Test your knowledge of digital trends in Medical Affairs and its environment

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1) What % of EU5 Healthcare Professionals prefer a mix of on- and off-line medical offerings (i.e multichannel)?

A. 25+%   B. 50+%   C. 75+%
(Source: Navigator 2017)

2) What statement is true when comparing the impact of eMedical tactics vs the impact of a Rep with regards to clinical decision making?

A. Impact of eMedical tactics tends to be higher than a rep visit
B. Impact of a rep tends to be higher than eMedical tactics
C. Impact for both channels is comparable
(Source: Navigator 2017)

3) What is the most popular time for HCPs to access medical information online (e.g. educational webinars)?

A. Evening hours on workdays
B. During office hours
C. Weekends
(Source: Evidence Based Multichannel - The Missing Manual for Pharma Marketers)

4) What is a good engagement metric for educational webinars?

A. Total length of the webinar
B. Average viewing duration
C. Number of registrants
(Source: Evidence Based Multichannel - The Missing Manual for Pharma Marketers)

5) When offering an on-demand recording of a live webinar, the impact on participation levels is:

A. Total participation levels will only increase marginally
B. Total participation levels can be doubled
C. Total participation levels can be tripled
(Source: Evidence Based Multichannel - The Missing Manual for Pharma Marketers)

6) How many more tweets were there about ASCO Oncology congress in 2016 compared to 2011?

A. 5 times   B. 9 times   C. 15 times
(Source: http://www.ascopost.com/News/55691)

7) What % of pharma companies have adopted online medical education and web conferences as a standard practice?

A. 22%   B. 43%   C. 65%
(Source: Maturometer 2017)

8) What % of European pharma companies offer eMSL (remote MSL engagement) services to HCPs?

A. 4%   B. 12%   C. 20%
(Source: Maturometer 2017)

9) On average, what % of Medical Affairs budget is spent on digital initiatives?

A. 13%   B. 18%   C. 23%
(Source: Maturometer 2017)

10) What is the average combined reach of the top 3 eMedical pharma owned channels (e.g. webinar, eMedical education …) in EU5?

A. 22%   B. 30%   C. 45%
(Source: Navigator 2017)

Answers: B - A - A - B - B - B - B - B - A - A

Last update: September 2017