Testimonials From Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing for Non-Marketing Functions

Edouard Demeire provided a good overview of the marketing function and of the marketing techniques used in pharma. It was impressive to see how professionalising sales reps reports can help to shape and adjust strategy and HCP segmentation. I also learnt from real-life examples from the various companies represented in the room. Very useful course!

LEO Pharma

Dr. Laura Berger, Medical Director - Switzerland - May 2016
I really liked this Pharma Marketing for Non-Marketers course, even though it was a lot of information in 2 days. Edouard Demeire is fantastic, the audience was interesting and there was a good balance between theory and exercises – I learnt a lot, thanks!


Michele Cane, Business Excellence Manager - Switzerland - May 2016
Edouard Demeire is an excellent instructor with vast expertise in pharmaceutical marketing!


Mohamed Eldessouki, Finance Director - Egypt - May 2016
Very compact pharma marketing course with extensive field expertise of the trainer, very welcoming and friendly staff, within a comfortable learning environment!

Veeva Systems

Dr. Aysel Müezzinler, Senior Consultant - Germany - May 2016