Our History

C.E.L.forpharma was founded in 2005 by Luc De Langhe and Edouard Demeire after they discovered an interesting niche in pharma’s landscape for executive training: short duration courses by esteemed experts on business-critical topics, i.e. topics that impact business growth and/or strategic decisions.

For that, Luc capitalised on his international network built throughout his career in professional services for the pharma industry (business intelligence, conferences and executive development). Edouard contributed from the start as a faculty member with expertise in pharmaceutical marketing planning and with insights from his executive training for Roche all over the world.

Here is a lookback at some of the milestones we have reached on our journey so far...



  • Launch of the Medical Affairs for Modern Pharma course with Chris Toller.
  • Launch of the Pharmaceutical Marketing for Non-Marketing Functions course with Edouard Demeire.
  • Launch of the Business Models in Pharma & Medtech course with Prof. Dr. Brian D. Smith.
  • Launch of the Reputation Management for Pharma Companies course with Stefan Gijssels
10 Years Of Pharma Training Courses


  • C.E.L.forpharma celebrates its 10 year anniversary.
  • Our new website is launched in December 2015.
  • Launch of Customer-Centric Multi-Channel Marketing Along the Patient Journey with Beverly Smet

  • Over 550 executives attend our courses.


  • C.E.L.forpharma decides to concentrate on 3 locations: Brussels, London and Zurich.
  • Launch of the Patient Adherence course with Prof. John Weinman & Jeremy Sayers.
  • Launch of The Health Technology Assessment Course with Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans.


  • Launch of The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course with Dr. Roger Cox.
  • Launch of The e-Medical Affairs Course with Fonny Schenck.


  • C.E.L.forpharma runs courses in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Milan and Zurich.
  • 360 executives participate in C.E.L.forpharma courses, posting a new record.


  • Launch of the Digital Pharma Marketing course with Fonny Schenck.
  • Launch of the Pharmaceutical Out-licensing course with David Scott.


  • Partnership with EBD Group to organise Valuation course back-to-back with BIO-Europe Spring.
  • C.E.L.forpharma courses go to Barcelona.
  • Launch of the Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists course with Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans.


  • The Brand Plan Quality Checklist offered on our website.
  • Launch of the Pharma Pricing course with Gary Johnson.
  • Launch of the Market Access course with the Adelphi Group.
  • Launch of the Tips & Insights series on our website.
  • Therapy area seminars organised with Datamonitor in 2008: Diabetes – Pain – Infectious Diseases.


  • Launch of the Forecasting course with Gary Johnson.
  • Launch of the Valuation course with Dr. Patrik Frei.
  • The Test Your Brand Planning Know-How tool offered on our website.
  • Therapy area seminars organised with Datamonitor in 2007: CNS – Diabetes.


  • Launch of the Brand Planning course with Edouard Demeire.
  • Launch of the Marketing Excellence & Salesforce Effectiveness course with Edouard Demeire.
  • Therapy area seminars organised with Datamonitor in 2006: Oncology – Metabolic Syndrome – Respiratory Diseases.


  • Foundation
  • Launch of the Business Development course with Martin Austin.
  • Launch of the Lifecycle Management Strategies course with Dr. Neal Hansen.
  • Launch of a series of therapy-market focused seminars in collaboration with Datamonitor Healthcare, starting with the following areas: Oncology – COX2 – Respiratory Diseases .