The 3 key elements to a successful omnichannel launch

The below slide from Omnichannel Launch Excellence for Medical & Marketing, by Ben Harbour & Mark Watson, gives a handy overview of the 3 key elements of a successful omnichannel launch. Both Medical Affairs and Commercial play a vital role and it is important that everyone has a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities so that chaos and frustration are avoided. 

The 3 Key Elements to a Successful Omnichannel Launch
  1. Omnichannel Market Shaping

    Starting from phase III, the generation of outputs will be guided by Medical Affairs teams focused on disseminating knowledge through educational materials. Leveraging omnichannel approaches can enhance the reach and effectiveness of these initiatives, going beyond conventional dissemination methods. This, in turn, facilitates data collection to enhance insights into the audience while also contributing to the improvement of market readiness for the subsequent stage.

  2. High Performing Product Launch

    Around regulatory submission the commercial team would normally become active. Augmenting the traditional approach with Omnichannel can significantly reduce the time to critical frequency where the acceptance of key messages takes hold among your audience and their peers.

  3. Global To Local Execution

    What is equally important is to ensure that the overarching global strategy is fit for purpose for each of your launch markets. Ideally you co-create with different markets from the outset, taking into consideration different market capabilities and dynamics. By creating several sub-regional strategy blueprints, you can fit market archetypes more closely.



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