Omnichannel Launch Excellence: only one chance to get it right!

By Ben Harbour & Mark Watson, expert-trainers of Omnichannel Launch Excellence for Medical & Marketing  

For medical and commercial pharma staff, many of whom have never launched a medicine before, the product landscape looks increasingly crowded – and unforgiving!

Indeed, 40% of worldwide launches fail to meet their 2-year sales forecast and 80% of all launches critically depend on the first six months to determine their long-term success. 

Furthermore, the pandemic has turbocharged physicians’ and other key stakeholders’ omnichannel channel & content affinities and customer experience expectations, complicating things even more. Evidence shows that only 35% of EU4+UK specialists are satisfied with pharma’s omnichannel offerings at launch. And only 39% of European biopharma leaders say they leverage fresh customer insights when planning their post-covid go-to-market launch blueprint (Across Health Maturometer 2022).

Omnichannel Launch Excellence: only one chance to get it right!

Building on their deep omnichannel and launch expertise, Across Health experts have determined four key success factors for Omnichannel Launch Excellence:

  1. Start early (Medical)
  2. Decrease time to critical frequency by leveraging omnichannel (Commercial)
  3. Co-create global omnichannel blueprint to maximise local adoption and impact
  4. Track for success

Attend CELforPharma’s 1-day Omnichannel Launch Excellence for Medical & Marketing course to learn how to design and execute a successful evidence-based omnichannel customer engagement launch strategy. In the course, each of the key success factors is addressed with highly actionable and specific outputs, enriched with case studies and hands-on exercises.



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