Testimonials From Business Acumen for Medical Science Liaisons

Very interactive course on the diverse role of MSLs with an excellent trainer, 2 days well spent.


I. Verlinden, Sr. Medical Liaison Manager - Belgium - May 2019
Fantastic course! You get many practical tips and tricks for MSLs. The module on how the MSL can add value was very inspiring. New ideas came up. Thanks.


Laura Walrave, Medical Science Liaison - Belgium - May 2019
Very valuable training, looking forward to sharing the knowledge with my colleagues.


Ursula Collins, Medical Information Scientist and Project Specialist - Ireland - May 2019
The course was well organised, and it allowed inexperienced people to discover the world of MSLs. I believe this course could be useful for experienced MSLs too (as a refresher).

PaxVax Berna

Danilo Presotto, Medical Communication Specialist - Switzerland - December 2018
Great course for a beginner MSL! Perfect to learn more about the MSL position and what options/actions we can take to do our job. Interactions and discussion very much appreciated.


Joris Trommelen, Medical Science Liaison - Netherlands - December 2018
A training that gives you more insights in the function/role of the MSL.


Pleun van der Plank, Medical Science Liaison - Netherlands - December 2018
I would like to thank the expert. She was very good and spoke fluent, clear English. We learned a lot during the two days!


Sofiane Baghou, Medical Manager for Maghreb Region (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco) - Algeria - December 2018
Great course on the role of the MSL with a lot of useful tips and tricks, even for the more experienced MSL.


Leen de Jong, Medical Science Liaison - Netherlands - December 2018
It is a very useful training which organises the MSL role today in an exceptional manner. Maaike Addicks has deep knowledge of the role, both in theory and in a practical manner. The whole course was very well organized.


Eleftherios Siasakos, Medical Science Liaison - Greece - June 2018
This training was really well organised. All attendees can actively join every session and share their opinion positively. Also, this is a good opportunity to make a new network in the MSL field, which was really important for me. Thank you, Maaike and Sarah, for your organisation.

ONO Pharma

Takaaki Nakamura, Clinical Science Manager - United Kingdom - June 2018
As someone looking to get into the MSL field, this course gives an excellent overview of the role, practical methods and effective tactics. This information is hard to find elsewhere and I feel I now have a much more complete knowledge of the MSL role.

University of Liverpool

Christopher Clarke, Postdoctoral Research Associate - United Kingdom - June 2018
Really well-organized training. Interesting topics, useful with a nice audience. Nice to share different points of view. I leave the training knowing precisely what is my function!

LEO Pharma

Emily Triffaux, Medical Science Liaison Thrombosis Benelux - Belgium - November 2017
An excellent course, informative & engaging! It was also a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, and to network.

Daiichi Sankyo

Rainy Marsh, Medical Science Liaison - United Kingdom - November 2017
Anyone starting their career in medical affairs or MSLs should come to this course! It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of ways of working in the commercial sector and how to be effective and show your added value to your company.


Rebecca Stevenson, Medical Director - United Kingdom - November 2017
As Charles Darwin said: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Thank you for keeping us alive in the ever-changing environment of the pharma industry!


Ada Adela Ostovic, Medical Science Liaison - Croatia - November 2017
As a starting MSL, new in medical affairs, this course was highly valuable for me: the background on medical affairs, the role as MSL, interactions with internal and external stakeholders, as well as the interaction with the attendees on the course. I can highly recommend this course!


Wineke Bakker, Medical Science Liaison - The Netherlands - November 2017