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Video: Prof. Brian D. Smith on using evolutionary science to transform your pharma or medtech business model

By Prof. Dr. Brian D. Smith, expert-trainer of the Transforming Your Pharma & Medtech Business Model course.

Adapting your business model to our changing market is a challenging problem. What sort of science can guide us?

In this short, informative video, one of a series on Youtube, Professor Brian D Smith describes how Darwinian evolution can help you to understand the pressures on your current business model, identify how it must change and design a practical, actionable transformation programme. The video gives just a taste of what is covered in our course Transforming Your Pharma & Medtech Business Model - Choosing, Designing and Building from 26 Emerging Alternatives.

Prof. Smith is the world’s leading authority on the evolution of the life science industry and leads the only research group in the world that applies evolutionary economics to the life science sector.


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Last update: February 2017