Testimonials From The Strategic e-Medical Affairs Course

Very complete and entertaining course. Besides the content, I particularly benefited from interacting with peers from other companies and sharing experiences – Thank you!


Dieter Fricke, EU Medical Education Manager Immunology - Germany - October 2016
Excellent overview and starting point for designing a digital medical strategy and 5-year plan at the area and affiliate level – Thank you!


Marta Gunjaca, Medical Director Oncology, EEMEA Region - Croatia - October 2016
Great course! - Pharma needs to catch up urgently and therefore all this is important to know.


Thierry Barten, Medical Scientific Relations Manager - The Netherlands - October 2016
I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the 2-day e-Medical Affairs Course. I feel much better prepared for the upcoming medical planning, with now an e-medical part as well! Medical will have an increased influence on business strategy in the future and this e-medical course gives us a solid foundation for planning a digital strategy. I highly recommend your course!


Tone Bertelsen, Medical Affairs Professional - Dermatology - Denmark - October 2016
A good and insightful course full of provoking ideas to start or continue in e-Med Affairs.


Frank Pistoor, Senior MS/MPM - The Netherlands - March 2016
Good mix of experience and stories for a discipline which is very often underestimated. The trend is clear, Medical needs to start implementing [digital] as well.

LEO Pharma

Laura Berger, Medical Director - Switzerland - March 2016
By attending this course, you receive an overview of the digital landscape in e-medical. I also highly valued the exercises. Excellent course, thank you!

Vifor Pharma

Gÿde Haeseler, Global Medical Affairs, Medical Education Nephrology Senior Manager - Switzerland - November 2015
The first course of its kind that actually delivers on its promise to focus on medical affairs! Pragmatic, tangible and holistic thinking on digital, from strategy to implementation and to impact measurement.


Iliàs-Georgia Charlafti, Scientific Communications Excellence Leader - Switzerland - November 2015
The content of this course was comprehensive and well balanced with appropriate quantities of theory and real life examples. Two days well spent!


Mitica Pusca, Medical Advisor - Romania - November 2014
Excellent and concise training. Highly interactive, well-focused and balanced, and on top of that an excellent atmosphere!


François Lamour, Senior Clinical Scientist - Switzerland - June 2014
This was a great course which provided a very comprehensive overview as well as a practical "how to" guidance.


Martin Wright, Director Medical Communications - Switzerland - June 2014
This course gave a clear overview of all the possibilities in e-medical. Fonny knows what he's talking about. I would recommend it to my colleagues in the medical department!


Chantalle Metekohy, Medical Affairs Officer Psychiatry and Diabetes - The Netherlands - December 2013
Very nice course, a lot of material to digest presented in a nice way. I like the very visual slides that allow the speaker to walk the audience through the content. Size of the group was very good - it allows a good dynamic and easy interaction. All together: it was a very productive and useful meeting! Congratulations to the speaker, Fonny, and the organizers!

Eli Lilly

Silvio Calderara, Medical Education Manager - Switzerland - December 2013