Testimonials From The Pharma Business Development Course

A lovely course. I enjoyed hearing different experiences and stories from the speaker and the other participants as we went through the modules. It was good to work in groups together, it helped understand the opinions of others on the same task and gives different perspectives. Many thanks!


Anete Eliņa, Business Development Project Manager - Latvia - September 2022 (live online course)
Very interesting course with high-level expertise on each subject. Outstanding level of organisation and support provided by CELforPharma!


Bruno Alves, Business Development Manager - Portugal - September 2022 (live online course)
Great course: interactive, with good insights and learnings. Excellently presented and very well organised in the online format with great course notes (electronic and paper!)


Hema Khan, Head of Regulatory Affairs - United Kingdom - September 2022 (live online course)
Great course to get a good overview on BD&L in Pharmaceuticals. Stefan is an expert in this matter with extensive hands-on experience. No question will be unanswered. I would recommend this course to anyone who has recently started in BD&L or is in a related function and wants to understand the interdependencies to BD&L.


Yalcin Gol, Head BD&L and Strategic Alliance - Switzerland - June 2022 (live online course)
The Pharma Business Development Course given by Stefan is an excellent course to get up to speed on how BD works within pharma/biotech. Stefan covers all the key aspects well and introduces key tools to allow for scouting, assessment, valuation and negotiation. I would recommend the course to everyone who would like to learn more about BD, working with or within BD.


Hoyin Lam, Business Development External Insights Manager - United Kingdom - June 2022 (live online course)
It was a well-designed course for someone new to Pharma Business Development (like me). The level of detail was perfect and the breakout room exercises and the course in general were very interactive. The instructor has tremendous knowledge and expertise in the subject. I highly recommend the course to get more knowledge of how the Pharma BD world works!

Capstone Development Services

Jay Gandhi, Manager, Product Development - United States - June 2022 (live online course)
Stefan has a wealth of experience and generously shares his expertise, which makes the course an invaluable insight into pharma BD. Exactly the right pace and pitch for newcomers to the field.

Win-Yan Chan

Win-Yan Chan, Head of Pharmaceuticals, Trade - China - June 2022 (live online course)
I really enjoyed the two days with Stefan and the other participants of the course. The course was well structured and Stefan gave us some great insights of BD and Alliance Management. Can't wait to put into practice what I've learned.


Alexandra Kurz, Project Manager - Spain - March 2022 (live online course)
Well-organised and efficient course in terms of giving all perspectives of Business Development.


Merve Gizem Senli, Business Development Specialist - Turkey - March 2022 (live online course)
A great overview on the end to end business development process. As I am new to this function, I found it very helpful. Stefan made the course insightful and engaging with real-life examples. Thank you!


Migena Bregu, Scientific Licensing - The Netherlands - March 2022 (live online course)
This has been a really useful introduction to the Business Development function and related activities in the Pharma/Biotech environment and is highly recommended for anyone embarking on such a role. The trainer was highly knowledgeable, and the training was nicely organised!


Supratim Chakraborty, Senior Data Manager - Denmark - March 2022 (live online course)
I really enjoyed attending this course. It had a structured BD approach and the experts gave us lots of practical insights and useful information including a look into the pragmatic aspects of BD. The interaction for this online format was great and worked very well in the break-out exercises. Thank you.


Ad Bominaar, Managing Director - The Netherlands - November 2021 (live online course)
Great course for both experienced individuals and people who are looking to change career paths and need an introduction.


Noman Paracha, Sr. Director Health Economics Outcomes Research - Switzerland - November 2021 (live online course)
A course with a fantastic overview of Pharma Business Development, good examples and discussions on how to transfer theory into practice. It was also helpful to be able to communicate with the other participants and learn from them as well as the experts. Thanks.


Markus Pietsch, Head of Global Portfolio & Business Development Innovative - Germany - October 2021 (live online course)
10/10 would recommend this course. It gave the whole picture of BD from development to launch, emphasizing the most crucial considerations when looking into opportunities. It was valuable to get in touch with different colleagues from other companies to learn and discuss. The experts were great, the materials were well organised and there was very good follow-up from CELforPharma, thanks!

