Boost your team's performance with market-oriented competency trainings


Pharma executives facing external stakeholders only excel when they are adequately equipped to manage the business processes that lead to SUCCESS in pharma MARKETS.

So, to boost team performance across Market Access, Medical Affairs, Strategic Marketing and Business Development, team leaders need to invest in MARKET-ORIENTED competency TRAININGS.

Send your teams to C.E.L.forpharma's market leadership oriented trainings to:

  • Close critical competency gaps for your company’s success in therapeutic markets
  • Achieve the cross-functional collaboration required for the commercial success of your brands.
  • Increase employee satisfaction across your team and functions, be it global, regional or local.


Design team training plans that boost performance within and across market facing functions:

Why Choose C.E.L.forpharma?


Expert player

C.E.L.forpharma has a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. All our courses are designed with, and taught by, an exclusive network of experts who are internationally recognized by their peers as opinion leaders in their field of expertise. 


Broad portfolio

Our broad portfolio offers overview courses as well as focused and cross-functional courses, catering to the needs of virtually all market-facing executives within your organisation.


One partner for all executive trainings

C.E.L.forpharma is the only institution where pharma, biotech and medtech executives can learn business critical competencies from top experts across a broad range of topics. Working with one partner across different roles and seniority levels offers consistency in competency development.



Advice/Help HR

Our portfolio allows you to increase executive performance across divisions and beyond soft and managerial skills, in an age of increasing cross-functional cooperation. Through our expertise of the content covered in each course, we can help you identify market-related competency gaps and propose training solutions tailored to your company’s needs.


Top Quality & Impact

With an average satisfaction score of 8.7/10, we have plenty of evidence that our courses truly offer a learning experience that boosts performance and job satisfaction.



Our courses are organized in Brussels, London and Zurich, offering flexibility to a public that often has very busy schedules. Our flexible cancellation and transfer policies reflect our understanding of this challenge.

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Thanks to Edouard for making the course engaging and insightful to the team. I very much expect that the team will be able to take their learnings and apply directly into their brand planning activities over the next weeks. I will certainly consider C.E.L.forpharma should additional training requirements arise.

Michael Millington
Head of Global Product Management | Specialty Products, Biotest AG, Germany

I personally attended the Market Access course and many other Chiesi employees participated in other courses ... with the same output … great attendance and great value!

Ugo Bettini
Corporate Head Human Resources & Organization, Chiesi, Italy

This is a very good introductory course on pharmaceutical pricing and Gary is an excellent instructor. As usual, C.E.L.forpharma has picked a winner. I am really impressed by your speakers. All have been extremely knowledgeable AND excellent speakers!

Anirvan Dutt-Chaudhuri
Global Product Manager - Novo Nordisk, Switzerland

Very complete and entertaining course. Besides the content, I particularly benefited from interacting with peers from other companies and sharing experiences – Thank you!

Dieter Fricke
EU Medical Education Manager Immunology - UCB, Germany

Nicely well-organized training on marketing perspectives and how they can improve the cross-functional activities inside a pharmaceutical company. Very interesting focus on the interaction between marketing and R&D, Medical, and MA.

William Romero
Medical Lead Immunology & Inflammation - Galderma, France

At Your Service

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Head of International Account Management
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Do you have any questions regarding our courses? Would you like to discuss the training options for your company? Or are you interested in a Talent Development Partnership? Please contact Inge Cornelis, Head of International Account Management.

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C.E.L.forpharma stands for Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our aim is to develop the market leadership capabilities of executives in the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors with training by top-notch international experts on business-critical competencies in the fields of  Market Access, Pricing & Health Economics, Medical Affairs, Strategic Pharma Marketing and Business Development & Licensing