The essence of global-to-local launch activation in pharma

By Jo Lopez, expert-trainer of the Effectively Leading Country Launches in Pharma course.


The journey from a global pharma launch strategy to local execution is often filled with challenges. This is where the concept of global-to-local launch activation emerges as a beacon of guidance and collaboration, bridging the gap between overarching global brand ambitions and on-the-ground realities in individual countries.

Understanding Global-to-Local Launch Activation 

Global-to-local launch activation is the pivotal moment when country operational planning for a new pharmaceutical launch takes flight. It serves as the catalyst, equipping country cross-functional teams and senior leaders with the essential information needed to craft a localised launch plan tailored to their market dynamics. This activation phase acts as a crucial bridge, connecting global aspirations with local implementation and capabilities, ensuring that the launch strategy is effectively contextualised and executed flawlessly across diverse geographical landscapes.

Supporting Launch Excellence at the Country Level 

At its core, launch activation is a strategic initiative aimed at fostering Launch Excellence at the country level. By providing country teams with comprehensive insights into global strategies and expectations, it ensures alignment and clarity, thereby maximising the potential for launch success. This proactive approach levels the playing field, empowering local teams to contribute effectively and collaboratively towards the common goal. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of cross-functional teams, launch activation creates a cohesive framework that enables countries to operationalise global strategy and navigate their particular market dynamics, and stakeholder landscapes with agility and precision.

The Essence of Global-to-Local Launch Activation in Pharma

The Key Ingredients for Success

Central to the success of global-to-local launch activation is open and transparent communication. This facilitates the identification and resolution of potential issues, ensuring a smooth transition from global strategy to local execution.
The timing of activation is crucial, ideally coinciding with the disclosure of pivotal trial results, providing the necessary momentum for country teams to kickstart their planning process. By fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, launch activation encourages innovation and adaptability, enabling countries to capitalise on emerging opportunities and navigate unforeseen challenges with resilience and agility.

Implementing Global-to-Local Launch Activation

The implementation of global-to-local launch activation typically takes the form of workshops, either conducted face-to-face or virtually. These workshops bring together key stakeholders including Commercial Brand Leads, Medical Affairs Leads, Market Access Leads, Business Insights, and Omnichannel Leads, among others. By fostering collaboration and cross-functional dialogue, these sessions lay the groundwork for effective launch planning and execution. Through interactive discussions, scenario planning, and knowledge-sharing sessions, country teams gain valuable insights into global strategies, market dynamics, and stakeholder expectations, enabling them to develop comprehensive launch plans that are tailored to their unique market needs and realities.

Operationalising Global Strategy at the Local Level

Post-launch activation, individual countries are responsible to operationalise the global strategy and translate it into a localised launch plan. This involves a careful blend of adaptation and alignment, ensuring that global objectives are seamlessly integrated with local market dynamics and regulatory requirements. By leveraging the insights gained during the activation phase, countries can develop targeted launch strategies that resonate with local stakeholders, differentiate their brand in the market, and drive adoption and uptake. Moreover, ongoing communication and collaboration between global and local teams are essential to ensure alignment, monitor progress, and address any emerging challenges or opportunities in a timely manner.



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