Taro Pharmaceuticals

Rima Haddad, Senior Manager Business Development - Israel - October 2021 (live online course)
Great course that provides an overview of Pharma Business Development, led by experts in the field. Worth participating, even if one has some experience in business development, since every organisation has a different understanding of the function.


Christian Abraham, Global Portfolio & Alliance Manager - Germany - June 2021 (live online course)
The course is a must! It's the best training for anyone that's new to the business development field or has less than 2 years of experience.

Tabuk Pharmaceuticals

Mohammed AlJafari, Business Development Senior Supervisor - Jordan - June 2021 (live online course)
For someone only just transitioning into a BD role, this was a great introductory course, providing a good overview on all aspects of BD and licensing process and functions. The course further reinforced the roles and responsibilities already being learnt in my job which was reassuring. The course material and examples were great and the knowledgeable experts Jürgen and Stefan were excellent. Exceeded my expectations and fully recommend to those starting out in a BD role!


Hozefa Amijee, Business Development Executive - United Kingdom - June 2021 (live online course)
Very valuable course which could be adapted to my daily business development job. Expert lecturers that shared a lot of experience with the audience. Thank you!


Luis Ramirez, Sr Director Business Development, Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance Latin America - Argentina - June 2021 (live online course)
It's a comprehensive course that summarizes and describes all BD roles. There were a lot of exercises that felt like actual BD scenarios.

Tabuk Pharmaceuticals

Mohammad Abdulla, Senior Business Development Supervisor - Jordan - June 2021 (live online course)
The course gave me a good overview of the business development role in the context of a pharmaceutical company and this primer has given me great ideas as to where to focus my further learning efforts.

Panthera Capital Investments

Saurabh Joshi, M&A and Business Development Manager - United Arab Emirates - June 2021 (live online course)
This course was comprehensive and gave a good overview to get an idea of a variety of key points on BD. It was great to have the opportunity to get to understand the extent of BD activities on different company profiles with experienced intakes. Thank you to the experts and to CELforPharma for their excellent service!


Francisco Cabrita, International Business Development - Portugal - March 2021 (live online course)
The perfect intro course for anyone who is interested in BD for pharma. The experts showed great knowledge throughout, allowed for good open discussions and gave valuable case studies to back up each topic. Overall, this course fulfilled my expectations really well, thanks to all!


Jimmy Tran, Manufacturing Technology Transfer Manager - United States - March 2021 (live online course)
This course provides a good overview of all the main aspects of BD and would fit perfectly for someone who is new in a BD role or intends to develop in this area. The breakout sessions went very well and everything was very well organised. Many thanks!

Elanco Animal Health

Lothar Quast, Manager Business Development & Licensing Animal Health - Germany - March 2021 (live online course)
The material, exercises, examples and the speakers for this course were excellent, quality unmatched! I loved how each subject was categorised and how the exercises were thorough. Thank you for a great job and great team work from the CELforPharma group!

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Neha Talele, Clinical Trial Specialist - United States - March 2021 (live online course)
This course gives you a clear and excellent overview of the BD function. Stefan and Jürgen have a lot of experience and good presentation skills. Very entertaining and recommended!

IBSA Institut Biochimique

Andrea Taborelli, Business Development and Licensing Manager - Switzerland - December 2020 (live online course)
Well-run and professional organisation providing expert guidance on a wide range of pharmaceutical areas.


Dani Thomas, Medical Director I&I UK & Ireland - United Kingdom - December 2020 (live online course)
Excellent course! A must for anyone in Business Development or looking to break into the field.


Engels N. Obi, PhD, Director, Global Outcomes Research & Value Evidence Strategy - United States - December 2020 (live online course)
I am so glad I enrolled in this course. It was a wonderful experience. Well organised and very useful course for business development specialists. The lecturers are great with a very nice way of interacting. I highly recommend this course for all who want to understand the BD process in detail.

R-Pharm Group

Ilya Yarosh, Junior Specialist, Dep. Business Development Directorate for Strategic Marketing - Russian Federation - December 2020 (live online course)
This course is fit for those pursuing a career in BD and those at entry level.


Jason Lo, Business Development Lead - Hong Kong - December 2020 (live online course)
Despite the online format of this year, I found the course entertaining and useful. It was time well spent.


Laura Soucek, CEO - Spain - December 2020 (live online course)
A high-level course in content, brilliantly organised and managed, with interaction between the participants and the possibility to share experiences, which gives added value.


Massimo Dal Bosco, Business Development Manager - Switzerland - December 2020 (live online course)
The first real Business Development course entirely dedicated to the challenges of the profession.

Alfa Intes Industria Terapeutica Splendore

Alessio David, Business Development Manager - Italy - September 2020 (live online course)
This course goes into the mechanics of a BD deal, providing important insights into the essential elements, challenges and approaches for success. Important insights into what makes a deal doable.

Eli Lilly

Kuldeep Neote, VP-External Innovation - United States - September 2020 (live online course)
If you want a clear introduction into Business Development I would definitely recommend this course. Stefan and Jürgen are clearly experts in the field and are able to translate this into comprehensible and insightful learning materials!

Sanquin Plasma Products

Rosan Sierhuis, Business Unit Manager - The Netherlands - September 2020 (live online course)
Excellent mix of diverse topics, with excellent usage of examples to bring the theory to life. Excellent moderator with a wealth of experience, which was shared generously. Well-run course and a valuable investment of my time! An enriching experience! Thank you!


Panayota Bird, Access Director Global Health Medicines - United Kingdom - June 2019 (face-to-face course)
Excellent overview of the Business Development process and function.

EirGen Pharma

Damien Burke, Head of Commercial Operations - Ireland - June 2019 (face-to-face course)
Excellent presentation skills, clear & concise, very entertaining.


Chantelle Kiernan, Director of Lifesciences - Ireland - April 2019 (face-to-face course)
Very educated lecturer! A lot of new information, clear examples, useful advice. Recommended to everyone!


Ivana Kačarević, Head of Sales and Marketing Department - Slovenia - April 2019 (face-to-face course)
Engaging course with the huge benefit of having the rich experience and numerous real-life practical examples presented by Martin Austin. Learned a great deal! Outstanding expert!

Sabine Proll, Independent Pharmaceutical Consultant - United Kingdom - April 2019 (face-to-face course)
Besides the expertise of subjects discussed during this course, all staff gave and provided full support during the two days.

Laboratórios Basi

Pedro Fernandes, Business Developer - Portugal - December 2018 (face-to-face course)
Being new to business development, this course was highly valuable! I left not only with greater knowledge but also with a number of pearls I can put into practice immediately!


Rita Doramajian, Director, Early Assets, BD&L, Strategy & Innovation - Canada - December 2018 (face-to-face course)
This BD course by Martin Austin gave a better overview of the BD function and BD environment. Since I am new in this field, I really benefited from attending. The practical insights of Mr. Austin were really interesting.

Oncomed Manufacturing

Aleš Šima, Business Development Manager - Czech Republic - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
Excellent overview of all aspects of BD.

Confo Therapeutics

Franky Van Herreweghe, Business Development Manager - Belgium - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
Outstanding course for a newcomer in the field of NBD. Concentrated information, great presentation.


Karlygash Abildayeva, New Business Development Manager - Belgium - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
This BD training course was very valuable and interesting, and provided key information and tips to develop BD skills!


Olivier Brun, Alliance Manager External Opportunities - France - September 2018 (face-to-face course)
Martin Austin is a nestor when it comes to BD. His seniority and vast amount of real world (ie. practiced) examples add surplus value.

VU University Medical Center

Arjen Brussaard, Chief Scientific Officer of Industry - The Netherlands - April 2018 (face-to-face course)
The course gives a great overview of business development subjects and some useful, practical tools.


Mark Macdonald, Business Development and Programme Manager - United Kingdom - April 2018 (face-to-face course)
Since I didn't have any prior experience in BD, this was a great introduction, covering the broad picture BD is. Martin is a good and funny teacher!

Disphar International

Sophie Van Tomme, Director Product Development - The Netherlands - April 2018 (face-to-face course)
Martin skillfully mixes concepts and examples to teach valuable lessons in business development. His course is interesting, fun, and the sections on profiling and valuing opportunities and structuring the deal were quite helpful.

Siemens Healthineers

Tim Durham, Sr. Manager, Strategic Business Development - Germany - April 2018 (face-to-face course)
Mr. Austin is 100% competent in big pharma Brand Business Development.


Johan Åkerblom, Head of RPH Pharmaceuticals - Sweden - December 2017 (face-to-face course)
As I am not an expert in BD, the course gives me a complete guide and options to evaluate my business. Very nice speaker and great group.


Lizandra Marques Rezende Tavares, Portfolio Brand Manager International Markets Development Division - Italy - December 2017 (face-to-face course)
Very comprehensive, insightful and practical course in an enjoyable setting.


Werner Jansen, Senior Director - Emerging Brands - Switzerland - December 2017 (face-to-face course)
Highly informative and useful, with a lot of practicality.

ELC Group

Fionna Tan, Business Development Manager - Czech Republic - September 2017 (face-to-face course)
Great BD overview course! I particularly highly valued Martin Austin’s expertise.

Vectron Biosolutions

Trond Erik Aune, CEO - Norway - March 2017 (face-to-face course)
It is a good general overview without being too detailed. Great for someone getting into BD but also a good refresher.

Crescendo Biologics

Brian McGuinness, Head of New Product and Business Opportunities - United Kingdom - December 2016 (face-to-face course)
Mr. Martin Austin has a 360° expertise on BD, it is a full spectrum business development course.


Nadeem Rehmat, Business Development Director - Pakistan - December 2016 (face-to-face course)
Excellent Pharma Business Development course with a brilliant speaker and overall well-organised.


Daniel Banovic, Global Portfolio Manager - Germany - September 2016 (face-to-face course)
Martin was able to explain lots of complex information in a manner that was easy to understand and to absorb. His real life experiences added a lot of colour to the course material.

Niseko Health

David Hammond, Commercial Director - United Kingdom - September 2016 (face-to-face course)
Thanks to the valuable experience of Martin Austin, I caught different aspects for my future business development activities. I will use it for my daily business life. Thank you again!

Abdi Ibrahim

Ece Akbiyik, Account Executive - Turkey - September 2016 (face-to-face course)
Excellent course for BD professionals to have an overview of knowledge of the different aspects. Martin brings all his wide experience and sense of humour to make it very interesting.

Acino Pharma

Talal Maghout, Director Business Development - Switzerland - September 2016 (face-to-face course)
A condensed and very insightful BD course, led by a great industry expert!


Giovanna Haupt, Business Development - Switzerland - April 2016 (face-to-face course)
Very inspiring course, focused on the real meaning and value of the BusDev function.


Maria Luisa Giorello, Head of Partnering & Portfolio - Italy - April 2016 (face-to-face course)
Very informative and well-structured training on all aspects of Business Development with real life examples. Excellent choice of location as well.

Abdi Ibrahim

Yeliz Uncu, Business Development Supervisor - Turkey - April 2016 (face-to-face course)
Martin Austin is an inexhaustible source of information. 2 days are too short to cover it all - so jump on him and squeeze him out!

Enceladus Pharmaceuticals

Bart Metselaar, CEO - The Netherlands - December 2015 (face-to-face course)
The course helped me to deepen my knowledge of technical financial analysis in the pharma industry.


Emir Yetisener, Business Development Specialist - Turkey - December 2015 (face-to-face course)
Thank you so much for this great opportunity and new experience for me. I learned a lot of new and useful things and am sure that I will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in my work processes.


Margarita Makarova, New Business Development Specialist - Russia - December 2015 (face-to-face course)
It was the 'sense check' I needed for the process of business development. It gives me clarity in terms of looking to improve our own local process.


Victor Badu, International Brand Manager - Switzerland - December 2015 (face-to-face course)
I got a perfect first overview on key responsibilities of BD.

