Advisor for Externally Financed Research, Division of Research Administration - Norway - December 2014
Excellent introduction to pharmacoeconomics with a very knowledgeable expert. Enlightening & entertaining!


Gunnar Schroefel, Global Advocacy Lead - Germany - May 2014
A very nice introductory course on HE. Dr. Annemans is very passionate about the topic and provides very practical examples.


Irmarie Reyes-Rivera, Health Economic Statistician - Switzerland - May 2014