Testimonials From Generating RWE for Optimising Market Access

Clear and insightful training session. High level of expertise of speakers!


Catherine Martre, Head of Global Market Access - France - October 2020 (live online course)
All case studies that are presented were very supportive and have been used properly for illustration purposes by the experts.


Islam Yassin, Market Access Manager - Saudi Arabia - October 2020 (live online course)
Great training on ONLY 1 day to better understand the importance of RWE in the new Pharma World. Clear vision of the priorities & the framework to be able to generate RWE with a cross-functional team ... .


Vincent Verbruggen, Market Access & Stakeholders Manager BeNeLux - Belgium - October 2020 (live online course)
It's been an excellent course, with good insights, excellent content, and slides that will be useful guides when determining franchise strategies.


Emma Riley, Medical Science Liaison - United Kingdom - November 2019 (face-to-face course)
Good mix between theory and practical examples.


France Ferrière, Medical & Science Partner - Belgium - November 2019 (face-to-face course)
Up to date with latest developments in different areas as in regulatory, marketing, pricing and reimbursement, digital areas.

Johnson & Johnson

Veronica Zilli, Senior Manager Government Affairs & Policy - Belgium - November 2019 (face-to-face course)