Roche Diagnostics

Julia Schwarz, Business Development - Switzerland - September 2015 (face-to-face course)
Well managed course which provides a good framework for Business Development.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Europe

Amarijt Reahal, General Manager - United Kingdom - March 2015 (face-to-face course)
Very attractive and beneficial course to understand the BD Dynamics. Martin Austin has a good way of reflecting his experiences.

Nobel Pharmaceuticals

Ezgi Boz, Business Development Specialist - Turkey - March 2015 (face-to-face course)
Straight talk, Martin Austin tells it as it is.

United Laboratories

Michael Hsu, VP R&D Business Development - Philippines - March 2015 (face-to-face course)
Great course. Very skilled lecturer with great presentation skills, he knows how to keep our attention. I'm leaving this course with new ideas and I also gained new skills including targeting, negotiation and profiling.


Ivan Tadic, Head of Controlling - Serbia - November 2014 (face-to-face course)
Excellent course with a top level review of major topics of Business Development. Martin's teaching techniques are unique. I would highly recommend this course to relevant executives!


Zarko Lelovac, Counsel to the CEO - Serbia - November 2014 (face-to-face course)
It was an entertaining & engaging journey into the BD universe, presented by a very knowledgeable & experienced executive. It was great to get served a high-level overview of the BD&L function, sprinkled with plenty of real-life situations!


Denis Bronnikov, Business Development Director, Roche Partnering - Switzerland - September 2014 (face-to-face course)
Martin combines expertise with a broad knowledge, and sparkles his course with anecdotes and funny incidents from his professional life.

LEO Pharma

Laura Berger, Medical Director - Switzerland - September 2014 (face-to-face course)
(Martin is) Very informed, has seen and done it all before. He is patient in answering questions and a straight talker!


Mahmood Ibrahim, Business Development Lead, Africa & Middle East Region - United Arab Emirates - September 2014 (face-to-face course)
A very good intro to BD provided by a pro. Highly recommended for anyone starting out in BD. I enjoyed learning from this course as Martin is an expert in the field with very relevant experience!


Tuan Pham, Director Strategic Planning - Switzerland - September 2014 (face-to-face course)
Very comprehensive course. I would advise new team members in BD to attend!

Pierre Fabre

Frédéric Bonfils, Corporate Alliance Director - France - April 2014 (face-to-face course)
A highly comprehensive and focused overview of business development in pharma. Pragmatic and entertaining at the same time!


Marcel Ledon, Deputy Director Partnerships - France - November 2013 (face-to-face course)
Very brilliant expert, very nice course, sometimes tough for a beginner but many tracks to follow.


Caryn Thibierge-Trocme, Directeur de Projets - France - October 2013 (face-to-face course)
I would highly recommend this 2-day BD course. Martin Austin's experience in this field is of great value. Martin has transformed this intensive interesting 2 days course in an interactive training, by sharing with the entire group and during each of the discussed sessions his long acquired experience as well as his passion and talent in this field.


Abdallah Delage, Medical Manager - France - June 2013 (face-to-face course)
The organization of this pharma business development workshop was at the highest level!


Marta Przytula, Junior Business Development Manager - Poland - December 2012 (face-to-face course)
By attending this course, you get great insight into the industry. Thanks for a practical and entertaining course!

Mitotech Pharma

Natalia Perekhvatova, Director - UK - December 2012 (face-to-face course)
A very convenient location and a great presenter with a vivid style. I very much benefitted from his rich experience and the wealth of examples he gave.


Thomas Graffe, Director Business Development - Germany - December 2012 (face-to-face course)
This course was a perfect match for me and I believe that spin-off companies from university can learn a great deal from courses like this.

A1M Pharma

Magnus Gram, Senior Scientist, PhD - Sweden - October 2012 (face-to-face course)
Mr. Austin with his long diversified experience was able to deliver the concept of Business Development in a simple way, using real examples and some exercises to simplify different techniques and tools required to develop business in the pharmaceutical industry.


Ayman Naguib, Business Development Manager – Gulf Region - Dubai - June 2012 (face-to-face course)
Martin Austin is very engaging. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of pharma BD work


Filippo Mulinacci, Business Development & Licensing Associate - Switzerland - June 2012 (face-to-face course)