Flexible Team Training Programme

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Pharma faces an interconnected world of external stakeholders who need a pharma company to operate as an integrated entity, not as an organisation with functional silos.

All TEAMS that interface with healthcare markets should therefore be able to think from the market’s perspective and act cross-functionally. This requires:

training beyond one’s own area of functional expertise
new competencies that address latest healthcare market developments
training by top-experts who can explain complex matters to all executive profiles
an organisation-wide training approach and investment

… which is where C.E.L.forPharma – The Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry – steps in with Flexible Team Training Programmes.

C.E.L.forPharma is the only pharma-focused international training institute (in the world!) that offers overview, focused and cross-functional training courses led by industry experts across the 4 main market-facing roles:


Take advantage of our Flexible Team Training Programme which allows you to cost-effectively book a number of course days for a pre-determined period.

For example:

10 course days to be selected from C.E.L.forPharma's 20 courses topics (*)

12.465 Euros (excl VAT)

This enables you to address the competency gaps within or across teams and have them trained face-to-face by top-notch international experts on the market-oriented competencies that your organisation needs to be successful in today’s complex healthcare market.

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* Topics include: