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2 Videos with Prof. Lieven Annemans explaining fundamental concepts in health economics:

Below are 2 videos in which you can see Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans in action, explaining to a non-pharma audience some general principles of health economics and HTA. These videos will give you a taste of how he teaches his 2-day Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists course and his 1-day The Health Technology Assessment Course to our audiences.

Video 1 – TEDx presentation (Feb 2019) in which Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans shares how he explained to his neighbour what health economists do and what the societal value of health economics is:

Video 2 – TEDx presentation (Jan 2016) in which Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans explains the value of health from a societal perspective: “How much money do we want to spend on our health?”

Last update: April 2019


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