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The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course

Add to the mix to create a competitive edge in the new environment
Ruud Kooi - Digital Pharma Marketing

Ruud Kooi

  • Vice President of Across Health, Europe's leading consultancy specialized in eCRM and digital communication in life sciences.
  • Former Centre of Excellence lead with J&J in the area of cross-channel CRM and digital marketing.
  • Highly respected by his pharma clients for both his functional knowledge and hands-on experience, ranging from digital strategy formulation, to leading regional and local implementation and continuous team skill development.
  • A top rated trainer!
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By attending this course, you will:

Be able to define a digital strategy for your brand or therapeutic area to stay competitive.
Know how to select the digital tactics which are best suited to achieve your specific brand plan drivers and leverage points.
Decide per tactic how ambitious you want to be and what it takes to implement your preferred tactic in your preferred scope.
Know how to tightly integrate digital into your overall marketing, sales and medical education strategy and ensure “fusion” of your online and offline efforts while respecting legal and regulatory guidelines.
Learn from well-metricized examples of successful e-tactics for physicians, consumers/caregivers and other new stakeholders like payers, nurses and pharmacists.
How to plan and organize your success metrics and answer ROI related question concerning your digital tactics. 


What sets The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course apart?

The expert: Our expert-trainer, Ruud Kooi, not only has a wide international experience in digital marketing (over 100 completed projects with over 20 different pharmaceutical or medical device companies) but he has also built up a very strong reputation within the international digital community as high-impact consultant and trainer.

The content: This course not only provides you with an explanation about concepts and methods. More importantly, it discusses the integration of digital in the overall business strategy and marketing plans (with practical examples) as well as the perspective of the customers and stakeholders, including several best-practice cases.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for innovative marketing, sales and medical education staff who want to optimize their communication mix and enhance customer-centricity through the selective adoption of digital.

Executives from professional services organizations should request approval from the faculty prior to registering to this course.
Please contact Annelies Swaan, Sales Manager,, tel +32 (0)2 709 01 42.

Past participants

Below is a non-exhaustive list of executives who participated in this pharma e marketing seminar:

Director Global Commercial Analytics
Actelion Switzerland testimonial
General Manager Actelion The Netherlands  
Marketing & Sales Director     Actelion The Netherlands  
Medical Director   Actelion The Netherlands testimonial
CNS Product Manager & Innovation Leader AstraZeneca Portugal testimonial
Group Product Manager AstraZeneca Romania testimonial
Senior Medical Director AstraZeneca Japan testimonial
CRM and Analysis Manager Boehringer Ingelheim Turkiye testimonial
Intr. Business Analyst Boehringer Ingelheim Germany testimonial
International Product Manager Boehringer Ingelheim Germany testimonial
Business Manager Special Care Chiesi Belgium testimonial
International Brand Manager Chiesi Italy testimonial
Vice Director Brand Management Daiichi Sankyo Germany testimonial
International Marketing EVER Neuro Pharma Austria testimonial
General Manager Ferring Belgium testimonial
Business Unit Manager  Ferring Belgium testimonial
Global Brand Manager, New Products, Gastro/Endo Ferring Switzerland testimonial
Marketing Manager GE Healthcare Sweden testimonial
Marketing Manager IMS Health Belgium testimonial
Senior System Analyst Janssen Turkey testimonial
Business Relationship Manager Digital Marketing
Janssen-Cilag Belgium testimonial
VP Licensing Neurosciences & EMEA  Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium  
Digital & eChannel IT Business Integrator Lilly Switzerland testimonial
Market Manager Primary Care Merck Serono Belgium testimonial
Head of Sales Operations Novartis Russia testimonial
Senior Insights Manager Novartis Switzerland testimonial
Global Marketing Director, Sales and Marketing Excellence Novo Nordisk Denmark testimonial
Director Customer Service Nycomed Belgium testimonial
Senior Product Manager Nycomed Belgium testimonial
Digital Strategic Planner Roche Italy testimonial
Internal & Business Communications Specialist Roche Italy testimonial
Marketing Manager Digital Solutions Roche Italy testimonial
Pharma Business Communications Manager Roche Belgium  
Nordic Copaxone Marketing Head Sanofi-aventis Denmark testimonial
New Channels Business Executive Sanofi UK testimonial
New Channels Project Manager Sanofi UK testimonial
Associate Director, MPS Shire Switzerland testimonial
Executive Assistant, MPS Franchise, Rare Disease Business Unit Shire Switzerland testimonial
Manager, Global Marketing MPS Shire Switzerland testimonial
Associate International Product Director
Shire-Movetis Belgium testimonial
Product Manager Takeda Russia testimonial
Marketing Director Rx Business Unit Teva Russia testimonial
General Manager CNS UCB Germany testimonial
Head Operations International Major Markets UCB Belgium testimonial
Senior Marketing Manager Zentiva Croatia testimonial

Programme outline of The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course

The course starts on day 1 at 09:30h with a welcome coffee and ends on day 2 at 16:30h.

