Testimonials From Personalising Patient Experiences Using Behavioural Science

Very interesting. Many thanks to the experts for having provided us so many insights about adherence.

Roche Diabetes Care

Ekatarina Chernyakova, IDS Group Leader - Russia - November 2018
Very interesting and relevant topic! The course provided a great overview of applicable behavioural science, an excellent framework to assess beliefs that drive non-adherent behaviours, and a good introduction to practical solutions (personalised patient support programs) to improve adherence. The speakers were engaging and are true experts in the field.


Kuyler Doyle, Director, New Product Planning - Belgium - November 2018
This C.E.L.forpharma training course has been one of the most interesting, interactive, needs-centric training I have ever attended. Thanks to the organizing team and the highly experienced trainers.

Phoenix Clinical Research

Maha Dakhloul, Clinical Operations Manager - Lebanon - November 2018
Really good course to learn the basic principles regarding PSP programs. Relevant topics, experienced speakers, and a complete program!


Amanda Wildenburg, Lead Patient Services - The Netherlands - November 2017
A useful course giving a deep understanding of the main reasons behind a specific patient behavior.


Paolo Reggio, Sr. Medical Manager Vaccines - Italy - November 2017
It is a good overview and really answers the key questions when implementing PSP. It is a very interactive course supported by a lot of evidence and a lot of experience sharing.


Alexis Courtial, EMEA Healthcare Solution Lead - France - September 2017
A great comprehensive overview of the drivers of non-adherence. This course should now be delivered at the university of medicine & pharmacy. Great speakers!!!


Olivier Gryson, Head of Digital Marketing - France - September 2017
Great intro into patient adherence and framework into designing a PSP. I really enjoyed the day and meeting other delegates to get their experience in their own companies.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Pratik Thakkar, Medical Advisor - United Kingdom - September 2017
This course is invaluable for anyone who is designing a PSP which is both patient and HCP centric. The content is relevant, focused, and perfectly pitched by people with experience in DOING!


Stephen Oddy, Sales and Marketing Manager - United Kingdom - September 2017
This course gives a good structure with all relevant things to consider!


Claus Bøgebjerg, Senior International Education Manager - Denmark - May 2017
Nice balance between theory and exercises.


Danielle Derijcke, Global Patient Affairs Officer - Belgium - May 2017
A day well spent to dig deep in what drives non-adherence and how a well-designed PSP could address the problem. Cross-sharing among participants is very valuable.


Lillian Ng, Head of Patient Support - Switzerland - May 2017
Very interesting course presented with high level of professionalism and through wise experts, useful interaction with colleagues from other companies.


Veerle Nijns, Customer Project Manager - Belgium - May 2017
Good job, albeit short and very “Big Pharma” driven. Excellent interaction and excellent speakers!


Vincent Lévêque, Associate Director, EMEA Marketing - Switzerland - October 2016
I enjoyed hearing true expert insight on patient adherence. It was not too much nor too little for a 1-day course.


Marc Adamsbaum, Medical Educator - Switzerland - June 2016
This course gave me a clearer picture of the importance of patient adherence and how we can design Patient Support Programs to increase patient adherence. Thank you to both speakers for a fantastic course!


Pradthana Suwan, National Sales Manager - Thailand - June 2016
This C.E.L.forpharma course about Patient Adherence and PSPs was well organised, informative and useful!

Charlie Inglefield, Independent Media & Lifesciences Consultant - Switzerland - June 2016
This Patient Adherence course is not only for beginners! One always learns big insights from experts!


Dr. Emilie Dejean, Associate Product Optimization Manager - Switzerland - June 2016
Highly professional, both content and format wise.


Laurent Henaux, Business Unit Director - Belgium - March 2016
Informative, evidence based and well balanced between theory and practical application. Thank you.


Judi Mallalieu, Implementation Manager - United Kingdom - November 2015
A highly informative and engaging workshop. For those looking to learn the fundamentals of this topic - I highly recommend it!

Novo Nordisk

Manan Shah, Public Affairs Manager - Switzerland - November 2015
It was valuable spending a day with colleagues from the same industry, but coming from different therapeutic areas. I appreciated getting their input/ideas and discussing the challenges they are facing.

Ariad Pharmaceuticals

Roberta Fiore, Marketing Lead Europe - Switzerland - November 2015
The experts have great knowledge of the topic and it was great to be able to connect with them.


Silvia Gómez Farnós, Senior Global Product Manager - Spain - November 2015
This was a very useful workshop, with great speakers, and many practical examples.


Eva Panarese, International Marketing Lead - Belgium - September 2015
I received a lot of new ideas!

Fresenius Kabi

Frank Bepperling, Vice President Market Access - Germany - September 2015
I really liked the interactive sessions. Group size and dynamics worked very well. It was very much a solutions-oriented course. Great!


Jens Leander Johansen, Senior Medical Liaison Manager - Denmark - June 2015
Excellent course explaining the theory behind adherence whilst providing the tools to go away and develop your own programmes. Thank you!


Karen Callaway, Senior Brand Manager - UK - June 2015
Principles of Patient Adherence is a fantastic course to gain valuable insights into the reasons for patient non-adherence. These insights then enable you to develop creative solutions, which can be measured. The course is delivered in a friendly, supportive format.


Sarah Moseley, Marketing Development Manager - UK - June 2015
Very practical course from knowledgeable experts, with actionable items that can be used.


Barbara Ngouyombo, Adherence Solutions Senior Manager - France - March 2015
This course was really interesting and the practical activities (workshops) were very useful to clarify the concepts.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Lizette Moros Burgos, Global Medical Advisor - Germany - March 2015
Great training in putting focus on the patient centered way of thinking about patient support.


Aron Revesz, Brand Manager - Sweden - November 2014
Nice introduction to the adherence program, including workshops with patient profiles. Prof. Weinman is an expert who communicates his knowledge in a very clear manner!


Isabelle Delacroix, Senior Brand Manager - Belgium - November 2014
Very knowledgeable and didactic lecturers. Some good ideas which are relevant in today's environment.


Ken Johnson, Medical Manager, CNS, British and Irish Isles - UK - November 2014
Very satisfied to have gained a clear view of the basis of adherence and the several ways that the non-adherence issue can be fixed.


Lucia Colantonio, Medical Manager Immunology - Italy - November 2014
Knowledgeable speakers who provide a bridge between academic data and practical implementation strategies.


Sven Olav Clein, Business Unit Director Primary Care - Germany - November 2014
A good one day course to appreciate the principles & psychology of patient behavior and adherence. It makes me keep working on this topic - an interesting challenge!


Gavin Collins, Senior Director Medical Affairs Effectiveness - Switzerland - October 2014
This course has a very good approach in drilling down into deep psychological insights about patient non-adherence. Also, there is a good balance between theory and practical sessions - thank you!


Jesús Ponce, Global VP Marketing - UK - March 2014