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Edouard Demeire

The Pharma Brand Planning Course

With Edouard Demeire

  Martin Austin

The Pharma Business Development Course

With Martin Austin

Ruud Kooiand Beverly Smet

The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course

With Ruud Kooi and Beverly Smet

  Gary Johnson

The Pharma Forecasting Course

With Gary Johnson

Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans

Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists

With Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans

  Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans

The Health Technology Assessment Course – Dos & Don’ts in the EU

With Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans

Dr. Neal Hansen

Late Stage Pharma Lifecycle Management

With Dr. Neal Hansen


Principles of Pharma Market Access in Europe

With Nick Proctor and Mark Silvey

Fonny Schenck

The e-Medical Affairs Course

With Fonny Schenck

  Roger Cox

The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course

With Dr. Roger Cox

David Scott

The Pharmaceutical Out-licensing Course

With David Scott

  Prof. Weinman and Jeremy Sayers

Principles of Patient Adherence & Support Solutions

With Prof. Weinman and Jeremy Sayers

Beverly Smet and Sander Speleman

Customer-centric Multi-channel Marketing Along The Patient Journey

With Beverly Smet and Sander Speleman

  Gary Johnson

Value Pricing for Market Access – The Fundamentals

With Gary Johnson

Dr. Patrik Frei

Pharma-Biotech Product & Company Valuation

With Dr. Patrik Frei


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Luc De Langhe

Luc De Langhe

Co-founder & CEO




The research-based pharmaceutical industry is squeezed between an external threat and an internal weakness:

  • The threat: healthcare systems make it increasingly difficult to secure reimbursement and patient access for new pharmaceuticals at a viable price.
  • The weakness: the industry’s overall R&D productivity is, despite a very dynamic biotech industry, insufficient to fill the pipelines with truly innovative compounds with blockbuster potential.

In other words: an increasing pressure from the market but insufficient R&D productivity to compensate for that. And as long as the generics industry, itself getting increasingly competent and powerful, will continue to erode most revenues and profits from drugs beyond their patent protected life, that pressure will remain, if not further increase.

Hence the increasing pressure to:

  • Optimise market access for new brands
  • Take value-based pricing decisions
  • Develop and market drugs that are health economically viable
  • Produce more accurate sales forecasts
  • Select the best lifecycle management strategies
  • Get the most out of established / mature pharma brands
  • Design marketing mix plans that optimally leverage sales opportunities in the market
  • Integrate digital (or e-marketing) into the Marketing Mix
  • Integrate digital into a balanced Medical Mix (e-Medical Affairs)
  • Close more and better business development and licensing deals
  • Etc.

Hence the success of C.E.L.forpharma's pharma executive training courses, because our experts equip today’s pharma managers with the competencies they require to better cope with these challenges.


Pharmaceutical management education by international top experts

C.E.L.forpharma’s courses are designed and delivered by true experts, i.e. not by professional trainers (with only one exception, to be correct).

Our experts-trainers are most often international consultants who work on complex assignments for the global headquarters of pharmaceutical companies.  Some are managing their own niche consultancy, others are senior consultants within a large professional services organisation focused on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Some have one leg in the academic world – one is even a Full Professor - others have published books, and some regularly speak or chair sessions at leading conferences.

In sum, our experts-trainers are :

  • Highly respected specialists with a strong theoretical backbone and a wealth of practically relevant experience in working with pharma & biotech companies
  • Consultants and advisors who have worked on many complex assignments across a wide spectrum of therapeutic and geographical markets; but also:
  • Carefully selected for their training skills, which is not a given for all experts!


Spearheading pharma marketing and sales training

Several C.E.L.forpharma courses address the new training needs of today’s pharma marketers in the pharmaceuticals industry, particularly the product / brand managers.