Day 1

Welcome & General Introduction

Online Landscape Analysis

  • Which key industry changes are accelerating the move to digital?
  • Online behaviour and trends of physicians, patients and other stakeholders.
  • Benchmarking surveys and other sources for a competitive assessment.
  • Internal analysis: How to assess the e-maturity of your company?
  • Technology trend analysis: Which new technologies may influence the patient-physician-pharma relationship … and by when?

Defining a Digital Innovation Strategy

  • Strategy is a major bottleneck in most pharma companies!
  • Step 1: Determine the buying process and key leverage points
  • Step 2: Select amongst the 7 generic e-strategies and prioritize e-tactics
  • Step 3: Create the 3-year roadmap
  • Models, case studies and and insights to help you understand the complex buying journey and how you can influence it through media

Exercise: decide on strategic approach & leverage points

Tablet/iPad Detailing

  • The (sad) realities of tablet detailing
  • What is needed for success? … Closed Loop Marketing!
  • How to activate your sales force

Exercise: define your own detail aid

HCP Self-service Portals

  • Learning from best practices in non-pharma industries
  • Discussing examples of pharma portals
  • The 4 different ways to make an impact

Exercise: define your own homepage

E-mail Marketing

Exercise: set-up an email recruiting strategy

Remote Detailing

  • Benefits of teledetailing
  • Success factors
  • Best practices in pharma


Day 2

E-medical Education

  • Why webcasts are impactful
  • Success factors
  • Best practices in pharma
  • The 5 key steps to influencing treatment choice through eMeetings

Exercise: recruiting participants for your live webcast

Search Engine Marketing

  • How consumers and HCP search for health on Google
  • SEO & SEA: how it works – pros & cons - examples

Exercise: match your TA with your customer interests and with your web presence

Social Media

  • The social media landscape
  • Social media in life sciences
  • Social objectives and appropriate social technologies in Pharma

Mobile Marketing

  • General trends & technologies
  • Mobile in Healthcare

Building a Multichannel Campaign

  • Using a 3 phase methodology to optimize the channel mix
  • The “Rep Equivalent” concept
  • Designing the marketing mix at the HCP level

Exercise: build your own multichannel campaign

ROI and Other KPIs

  • Factors that determine ROI in digital marketing
  • Using Google Analytics to measure Reach & Advocacy
  • How to measure engagement
  • How to measure conversion (e.g. Net Promoter Score)
  • Issues

Exercises: plan your KPIs  - improve a current campaign

Final Thoughts & Closing

Learning methodology

Ruud Kooi is very experienced in leading interactive sessions and will actively engage participants in discussions and teamwork. In addition, a business case will be used throughout the workshop to help bring theory into practice.

Meet the expert: Ruud Kooi

Ruud Kooi is vice president at Across Health. Ruud has over 15 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and was already part of digital and ebusiness teams since the late nineties.

Throughout his career, Ruud has worked for many of the top 10 big pharma in dozens of local, regional or global projects. He is known for his ability to connect digital strategy to integrated implementation. Ruud has the ability to energize brand teams in taking their first steps in the digital world and to keep that momentum by constantly enhancing the digital portfolio.

Ruud has been providing digital training for over 5 years now.


  • 16-17 October 2014, London
  • 3-4 December 2014, Brussels

Interested in additional dates?
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Venue & Accommodation

16-17 October 2014, London

This course takes place at the Hilton London Paddington Hotel which is conveniently located 15 minutes from Heathrow Airport and connected by footbridge to Paddington Station.

Hilton London Paddington
146 Praed Street, Paddington,
London, W2 1 EE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 207 850 0500
Fax: +44 (0) 207 850 0600

We have secured preferential room rates at this hotel for our delegates. Registering three weeks or more prior to the course will secure your room at a preferential rate. Upon your registration, C.E.L.forpharma will send you a Hotel Accommodation Sheet to complete and send back.
Do not hesitate to contact Marie Stricklesse, Senior Programme Coordinator, if you need assistance in this matter. (; tel +32(0)27090143)

3-4 December 2014, Brussels

This course takes place at the Sheraton Airport Hotel & Conference Center which is situated opposite Brussels National Airport, literally at 2 minutes' walking distance from the arrival hall.

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel
Brussels National Airport
1930 Zaventem
Tel: +32 27 10 80 00
Fax: +32 27 10 80 80

We have secured preferential room rates at this four-star hotel for our delegates. Registering three weeks or more prior to the course will secure your room at a preferential rate. Upon your registration, C.E.L.forpharma will send you a Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel Accommodation Sheet to complete and send back.
Do not hesitate to contact Marie Stricklesse, Senior Programme Coordinator, if you need assistance in this matter. (; tel +32(0)27090143)

Registration fee

Team discounts are offered as of 3 or more registrations from the same company.

