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10 things to do for a successful pharma launch

By Kurt Arco, expert-trainer of the Strategy & Planning for Commercial Launch Success in Pharma course.

It is not easy to get the commercial launch of a new pharma brand right, but if you succeed, it is also one of the most rewarding assignments as a brand manager!

From his broad and deep experience in pharma product launches, CELforPharma’s faculty member Kurt Arco has distilled 10 things you MUST do for a successful launch. They are listed below:


  1. Precisely defining the market opportunity- size, market segments
  2. Having a clear, compelling value proposition
  3. Establish and maintain profitable, competitive pricing throughout product/ brand lifecycle
  4. Developing the entry strategy with milestones and KPIs
  5. Understanding the patient journey and its influencers and influences
  6. Identify key stakeholders and build advocates to endorse brand early on (both KOL and guideline endorsement)
  7. Improve spontaneous awareness of brand early & build the right communication channel and leverage omnichannel strategies to reach all stakeholders (includes potential prescribers, payers, patients…)
  8. Re-affirm the customer’s positive experiences of the brand after trial(s)
  9. Getting alignment in the organisation
  10. Launch execution: understanding the steps to getting revenue & building the tools and programs to get there


Last update: September 2022

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