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Why pharma companies should invest more in Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the digital tactics discussed in The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course, because it is the most important channel to reach patients. As expert faculty members Jan Keuppens & Vladimir Rogiers say:

“In disease awareness & patient activation SEARCH IS KING !”

The below slide shows the difference between Search Engine Advertising (bought media) and Search Engine Optimisation (earned media).


Investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is important because, when a patient googles for information, the top 3 websites that appear organically will enjoy over 50% of the traffic. In addition, regular website listings (SEO side) are perceived as being credible and are much more likely to be clicked on than Google Ads (SEA).

Investing in SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is necessary if obtaining a top rank position in organic search proves to be difficult, or if you want to create more targeted “surround sound” opportunities to connect with patients. As you only pay per click (ie, pay for performance), you get the extra “views” for free.

The following insightful slide shows how important google search is for patients when they seek health information:


Last update: August 2021


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