Leave your email address for further information:

16-17 Oct. 2014 Course, London (DIG-15)
Registration before 29 August 2014
Registration after 29 August 2014

3-4 Dec. 2014 Course, Brussels (DIG-16)
Registration before 17 October 2014
Registration after 17 October 2014

* (VAT excl.)

To register, please go to our online registration form.

Testimonials of The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course

"Great course, very precise and practical. Lots of information ready to use right out of there."

Claude Auger, Digital & eChannel IT Business Integrator, Lilly – Switzerland (November 2013)

"Very useful, interesting pharma digital marketing event. I will recommend it to my colleagues. I have got many ideas for my work, websites, etc."

Svetlana Syrchina, Product Manager, Takeda - Russia (November 2013)

"Digital communication in pharma is evolving. In fact, we have to do it and don't sit and listen what others are doing. I am convinced we can use the old world of communication together in the new promising digital one."

Peter De Leeuw, Business Manager Special Care, Chiesi – Belgium (November 2013)

"Really good overview and focus on getting the digital strategy right. Definitely grounded in the real world and not a sell on digital being the saviour of everything."

Greg Robertson, Associate Director, MPS, Shire – Switzerland (November 2013)

"The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course with Ruud Kooi is a very relevant course with up-to-date examples and solutions. Highly recommended for anyone in pharma looking to start or refresh their digital marketing activities!"

Nicole Nettleton, Manager, Global Marketing MPS, Shire – Switzerland (November 2013)

"The content and concept delivered is extremely useful, especially for marketing, sales and medical audiences. I strongly advise product, sales and medical managers to attend."

Sarven Berberyan, Senior System Analyst, Janssen – Turkey (November 2013)

"This pharma digital marketing seminar is really interesting. Ruud did a very good job as a teacher. Team members are extremely nice. Thank you very much."

Pattharaporn Meinich, Executive Assistant, MPS Franchise, Rare Disease Business Unit, Shire – Switzerland (November 2013)

"Very good presentation skills, knowledge, background tailored to the audience. Thanks!"

Marianne Tschudi, Head Operations International Major Markets, UCB – Belgium (June 2013)

“This very complex topic has been transmitted in a very illustrative way. It was a very useful course.”

Petr Jelinek, Senior Marketing Manager, Zentiva – Croatia (June 2013)

"Nice mix of strategic concepts and practical examples. Good presentations."

Sebastian Mommers, Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare– Sweden (June 2013)

"Thanks for giving back faith in digital marketing."

Maria Izmestieva, Marketing Director Rx Business Unit, Teva - Russia (March 2013)

"This pharma digital marketing event offers a fantastic and updated vision about the pharma digital landscape and drives you in the strategic digital environment."

Davide Bottalico, Marketing Manager Digital Solutions, Roche – Italy (November 2012)

"In a very concise way, Fonny and Ruud presented the state of the art, potentials, pitfalls and challenges, all in a nicely structured overview. Absolutely efficient!"

Joris Goethals, Marketing Manager, IMS Health – Belgium (November 2012)

"Practical, useful, peer-to-peer discussions. Best practice. Thank you!"

Eva Panarese, Associate International Product Director, Shire-Movetis – Belgium (November 2012)

"Fonny and Ruud are skilled presentators. The course content is well balanced between theory and practice. I'll recommend this course to pharma digital people and other marketers."

Denis Dina, Digital Strategic Planner, Roche – Italy (November 2012)

"Excellent and worthwhile 2-day course that will help me build a comprehensive digital strategy for Sanofi UK & Ireland."

Benjamin Tilly, New Channels Business Executive, Sanofi – UK (May 2012)

"This course gave me a great framework of digital pharma marketing."

Elda Dinaj, Global Brand Manager, New Products, Gastro/Endo, Ferring – Switzerland (May 2012)

"A really excellent course - one of the most useful I have ever attended. Great balance of theory and practical application which will really help our digital strategy and approach."

Andrew Browning, New Channels Project Manager, Sanofi – UK (May 2012)

"Very good facilitator and presenters. Well done!"

Raj Raina, Global Marketing Director, Sales and Marketing Excellence, Novo Nordisk – Denmark (May 2012)

"This e-marketing workshop for the pharma industry is well structured, full of clear examples from a variety of sources and websites. At a time where Medical Affairs are more involved than ever in re-shaping the customer-centric strategy, Fonny's teaching course has given me all I needed."

Alain Huvenne, Senior Medical Director, AstraZeneca – Japan (March 2012)

"It was very good to put practice next to theory. Excellent training!"

