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1) Which of the following is NOT an extrapolation technique?
A. Regression
B. Random walk
C. English curve
D. Exponential smoothing

2) Which forecasting technique measures the likeability of different product profiles by assuming that products have different performance levels on a number of key attributes?


13 Checkpoints to critically assess the quality of your brand marketing plans

The quality of a brand marketing plan depends on the quality of each part, and not on the sum of all parts. Like a chain, its strength lies in the weakest link. Quite often there is a gap between situation analysis and strategy formulation on the one hand, and tactics and actions on the other hand. A good brand marketing plan …

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Video: Prof. John Weinman explains the patient non-adherence problem and Pharma’s role


Expert Articles

Towards a new concept: “Value Informed and Affordable” prices for medicines

By Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans 

At the OECD Ministerial Meeting on ‘Next Generation of Health Reforms’ (17January 2017), Ministers concluded that several new generation treatments are on the one hand very effective but are on the other hand very costly and have … 

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