Testimonials From Improve Reputation for Better Results in Pharma

This course illustrates the value a good reputation can bring to the company. The real life examples of the trainer and the testimonials of the participants inspire me to match even more the expectations of the stakeholders.


Bart Torbeyns, Head Public Affairs Belgium-Luxembourg - Belgium - December 2016
It's clear that Stefan is a real expert in the 'Reputation' domain. This course has provided me with an excellent introduction into the dynamics of a company's reputation and how to manage it. I will for sure apply the lessons learned in this course in my future approach towards the stakeholders (regulators + payers).

Isabelle van der Dussen de Kestergat, Regulatory Affairs Professional - Belgium - December 2016
This course had the perfect size for discussions. Stefan is a true expert and good presenter. His course confirmed we are on the right track with measuring our company’s reputation, and offers expert advice for the action plan we will need to apply the findings.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Ralf Jansen, Teamleader Business Analysis Primary Care - Germany - December 2016