Bert Vanlommel, Business Relationship Manager Digital Marketing, Janssen-Cilag – Belgium (March 2012)

"This is an excellent, state-of-the-art course. Highly engaging and thought provoking. In addition, I really enjoyed the discussion with the other participants."

Robert Siegmund, Director Global Commercial Analytics, Actelion – Switzerland (March 2012)

"It is truly time well-spent: listening to someone with extensive pharma experience in this new area is clearly the way to go! Congratulations! And thank you, Fonny!"

Luis Franco, CNS Product Manager & Innovation Leader, AstraZeneca - Portugal (December 2011)

"Great course, great facilitator with much experience. It covered all aspects of digital pharma marketing, many concrete examples. Well structured. You learn to be clever with online."

Gerrit Coremans, Director Customer Service, Nycomed – Belgium (December 2011)

"Fonny provides a very comprehensive overview of the digital landscape with a wealth of real life examples."

Petra Latka, Intr. Business Analyst, Boehringer Ingelheim – Germany (December 2011)

"The digital marketing pharmaceuticals conference offers very good insights in digital strategies. The structured approach takes you on an exciting journey in this very important area. Fonny is a reference in this domain."

Erik Janssen, General Manager CNS, UCB – Germany (December 2011)

"I came in as a 100% digital immigrant and came out ready to move full speed ahead into the digital world."

Nadja De Wolf, Senior Product Manager, Nycomed - Belgium (November 2011)

"The Digital Pharma Marketing Course is good to keep up with development in the digital pharma business."

Pawel Ciesielcyk, International Marketing, EVER Neuro Pharma - Austria (November 2011)

"The beauty of this pharma emarketing event is that it effectively mixes statistics, market data and strategic thoughts. Helpful with relevant insights. I definitely recommend!"

Christiano Pereira Silva, International Product Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim – Germany (May 2011)

"Great learning experience on smartly making a digital strategy."

Sayantani Dasgupta, Senior Insights Manager, Novartis – Switzerland (May 2011)

"This pharma e-marketing conference provides a lot of new and useful information. Fonny Schenck is an expert with good abilities of presentation."

Victoria Igna, Group Product Manager, AstraZeneca – Romania (May 2011)

"Fonny Schenck is very knowledgeable about the subject, interactive and willing to answer questions. It increased my "horizon line" regarding the subject."

Tatiana Popescu, Group Product Manager, AstraZeneca – Romania (May 2011)

"This digital marketing course gives you a very good overview about what's going on in the market. Very useful strategic methodology!"

Giada Saltari, International Product Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim – Germany (May 2011)

"The Digital Pharma Marketing Course is a good course with a good teacher. I do recognize its strong added value!"

Battistina Ghiani, Internal & Business Communications Specialist, Roche - Italy

"Fonny Schenck's course is very interesting and quite unusual, with very interesting exercises. Never boring!"

Andrey Gurvich, Head of Sales Operations, Novartis – Russia

"Great digital pharma marketing workshop! Thank you very much, Fonny!"

Iris Marr, Vice Director Brand Management, Daiichi Sankyo - Germany

"The instructor (Fonny Schenck) is very experienced. I am totally satisfied – thanks!"

Isil Ramazanogullari, CRM and Analysis Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim – Turkiye

"The digital marketing course is a must for both newcomers and more experienced people in digital marketing. Bringing together marketing strategy and e-tactics, this course will help anyone to implement a rigid strategy in his/her company."

Nico Smets, Market Manager Primary Care, Merck Serono - Belgium

“Fonny Schenck effectively transfers his in-depth knowledge and vast experience on digital pharma marketing in this seminar, so that you will know what to do, when, and how. I am glad I attended this course now because the marketing environment is changing fast and it is clear we need to integrate e-marketing tactics synergistically within the pharma marketing mix. To my colleagues from other companies I can recommend to send their entire senior marketing team (incl. GM) to get the whole team geared up at the same time.”

Piet Lannoo, General Manager, Ferring – Belgium

“This pharma e-marketing workshop has given me an overview of available e-tactics, and tools for evaluating and prioritizing the tactics according to strategic needs and ideas for measuring investment. Excellent starting point!”

Charlotte Vestergaard, Nordic Copaxone Marketing Head, Sanofi-aventis – Denmark

“Well organized and overall a very good course for my 2.0.”            

Geert Jan van Daal, Medical Director, Actelion – The Netherlands

“The Digital Pharma Marketing Course is an important experience to open our mind to accept what is the real actual digital landscape and to understand how important it is and how to face it.”

Marco Bucci, International Brand Manager, Chiesi - Italy 

“I finally see the wood for the trees in the ‘digital world of pharma marketing’ ”

Vera Lamberts, Business Unit Manager, Ferring - Belgium 

Tips & Insights from The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course:

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