About Us

CELforPharma stands for Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our mission is to help managers in the pharma (and related) industry take better decisions in critical business processes that affect the success of their products. We do this by equipping managers with state-of-the-art competencies they can learn from true experts.

The company was founded in 2005 by Luc De Langhe and Edouard Demeire after they discovered an interesting niche in pharma’s landscape for executive training: short duration courses by esteemed experts on business-critical topics, i.e. topics that impact business growth and/or strategic decisions.


What We Do

CELforPharma organises open enrolment and in-house training courses on business critical competencies specific to the pharma industry and related sectors. All of our courses are designed with, and taught by, an exclusive network of experts who are internationally recognised by their peers as opinion leaders in their field of expertise. These experts are sought-after by the industry for complex consulting projects and therefore have limited time for public speaking.


Who Attends Our Executive Training Courses

CELforPharma’s executive education courses are attended by pharma, biotech and other life science industry professionals. While the majority of our delegates are from Europe, many come from beyond: USA, Middle & Far East, Russia, Turkey etc.

Therefore, when you decide to attend one of our short-duration courses, you will additionally benefit from interacting with pharma peers from other geographical and therapeutic markets, as well as with executives from other industry sectors such as biotech, medical devices, diagnostics and professional services.


How We Fit in the Pharma Industry

The research-based pharmaceutical industry is squeezed between an external threat and an internal weakness:

The Threat: healthcare systems make it increasingly difficult to secure reimbursement and patient access for new pharmaceuticals at a viable price.

The Weakness: the industry’s overall R&D productivity is, despite a very dynamic biotech industry, insufficient to fill the pipelines with truly innovative compounds with blockbuster potential.

To address this strategic challenge, the industry needs to equip executives with new competencies to:

  • Close more and better business development and licensing deals in R&D
  • Optimise market access for new brands
  • Leverage the power of the internet
  • Improve patient engagement and patient adherence to therapy
  • Select the best lifecycle management strategies for established/mature brands


Thus, we have developed our courses to help address these challenges and teach new competencies needed to succeed.  Our course topics include:


Market Access, Pricing & Health Economics


Medical Affairs


Strategic Pharma Marketing


Business Development & Licensing