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The 4 health consumer types and their behaviour

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By Beverly Smet, expert-trainer of The Multi-Channel Patient Engagement Course.

As all pharma companies are transforming to become patient-centric, you might be interested to learn about the following typology of health consumers. The typology is based on research conducted by Insites Consulting and has proven to be very useful since, especially with regard to designing the most effective communication channels for engaging patients and keeping them on therapy. Three dimensions have been identified to be relevant in this typology: (1) Degree of healthy lifestyle – (2) Degree of involvement in one’s own health – (3) Degree of openness for alternative points of view.

Interested to know about the 4 health consumer types and each type’s behavior with regard to health management and communication? Do you know which type you are?


The Non-Conformist





The Healthy Laidback





The Hedonist





The Health Expert



Last update: June 2018

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