Selecting the right MSL tactics based on Reach & Impact

By Maaike Addicks, MD, expert-trainer of the Strategic Thinking & Tactical Planning for MSLs course.

Each MSL has a toolbox filled to the brim with useful, value adding, impactful tactics. Advisory Boards, CME and symposia are the most well-known, but there are many other activities that Medical Affairs can utilise to have a positive impact on healthcare and the success of the company.

But how do you decide which of those tactics to use in which situation? In her 2-day course Strategic Thinking & Tactical Planning for MSLs, Maaike Addicks, MD advises participants to use the Impact/Reach Matrix.

Download your copy of this handy 5-page guide that explains the impact/reach matrix and how it will help you to select the right MSL tactic for your objective. It also gives a short explanation of the various Medical Affairs tactics.   

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Download: Selecting the right MSL tactics based on Reach & Impact



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