Artificial Intelligence: How Effective is it for Pharma Pricing and Forecasting?

Knowing What Works. Knowing What is Just Hype.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is routinely being used in pharma R&D. But how effective is it for pharma pricing and forecasting? It turns out that AI can be helpful. But, we need to use it with care.

In this webinar, dated 7 November 2023, you can learn from Gary Johnson, faculty member of CELforPharma's The Pharma Forecasting Course and How to Price Better Than Your Competitors for Successful Market Access:

  • Understand why large language models (like ChatGPT) are fundamentally different to the predictive models used in forecasting and pricing.

  • Understand the “AI Cube” that tells you whether AI is likely to prove useful or not in your particular circumstances.

  • Learn the “three Cs” that allow successful deployment of AI: Curation. Combination. Calibration. 


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