These pharma seminars equip marketing executives with the new knowledge & skills they need in the new pharma market environment to :

  • Invest in new strategies and tactics required to protect or increase market shares
  • Know how to use or incorporate this new knowledge into their brand plans
  • More effectively contribute to internal meetings on all issues affecting their brands

As our pharma trainings have been designed and are delivered by the same experts who also work with the specialists within the industry, C.E.L.forpharma’s pharma academy offers a suite of innovative and best-in-class training for pharmaceutical marketers:

While the pharmaceuticals marketing courses listed above address the hot issues, C.E.L.forpharma also offers business education for pharmaceutical product managers to learn how to design marketing mix plans that optimally leverage sales opportunities in the market:

The Pharma Brand Planning Course includes a module on how to make your competition irrelevant by creating a Blue Ocean market environment for your brand, which basically drills down to delivering value innovation.


Unique business development training for both pharma and biotech executives

The biotech industry is a critical source for new compounds in R&D. Hence the strategic importance of the business development function in both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. But also licensing deals between pharma companies (e.g. local marketing of international brands) is critical for the growth of many pharma companies.

Business development (BD) has become more and more systematised over the last decade or so, particularly in large companies where the three pillars of Search & Evaluation, Negotiation and Alliance Management have taken root. Each function is staffed independently to different levels of specialism depending on the individual company’s design.

Smaller pharma companies however, including the biotech companies, cannot allocate so many resources to BD, meaning that one or two people must cover the whole range of activities needed to achieve successful transactions.

In addition, there is an increasing population of business development and marketing executives in local markets who are either responsible for or involved in the licensing activities between pharma companies.

Whether you are part of a large BD department within big pharma, or a senior executive within a biotech or small pharma company responsible for all BD activities (often in addition to other roles!), we offer an excellent overview course covering the whole BD process:

For anyone very specifically looking for an out-licensing course or a course on how to calculate the value of compounds in development and biotech companies, we highly recommend:

Not surprisingly, the latter also attracts biotech CEOs and executives from the investment community and tech transfer organizations.

Whether you are licencing in- or outward, negotiation skills are vital to conclude the best deals for your company. There are many negotiation courses, but this course is the only one specifically tailored to negotiating commercial licensing deals for pharmaceuticals and related products in the Pharma and Biotech sectors:

Obviously, many experienced BD executives will benefit from our courses that relate to pre-launch marketing issues:


Benefit from joining our very international executive audiences

Since its start in 2005 C.E.L.forpharma has attracted a surprisingly international audience at each of its training classes. Typically, in our classes with between 8 and maximum 24 participants, there would be at least 6 different nationalities.

Such is the uniqueness and quality of our short-duration courses for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, that our delegates include executives not only from all over Europe but also from beyond: Middle & Far East, Russia, Turkey, U.S.A. ... .

Thus, when you decide to attend one of our short-duration courses for pharmaceutical and biotech executives, you will additionally benefit from:

  • Interacting with your peers from other geographical markets
  • Learning about small local companies and biotech companies you may never have heard of before but who partner with global pharma players
  • Better understanding the role of other healthcare industry sectors (e.g. drug delivery)

Click here for further details about the composition of our executive audiences.


Read the 100+ testimonials from past participants

Upon completion of each course we ask our participants to complete an evaluation form, at the end of which we invite them to write a testimonial. Each time, we receive numerous new written testimonials at the end of the workshop, without having to push for it! Not surprisingly, the quality ratings and written feedback from most participants read positive to very positive across all our courses.

We invite you to read the testimonials. They are the word-of-mouth for our courses in written format. They are all authentic!

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  • Testimonials for Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists
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  • Testimonials for The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course
  • Testimonials for The Pharmaceutical Out-licensing Course
  • Testimonials for The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course
  • Testimonials for The e-Medical Affairs Course
  • Testimonials for Principles of Patient Adherence & Support Solutions


Tips & Insights from our experts

We regularly send out to client companies interesting tips and insights extracted from our courses and approved for distribution by our experts. The below list is a small selection of what we sent out in recent years. If you wish to subscribe to our e-newsletter, click here.

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On Pharma Forecasting:


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