Testimonials From Generating RWE for Optimising Market Access

Excellent course for those who are new to RWE or wanting more experience in understanding the value of RWE studies and how to begin the process of designing a study. The experts were very knowledgeable on the subject and lots of real-life case studies were used throughout to help understand. Excellent course and I would highly recommend.


Chris McCabe, Medical Strategy Lead - United Kingdom - November 2021 (live online course)
The training was very easy to understand and very well presented by Paul and Graham. Lots of real examples from the pharma industry - very descriptive! I liked the workshop part with the follow up. And in general, the training helped to structure information on that topic and gave an update on the regulatory state of art.


Yulia Kolontareva, Medical Lead - Russian Federation - November 2021 (live online course)
Very interesting training with key information on RWD and RWE. The management of this training is fantastic.

Pierre Fabre

Asmaa Zkik, Oncology RWE Project Lead - France - November 2021 (live online course)
I enjoyed the course - knowledgeable, engaging presenters/facilitators, good use of case studies and the right amount of interaction. I learned a lot.

GW Pharmaceuticals

Catherine Singfield, Senior Medical Director, International Medical - United Kingdom - November 2021 (live online course)
Very valuable introduction to RWE.


Geert Huyskens, Medical Lead Oncology - Belgium - November 2021 (live online course)
Great course! Excellent presenters sharing broad experience in RWE!


Sofie Huybrechts, Sr Medical Manager - Belgium - November 2021 (live online course)
This is a course I would definitely recommend and is perfect for anyone who wants to find tools to support RWE planning and how to present its importance to Leadership Team. The experts shared great examples throughout the day and showed they are clearly experts on the topics presented. I found the interaction with the other participants really useful during discussions and the exercise as we got to learn from each other as well as the experts. Nice job by CELforPharma in preparing and supporting the course, well done!

Gilead Sciences

Ross Hamilton-Shaw, Medical Scientist - United Kingdom - June 2021 (live online course)
Interactive and informative course on RWE. I would recommend it to anyone hoping to gain more insight into the world of RWE!

GW Pharmaceuticals

Ann Watkins, Medical Affairs Senior Manager - United Kingdom - June 2021 (live online course)
Very well-packaged information, delivered in a very friendly and efficient manner.

Nestlé Health Science

Marion Kvasz, Global Market Access and Pricing Lead - Switzerland - June 2021 (live online course)
Very valuable course for RWE beginners or executives with some basic knowledge.

LEO Pharma

Tariq Rehman, Global Senior Manager Market Access and Pricing - United Kingdom - June 2021 (live online course)
Clear and insightful training session. High level of expertise of speakers!


Catherine Martre, Head of Global Market Access - France - October 2020 (live online course)
All case studies that are presented were very supportive and have been used properly for illustration purposes by the experts.


Islam Yassin, Market Access Manager - Saudi Arabia - October 2020 (live online course)
Great training on ONLY 1 day to better understand the importance of RWE in the new Pharma World. Clear vision of the priorities & the framework to be able to generate RWE with a cross-functional team ... .


Vincent Verbruggen, Market Access & Stakeholders Manager BeNeLux - Belgium - October 2020 (live online course)
It's been an excellent course, with good insights, excellent content, and slides that will be useful guides when determining franchise strategies.


Emma Riley, Medical Science Liaison - United Kingdom - November 2019 (face-to-face course)
Good mix between theory and practical examples.


France Ferrière, Medical & Science Partner - Belgium - November 2019 (face-to-face course)
Up to date with latest developments in different areas as in regulatory, marketing, pricing and reimbursement, digital areas.

Johnson & Johnson

Veronica Zilli, Senior Manager Government Affairs & Policy - Belgium - November 2019 (face-to-face course)