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Video: Prof. John Weinman explains the patient non-adherence problem and Pharma’s role

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By Prof. John Weinman, expert-trainer of the Principles of Patient Adherence & Support Solutions course.


The adherence problem is massive! About 40 to 50% of patients with a long term condition are non-adherent to treatment, with some variation, and the level of non-adherence for preventive medicine is even worse.

Prof. John Weinman is recognized as one of the founders of modern health psychology. His main research areas are cognition and health, communication and decision-making in healthcare, and self-regulation and self-management in chronic illness.  In this interview he talks about the factors that affect non-adherence, of which the conscious motivational factors are the single most important group of factors. He also explains pharma’s role to address this problem and what the future holds. 

Last update: February 2017