Agile Country-level Resource Optimisation Across a Pharma Portfolio & Across Brand Tactics

5 November 2024, 13:00 - 13:45 PM CET (*)

Free Educational Webinar
With pharma marketing expert Edouard Demeire

Many pharma country affiliates face challenges in achieving an optimal resource allocation because of multiple reasons:

  1. Opportunities in a country differ from global market situations (e.g. access).

  2. Agility requires frequent revisions, which often leads to ‘numeric bureaucracy’.

  3. The sum of brand level optimal resourcing can exceed affiliate level affordability.

  4. Top-down financial resource allocation opposes empowerment of local brand teams.

  5. Many companies have a broad and complex portfolio of brands with smaller opportunities for each, increasing resource allocation complexity.

  6. An optimal set of infield tactics for one therapy/market is not optimal for another. 

Edouard Demeire

In this educational webinar Edouard Demeire will offer a practical process with decision support tools to optimise affiliate-level resource allocation, demonstrated with case examples. By attending you will learn how to optimally:

  • Allocate resources in a country across brands in an agile way.

  • Allocate resources across tactics at brand level, ex ante and ex post.

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About Edouard Demeire:


  • Expert faculty member of the popular 2-day The Pharma Brand Planning Course.

  • Visiting Professor at CEDEP (INSEAD) and author of KICCASS PHARMA – Keep it Customer Centric, Agile & Strategically Simple In Pharma & Diagnostic Management (2020).

  • Contributed to the design of Roche’s and Novartis’ brand planning processes and runs courses for marketing and non-marketing audiences worldwide.

  • Developed business simulations and decision support tools for the healthcare industry and trained tens of thousands of executives worldwide on pharma marketing strategy since 1990. 

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