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Video: How to populate Patient FLOWs and Patient JOURNEYs with data

By Edouard Demeire, expert-trainer of The Pharma Brand Planning Course.

In a previous video, Edouard Demeire explains the differences between Patient FLOWs and Patient JOURNEYs and how they can be used for strategic and tactical decisions in market access, medical affairs and commercial functions. With the growth of high-value specialty care medicines, all pharma executives in these functions should know the difference because the insights from a Patient JOURNEY are invaluable!

The next question is how to populate these smart decision-support tools with data?

In the video below, Edouard explains 11 different Patient FLOW data sources for a cancer drug. He then focuses on the challenges for obtaining data to populate the Patient JOURNEY. It will take 7+ minutes of your time, but those will be minutes well spent … because these analytic tools are immensely valuable for a brand’s success!

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Last update: August 2021